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Home School or Die: Immigrants

Latest story hitting the news last Friday is a 14 year old high school girl being raped in a school bathroom by two immigrants aged 17 and 18 who were also in her class.  There is a lot of outrage … Continue reading

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Trump Intelligence Community Split

My take is:  Just more fake news, but based on some underlying truths. I am writing this because I had this same conversation with someone this weekend as well as seeing it several places on the nets.  Just a few … Continue reading

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A Day without Immigrants

A little known or publicized action by activists is going on in DC and other locations today.  It is called a day without immigrants.  Immigrants are being encouraged to stay home to show “the rest of us” what the country … Continue reading

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Fixing Immigrant Criminals

America has a problem.  Some immigrants are here without our permission.  When we find them and deport them, they come back. Some of them are criminals. Aside from breaking our entry laws, they commit other crimes too.  And their penalty … Continue reading

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I Don’t Care

I see lots of arguments defending Trumps actions this weekend.  I don’t care.  I’m not even reading them.  We elected Trump to cut off immigration.  Any small subset of that immigration he cuts off is a victory.  I don’t care … Continue reading

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Agreeing with Obama on Cuba

As I have said often, the Cold War is over.  Global communist expansion has ended and atrophied to the point where only a few representative examples remain.  Immigration policies that were designed to support cold war objectives are pointless in … Continue reading

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Foreign Policy Advice for the New Administration

Our new supreme overlords will come into office with no shortage of advisors, good and bad.  Here are my suggestions for Foreign policy:  Russia.  Instead of something pointlessly stupid and high-schoolish like a “reset button”, just let your ambassador quietly … Continue reading

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