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Traveling man

I’m on vacation. Moving through Dullas airport in Virginia. Observations follow. On what is supposed to be the busiest air travel day in the year… this place is a ghost town. Seriously. I feel like I’m in a Stephen King … Continue reading

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Arts and crafts: Fake parts

So… fixed the car last weekend. Then I notice the car is running cooler than normal. In fact it never gets to normal operating temperature. My diagnostics app says coolant temp is 150 and normal is 195. Then I get … Continue reading

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People in Hell want ice water.

It’s a very old saying, and very true. From the front line of Afghan refugee operations: US forces provide pallets of bottled water for them. But the water is hot, (because it was in the sun) so they don’t want … Continue reading

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Notes on the passing of Royalty

The news this morning is that Prince Phillip, royal consort of the Queen of England, has passed away at the age of 99. It caused me to wonder to what does the queen owe her own longevity in office. As … Continue reading

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Another Detained American

This time in North Korea.  And just like all the other times, there is no reason at all why America should go out on a limb and expend blood and treasure to safeguard this guy when his personal choices did … Continue reading

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Stuff Going on in Syria

According to the Washington Post yesterday, the cover story is that there was an atrocity in Syria.  It is reported that the Syrian government dropped poison gas on women and children. This is highly unlikely.  You still believe anything you … Continue reading

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Cultural Genocide

I found the following movie over at 90 Miles from Tyranny.  Not sure if he is a resident of Key West or Richmond, VA.  He often posts silly things like this without any comment.  Watch the movie. It’s not like … Continue reading

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Sanctuary City Follow-up

This Twit issued a warning to her illegal constituency that “La Migre” was on the way.  Some people claim this is aiding and abetting criminals, or at the very least harboring. Personally, I think it is a pretty poor and … Continue reading

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What to do about “Sanctuary Cities”

I have been seeing a lot of stories on the web about punishing “sanctuary cities”.  Stories like this one. “We intend to use all the lawful authorities we have to make sure our state and local officials … are in … Continue reading

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Home School or Die: Immigrants

Latest story hitting the news last Friday is a 14 year old high school girl being raped in a school bathroom by two immigrants aged 17 and 18 who were also in her class.  There is a lot of outrage … Continue reading

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