About Me

A subject I know a lot about.

1.  Male heterosexual (born that way).

3.  Retired Army Officer (Infantry and “other duties as assigned”).

4.  Well educated.   Most of what I know, I did not learn in school.  Most of what I learned in school I don’t remember.

5.  The more I learn, the more I understand the vastness of God’s creation and the shallowness of human knowledge of that creation.

6.  Having an expert carpenter, plumber, mason,  HVAC or architect help you build your house can be a very good thing.  Having an expert politician help you run your government usually is not.

7.  I am an unapologetic Christian.  Not because my parents were, but because I choose to be.  I am an adult in a very liberal society.  If I wanted to be an atheist, a Moslem, or a Pagan, I easily could be.  I don’t go to church.

8.  I do not believe that the modern State of Israel is the same as the ancient state of Israel.  Thus I feel no political or religious obligation to them.  I think they are a swell bunch of fellas and I would want them on my side in a fight.  But I feel no obligation to send them my money.  They seem quite capable of supporting themselves.

9.  I do not want the Government at any level involved in marriage.  It should not be defining it, supporting it, licensing it, or recognizing it in any way.  All those questions should be answered by individual people and companies exercising free association (the sort we haven’t had in this country since the civil rights act of 1964).

10.  The USA should absolutely discriminate against some religious practices and stop treating them as if they are all the same.  Islam is at the top of the list.  It should be exterminated at home and members of that cult should be prevented from even visiting the USA.

11.  Politically, I am a Calvinist-Libertarian.  I want the maximum of liberty to be available to most people but I recognize that most people will abuse it because they are all morally corrupt.  I don’t agree with the proposition that people making bad choices is a sufficient reason to take away their liberty to make those choices.    I accept people WILL make bad choices and that the best policy for any nation of free people is to let them suffer the consequences of those choices.

12.  I understand that I am not really good at anything in particular.  Even those things I am an expert at, I am by my own estimation only a tyro.  There are plenty of people ahead of me on the food chain.

13.  I do not say the Pledge of Allegiance, and I don’t think anyone else should either.  Among all the pledges one might make, this one is pointless, poorly worded, and empty in real meaning.  It is especially offensive to me to require children to say ANY pledge at all.

14.  Oaths to support and defend the Constitution are similarly pointless, poorly worded and empty of real meaning.  There is no oversight, no enforcement and no penalty for failing in this oath.  Nor is there any way to even recognize when one is failing, since the oath itself is meaningless.  I have a small amount of contempt in my heart for people who idolize their oath to the Constitution and cannot state a few clear arguments about what it means.

15.  I hate, HATE veterans charities.  First, I no longer trust any charity to do what they say they are going to do.  Too many charities exist today as a way to make payroll for the charity organizers and officers.  But for veterans, I am infuriated that any such charity is needed.  We have the Department of Defense and the VA established to care for vets as a matter of charter and obligation.  “Charity” is not the right concept to describe paying back what is owed by contract.  Further, I don’t see being a vet as an excuse to needing public charity for the rest of your life.   I particularly have only contempt for “homeless vets charities”.  A Vet who is healthy has the same obligations of being gainfully employed and contributing to society as the non-vet.  No free rides.

3 Responses to About Me

  1. Thanks, couldn’t find an email and thought you would want to know:

    We really could eliminate the EC with no hard done.

    hard S/B harm


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