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What is the point of a GED?

I have been hearing multiple media ads paid for by taxes telling people how wonderful it is for them to go out and get their GED. As you may recall, the General Equivalency Diploma, or GED is how people get … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh dies at 70

I suppose it was expected after his long battle with cancer, but it still comes as a shock to see it in print. The articles in the legacy media are predictable. They HATED the guy only slightly less than they … Continue reading

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Education Questions No One is Asking

If there is such a thing as a PhD in Education, how can there also be failing schools? It seems that if there are people who are experts in how to educate other people, that they should have a very … Continue reading

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Arts and Crafts: Learning from Youtube

In the process of rebuilding my home, I have resorted to YouTube for lots of learning.  When I do that for Auto repair, I get one answer that is the same no matter how many videos I watch.  But in … Continue reading

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Home School or Die: Immigrants

Latest story hitting the news last Friday is a 14 year old high school girl being raped in a school bathroom by two immigrants aged 17 and 18 who were also in her class.  There is a lot of outrage … Continue reading

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Children are the Future

Taking some time this morning for an important political announcement: Do it for the Children.  Do it for the Future.  Just DO IT.

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Trump plans Executive order to save Black Colleges

According to the news this morning, Trump is planning to use an executive order to save HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) from extinction.  This is a stupid thing for Trump to do, but the news fails to mention what … Continue reading

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Game and the On-Off Switch

In the popular old SCI-Fi series Star Trek: The Next Generation, there is a character called Data, who is an android.  As an android, he gets into all sorts of trouble and if I were in charge of the Enterprise, … Continue reading

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Congrats to Daughter

My only child graduated from college this weekend.  She is educated and has no student debt.  Ready to go out into the world.  She studied Nursing, so finding a job isn’t an issue. Also graduating with her were those 5 … Continue reading

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The Political Sideshow

On a side note, the political campaigns have brought in a few interesting discussions. Trump admits in his presentation that modern politicians are bought and sold every day by men like him.  And he says he once bought the Clintons … Continue reading

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