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Litigation Against the Army

This story tells us that the Supreme Court rejected hearing a case to let litigation against the Army go forward and that Judge Thomas dissented. In my opinion, Thomas is wrong to dissent because the existing law and precedent do … Continue reading

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No more Afghanistans

Biden announced today the unilatteral withdrawal of US forces from Ass-crackistan by September. Republican Lindsay Graham immediately denounced Biden. It is said even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. This is such a good decision it … Continue reading

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Notes on the passing of Royalty

The news this morning is that Prince Phillip, royal consort of the Queen of England, has passed away at the age of 99. It caused me to wonder to what does the queen owe her own longevity in office. As … Continue reading

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The Big Game: Global domination

Diplomats call it the Big Game. The game they all like to think that they themselves are a big part of. In reality, the globe is pretty much on autopilot, as are the governments of most countries. That leads to … Continue reading

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Texas Electricity Explained

So, people are freezing in Texas and the power is going out. Conservatives blame windmills. Liberals blame not enough windmills. What is the truth? You can’t handle the truth. We cannot know what the truth is about anything any longer … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh dies at 70

I suppose it was expected after his long battle with cancer, but it still comes as a shock to see it in print. The articles in the legacy media are predictable. They HATED the guy only slightly less than they … Continue reading

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Current events: Covid airports

Visited Dulles airport recently. There are so few people flying that you can easily pull up curbside and wait as long as you like and the traffic harassment enforcers dont bother.

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The End is near

I may be dead tomorrow. If I suddenly stop blogging, that’s why. I think it’s a pretty good reason, all things considered. I have been scheduled to get the COVID vaccination. We will see how that goes. Why am I … Continue reading

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First Black Female President: Susan Rice

I now know who will be the President after 20 January. It was a given that it wasn’t going to be Biden or Harris. Neither one had the Wasta to get it done. Biden, with his full on dementia, was … Continue reading

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Welcome Unelected Overlords.

Oligarchs of big tech are implementing the purge that they have always wanted to do. Right wing (anti-communist and pro-American) voices are being shut down, deplatformed and expunged from all over the internet. This already happened on TV about a … Continue reading

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