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Current Events: 10 April 2019

There is a lot going on, and nothing going on.  It’s all just more bread and circuses.  White nationalist is the new Racist.  The Left has so overused the term “racist” and no one cares about it anymore.  It has … Continue reading

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The SECDEF visited Europe recently and told them to stop being deadbeats and up their defense spending instead of making us carry the weight. This was exactly the WRONG answer. The Right answer is that each nation decides for itself … Continue reading

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Trump Intelligence Community Split

My take is:  Just more fake news, but based on some underlying truths. I am writing this because I had this same conversation with someone this weekend as well as seeing it several places on the nets.  Just a few … Continue reading

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Agreeing with Obama on Cuba

As I have said often, the Cold War is over.  Global communist expansion has ended and atrophied to the point where only a few representative examples remain.  Immigration policies that were designed to support cold war objectives are pointless in … Continue reading

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Overheard at the office

When I hear just how stupid people are, I mourn. Historically, the economy always does better under a democrat. Seriously?  So, it’s like some sort of magic that just happens because Democrats are lucky or something?  Never ask WHY an … Continue reading

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Govt Waste dejure

W.T.F. Seriously.  The US Government is sending our hard earned money to Africa to train rats to detect contraband animal products.  The USA is not the source of these products.  We are not the demand for these products. We are … Continue reading

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Trump Throwing the Game Early

Hillary Sucks.  She is a corrupt, arrogant, self-serving, petty aristocrat with delusions of royalty.  In any sane world, she would have no chance of getting anywhere near the White House.  Seriously.  She isn’t some huge mystery that America doesn’t know … Continue reading

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