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All your followers are belong to us.

I just got a new follower. I won’t mention who. It doesn’t matter. It’s likely just a bot anyway. I now have 88 followers. What on Earth is the business model built on randomly “following” random blogs? Seriously. How does … Continue reading

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Obsolete spider is obsolete

He was on the web, but now is spinning DVDs for his data collection.

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Russian Sub Kerfuffle

This story tells us that a Russian Sub caught fire and is speculated to have the designed purpose to cut the internet.   OH PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE.   Let’s face it.  The rest of the world is a … Continue reading

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Russian Hackers were really…

…The CIA.  Who could have seen that coming? My thoughts:  Thank God.  Here I thought the CIA was corrupt AND incompetent.  At least they know how to run a basic false flag operation. But since that is what everyone would … Continue reading

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So cool

Had to get one for myself. This might be one of the most useful things I have ever copied on the internet.   [[EDIT:  This was my 500th post in this site.  Seems appropriate]]

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Current Events: 17 May 2016

What in the world is going on in the world today?  Let’s check with Drudge to find out. 1.  Connecticut woman says she was harassed in Walmart bathroom after customer mistook her as transgender Things were so much simpler before … Continue reading

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Vennefits in the news

This company is having trouble with too much party going on in the work place.  So they cracked down on it and issued some “adult” rules.  I found the story on drudge.  They go on an on about this company … Continue reading

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New Tech

My Samsung S3 finally died.  It needed to be replaced.  I am certain if I bought the Ford smartphone, it would have lasted 20 years and never needed an oil change. The S3 has been limping along for the past … Continue reading

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Intelligent Car Seats

This has possibilities.  A car seat that can determine the driver’s stress level.  If they can wire it into the ignition, and refuse to start for drivers with stress too high, that could take 50% of women off the road. … Continue reading

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Smart Cars, dumb people.

Europe is getting robotic cars in service already.  it seems, driving a car is so easy, even a robot can do it. And yet, the DC metro system, operating trains that only go forward or reverse, is so complicated that … Continue reading

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