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Classified Document Dumps

A few weeks ago, a young national guardsman decided that in his best judgement, it was acceptable to divulge large amounts of classified information onto the internet, so that he could impress a bunch of total strangers with his access … Continue reading

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A few Words about Bud Light scandal

You may have heard recently that a VP of marketing at Anhauser Busch decided that the face of Bud Light for marketing should be full grown man who pretends to be a little girl for internet attention. Condemnation was hard … Continue reading

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Twitter Twaddle

I have been watching this with great interest. Here are my thoughts for consideration: I still don’t know why any adult has Twitter. But since the democrats no longer need voters, it hardly matters how much influence Twitter and FB … Continue reading

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Yahoo doing what Yahoo does

Yahoo eliminated commenting on stories during the Trump administration because there were far too many Trump supporters commenting. There were far too many comments pointing out the obvious anti-Trump and Anti-America bias. Couldn’t have that. It seems that yesterday, they … Continue reading

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I love compliance

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A few words about the war in the Ukraine.

I seriously don’t know what is happening there. I don’t know because all of the sources I would depend on to tell me have already frittered away their credibility by lying to me about everything for decades. I can’t trust … Continue reading

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‘Rona update

We are still choking our way through a national nightmare of government over-reaction. This time it’s a virus. What will it be next time? The government loves them a good crisis. Then they can feel free to change the rules … Continue reading

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Hey America: How’s that gas price plan?

A month ago, Brandon promised to reduce gas prices by releasing oil reserves. That was a month ago. Did it work? I’m not in America so I can’t tell. I just see that the national state controlled legacy media stopped … Continue reading

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A few words about Kyle Rittenhouse

He was innocent. Not “found innocent”. Not “got off on a technicality”. Innocent. He should never have been prosecuted. The law is clear on this. It shouldn’t have taken a jury to decide. The judge should have dismissed the case … Continue reading

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CNN Beclowns themselves.

Headline: Afghanistan falls to Taliban, women and gays hardest hit. Men executed by Taliban could not be reached for comment.

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