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Tactics for Punks

As I watch the tactics of current so called “Anti-fas” groups, I notice that they are wearing a uniform, all black clothing.  This makes them easy to distinguish from police and from counter-protesters. A better tactic for the democratic party … Continue reading

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Trump plans Executive order to save Black Colleges

According to the news this morning, Trump is planning to use an executive order to save HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) from extinction.  This is a stupid thing for Trump to do, but the news fails to mention what … Continue reading

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Where’s Hillary’s pardon?

As the pardon train rolls along in the final days of the Obama White house, The question is being asked in many quarters, “Where’s Hillary’s”? Of course, the President can give a pardon for federal crimes, even crimes that haven’t … Continue reading

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Agreeing with Obama: Manning

PVT Manning has had his sentence commuted by Presidential action.  I agree with this and have thought this was the right answer from the beginning, for this guy and for Bergdahl.  The point is to put them out of our … Continue reading

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More Fake News: Anarchists

Yes you read that right.  “Anarchists” are expected to try to disrupt the Inauguration of Trump.  Seriously.  There haven’t been any real anarchists in the USA for about a 100 years.  It’s like saying the KKK is going to disrupt … Continue reading

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Damn Obama.  He only has a month left in office and he wants to use it to start a war with Russia.  Once again, America will be depending on the Russians to keep us out of war by not taking … Continue reading

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The passion is undeniable

  In this time of electoral transition, Here’s a guy talking about something really important to him.  You cannot deny his passion.  I wasn’t raised in a home with a single black mom.  So this reality isn’t part of my … Continue reading

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