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Pimp guilty of pimping

Ms ghislaine maxwell was found guilty of several charges involving sex trafficking. And yet it wasn’t mentioned in the trial WHO WERE THE CUSTOMERS. As if that DIDN’T matter at all. Seriously? Does anyone else get the feeling that every … Continue reading

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A few words about Kyle Rittenhouse

He was innocent. Not “found innocent”. Not “got off on a technicality”. Innocent. He should never have been prosecuted. The law is clear on this. It shouldn’t have taken a jury to decide. The judge should have dismissed the case … Continue reading

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Litigation Against the Army

This story tells us that the Supreme Court rejected hearing a case to let litigation against the Army go forward and that Judge Thomas dissented. In my opinion, Thomas is wrong to dissent because the existing law and precedent do … Continue reading

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That’s not how this works: Social Security

I saw this on the internet: There is so much wrong with this. Social Security is NOT an insurance program. It is a Ponzi scheme. It never “saved” any of your money to pay back to you when you get … Continue reading

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My Car is no longer covered by Warrantee

This is evidently a pretty big deal since various companies have been calling me several times a day to warn me of this calamity. How will I ever survive? Is there really a high enough profit margin in this that … Continue reading

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Welcome Unelected Overlords.

Oligarchs of big tech are implementing the purge that they have always wanted to do. Right wing (anti-communist and pro-American) voices are being shut down, deplatformed and expunged from all over the internet. This already happened on TV about a … Continue reading

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Alternate view re: McConnell Betrayal

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell today congratulated Biden on becoming “president elect”. His wording was very precise and specific. But even if taken at face value, I have an alternative point of view on what is happening. The first and … Continue reading

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Still nothing. Let’s take the arguments from the various cheerleaders one at a time, shall we? Short of a massive turning to God in a spirit of repentance and willingness to abandon the materialism which pervades the entirety of American … Continue reading

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Theranos back in the news

Here is the story: Attractive young woman, drops out of college, starts a company based on revolutionary medical technology, becomes a billionaire, and the national media narrative puts her on the cover of everything. Then it is discovered it was … Continue reading

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Civil War V2.0

Here are my thoughts on a topic you have likely all heard by now. Insofar as civil war is possible, it won’t be anything like any previous war. No patterns seen in history are appropriate for this situation. Current divisions … Continue reading

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