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I love compliance

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A few words about the war in the Ukraine.

I seriously don’t know what is happening there. I don’t know because all of the sources I would depend on to tell me have already frittered away their credibility by lying to me about everything for decades. I can’t trust … Continue reading

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I’m back

I was gone. Visiting the great far and away for work. But now I’m back. I can’t say where. But here’s a picture of an unrelated cute animal.

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Dear Mr. President:

… or whoever is using the autopen and issuing orders. WRT: Afghanistan, just STFU already. The Taliban are listening to everything you say and will have video showing you are lying the very next day. Yes, dogs were left behind. … Continue reading

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Stories from the front lines

An elderly afghan man thanks Allah he is out of Aghanistan. Hey dude, Allah didn’t build that C-17 that carried your sorry ass out. The USA built it. American taxpayers footed the bill for buying them and the Air force … Continue reading

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Another note on Afghanistan.

You can’t blame Biden. We all know he is cognitavely impaired and the Left put him into the White House anyway. He is a puppet. You blame the hand, not the puppet. For the record, this failure was 20 years … Continue reading

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A few words about the fall of Afghanistan

This was inevitable. Only huge American payoffs kept it propped up this long. Every American general and colonel who ever signed a report calling the Afghan national army “good enough” should be fired and publicly disgraced. Every state department official … Continue reading

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No more Afghanistans

Biden announced today the unilatteral withdrawal of US forces from Ass-crackistan by September. Republican Lindsay Graham immediately denounced Biden. It is said even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. This is such a good decision it … Continue reading

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The Big Game: Global domination

Diplomats call it the Big Game. The game they all like to think that they themselves are a big part of. In reality, the globe is pretty much on autopilot, as are the governments of most countries. That leads to … Continue reading

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Welcome Unelected Overlords.

Oligarchs of big tech are implementing the purge that they have always wanted to do. Right wing (anti-communist and pro-American) voices are being shut down, deplatformed and expunged from all over the internet. This already happened on TV about a … Continue reading

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