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Home School or Die: Immigrants

Latest story hitting the news last Friday is a 14 year old high school girl being raped in a school bathroom by two immigrants aged 17 and 18 who were also in her class.  There is a lot of outrage … Continue reading

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The swirling currents of the Internet come back around.

I found THIS on the big commercial web site IMAO. They linked to American Digest. They linked to Fuel Filter. They linked to … Me.   Or to a blog I shut down about 3 years ago or so.   “A … Continue reading

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Sharks… with laser beams.

Drudge links to THIS article about the Chinese Army military laser now on display.  The article is pure trash. The comments are priceless. Commenter DYS wins the internet today for best only-nerds-will-get-this joke.

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The SECDEF visited Europe recently and told them to stop being deadbeats and up their defense spending instead of making us carry the weight. This was exactly the WRONG answer. The Right answer is that each nation decides for itself … Continue reading

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How to conquer North Korea

The hypothetical war in North Korea has been one of the primary motivating factors for American defense policy for more than 50 years.  It drives the size of the Army and the Fleet as well as driving weapons development.  I … Continue reading

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Foreign Policy Advice for the New Administration

Our new supreme overlords will come into office with no shortage of advisors, good and bad.  Here are my suggestions for Foreign policy:  Russia.  Instead of something pointlessly stupid and high-schoolish like a “reset button”, just let your ambassador quietly … Continue reading

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Damn Obama.  He only has a month left in office and he wants to use it to start a war with Russia.  Once again, America will be depending on the Russians to keep us out of war by not taking … Continue reading

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