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I’m back

I was gone. Visiting the great far and away for work. But now I’m back. I can’t say where. But here’s a picture of an unrelated cute animal.

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NATO expansion

Despite their abject and total failure in Afghanistan, I support NATO expansion. In fact, the very next country that should be offered membership is Russia. Then the USA should withdraw from NATO and let the europeans (including Russia) solve their … Continue reading

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Webb Telescope Launched.

Despite being named after a White guy who would have owned slaves if he had lived prior to 1861, and probably looked at a woman with impure thoughts, the James Webb telescope was successfully launched. Of course, this is “success” … Continue reading

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A few words about Colin Powell.

Colin Powell died last week. I am sure it was a great sadness and loss for his friends. May he rest in peace. I never met him, but I lived in the Army that he ran. Im not really interested … Continue reading

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Another note on Afghanistan.

You can’t blame Biden. We all know he is cognitavely impaired and the Left put him into the White House anyway. He is a puppet. You blame the hand, not the puppet. For the record, this failure was 20 years … Continue reading

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No more Afghanistans

Biden announced today the unilatteral withdrawal of US forces from Ass-crackistan by September. Republican Lindsay Graham immediately denounced Biden. It is said even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. This is such a good decision it … Continue reading

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Russian Sub Kerfuffle

This story tells us that a Russian Sub caught fire and is speculated to have the designed purpose to cut the internet.   OH PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE.   Let’s face it.  The rest of the world is a … Continue reading

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The SECDEF visited Europe recently and told them to stop being deadbeats and up their defense spending instead of making us carry the weight. This was exactly the WRONG answer. The Right answer is that each nation decides for itself … Continue reading

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How to conquer North Korea

The hypothetical war in North Korea has been one of the primary motivating factors for American defense policy for more than 50 years.  It drives the size of the Army and the Fleet as well as driving weapons development.  I … Continue reading

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Civics 101

Just a reminder.  The President is the chief Executive officer of the Executive Branch of the government. He does not Lead the USA. He is not the leader of the free world. He does not control the government. He does … Continue reading

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