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Who are you?

What do you want? It seems the movie industry is not satisfied at having ruined Dune, Star trek, Star Wars, Aliens, Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, and the entire f-ing Marvel universe. They have left untouched another sci-fi classic … Continue reading

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Arts and crafts: Hot tub experience

While I was away at the far and away, I unplugged and emptied my hot tub. When I got back, I moved it to a new location and that required new wiring run. I couldn’t really work on that in … Continue reading

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Overnight guest

Young deer slept by my garage all night. This is unusual and makes me worried. He might be orphaned, malnourished, or injured. Any ideas? EDIT: he comes around often and sometimes sleeps there. He is really small. I call him … Continue reading

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Webb Telescope Launched.

Despite being named after a White guy who would have owned slaves if he had lived prior to 1861, and probably looked at a woman with impure thoughts, the James Webb telescope was successfully launched. Of course, this is “success” … Continue reading

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Out in the wilds.

I went hiking and saw a few picture-worthy things. The orchids were just a few of the ones I saw. I didn’t realize they even grew here.

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At least my vines still like me

Despite cutting these grape vines back to the stumps this winter, they all returned and look like they have forgiven me and intend to thrive.

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Texas Electricity Explained

So, people are freezing in Texas and the power is going out. Conservatives blame windmills. Liberals blame not enough windmills. What is the truth? You can’t handle the truth. We cannot know what the truth is about anything any longer … Continue reading

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Winter wonderland

As seen from my wall of windows onto my deck.

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Obsolete spider is obsolete

He was on the web, but now is spinning DVDs for his data collection.

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Wild kingdom

I have lots of animals around my house. Mostly deer. And more deer. I had some mice a year ago. They were evicted. The legal notice took the form of the traditional serving of poison. They took the hint and … Continue reading

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