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Game and the On-Off Switch

In the popular old SCI-Fi series Star Trek: The Next Generation, there is a character called Data, who is an android.  As an android, he gets into all sorts of trouble and if I were in charge of the Enterprise, … Continue reading

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Marriage in the modern world

Vox over at Alpha Game has something interesting to say on the subject of marital fidelity. If a wife loses attraction to a husband and ceases to fulfill her marital duties, she has set him free to have sex with … Continue reading

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Current Events: 17 May 2016

What in the world is going on in the world today?  Let’s check with Drudge to find out. 1.  Connecticut woman says she was harassed in Walmart bathroom after customer mistook her as transgender Things were so much simpler before … Continue reading

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Could have bet money on this

A long time employee where I work has just left for greener pastures.  He had the office two doors away from mine.  His office and mine have AC controlled by the same themostat in his office. In the 6 months … Continue reading

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US Navy’s Only Real Mission

I just saw this feature in The Telegraph.  It claims… Overweight sailors who failed the US navy’s strict fitness tests are to be given a further chance, as the force struggles to find enough talented crew members. Here is a … Continue reading

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Typical Friday in DC

Happy Friday everyone.  It is a typical Friday here in the nation’s capital.  Most people just take the day off so traffic coming into work is always lighter on Fridays.  offices are always quieter on Fridays.  And most offices are … Continue reading

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Military Sex Crime Update

I just read THIS mindless stupidity this morning. This shit really pisses me off.  First, NO ONE in the military is an apologist for rape or sex assault.  But we do have a lot of people who in all sincerity … Continue reading

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