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I love compliance

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NATO expansion

Despite their abject and total failure in Afghanistan, I support NATO expansion. In fact, the very next country that should be offered membership is Russia. Then the USA should withdraw from NATO and let the europeans (including Russia) solve their … Continue reading

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Things we know we know.

When it comes to knowledge, there are 4 types: Things we know we know. Things we don’t know we know. Things we thought we knew. And things we don’t know we don’t know. This is about the first kind. In … Continue reading

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Hey America: How’s that gas price plan?

A month ago, Brandon promised to reduce gas prices by releasing oil reserves. That was a month ago. Did it work? I’m not in America so I can’t tell. I just see that the national state controlled legacy media stopped … Continue reading

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Joe Biden is the President of the USA.

No matter how much fraud was involved in getting us here. Joe Biden is sleeping in the White House and the staff treat him as if he is in charge. There is no set of court cases future or past … Continue reading

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No more Afghanistans

Biden announced today the unilatteral withdrawal of US forces from Ass-crackistan by September. Republican Lindsay Graham immediately denounced Biden. It is said even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. This is such a good decision it … Continue reading

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That’s not how this works: Social Security

I saw this on the internet: There is so much wrong with this. Social Security is NOT an insurance program. It is a Ponzi scheme. It never “saved” any of your money to pay back to you when you get … Continue reading

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The Big Game: Global domination

Diplomats call it the Big Game. The game they all like to think that they themselves are a big part of. In reality, the globe is pretty much on autopilot, as are the governments of most countries. That leads to … Continue reading

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Texas Electricity Explained

So, people are freezing in Texas and the power is going out. Conservatives blame windmills. Liberals blame not enough windmills. What is the truth? You can’t handle the truth. We cannot know what the truth is about anything any longer … Continue reading

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Current events: elections aftermath

Nothing says peaceful transition of power like rounding up your political opponents for show trials, prosecuting their freinds, families and businesses, and using everything in your power to harass and silence their supporters.

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