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Range Issues

I Had a pretty good day at the range yesterday except for a few odd issues. Issue #1:  I am only minimally annoyed by this issue so don’t make a big deal out of it.  i took two rifles to … Continue reading

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TV Review: The Glades

I have been watching the old series “Glades” on Netflix. It is amusing, but not great.  It is occasionally annoying.  It has the most blatant and annoying product placement for KIA I have ever seen. In one episode, the lead … Continue reading

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Two Americas

I was just reflecting on path our nation is traveling down.  No matter who wins this election, we aren’t going to recover.  The damage is too deep.  The entrenched interests are too entrenched.  Race:  Specifically Black Vs White.  I never … Continue reading

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Gun show live blogging

I’m at the gun show in Fredericksburg, VA this morning.  The parking lot is packed.  The crowd inside is reasonable.  No one is shooting or getting drunk.  There seems to be plenty of guns, ammo and loot for sale. 1. … Continue reading

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Some “Rights” more equal than others

Terry McAuliffe, long time Clinton crony and Virginia Governor is pulling out all the stops and wearing out his robo-pen restoring the voting rights of convicted felons in time for the next election.  It won’t really matter.  Convicted felons in … Continue reading

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Worth Repeating: 2nd amendment

I commented at another blog, and thought what I wrote was so compelling it deserved reprinting here.   Haha. Nice argument. But we don’t have the second amendment over something as scholarly as an intellectual support of other constitutional amendments, … Continue reading

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A few words about the Dallas shooting

After there has been time for calm consideration:    It seems clear now that there was only one shooter.  He was not a “sniper”. He did not have an assault weapon. He did not “ambush” the police.  So.  Except for … Continue reading

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