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Talking dogs: Sheepdogs and The Oath ™

Bloviating Zeppelin is bloviating about “the Oath” (TM) and it’s magical transformative properties in the human soul.  Bless his heart.  His heart is in the right place.  For the most part, his philosophy lesson is harmless.  I could just walk … Continue reading

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Fixing Immigrant Criminals

America has a problem.  Some immigrants are here without our permission.  When we find them and deport them, they come back. Some of them are criminals. Aside from breaking our entry laws, they commit other crimes too.  And their penalty … Continue reading

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Current events

 Now that it no longer matters, The President is endorsing Hillary Clinton to take his place.  Seems like the whole point of an endorsement would be to lend weight to a campaign and help her win.  Not this president.  Like … Continue reading

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Police Week

Protecting at serving your ass in the nation’s capital. This is “Police Week” in this area.  Law enforcers from all over the country converge on the National Capital Region to engage in tom-foolery, boondoggling, and otherwise just being pains in … Continue reading

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Mass Shootings: Cue Flying Monkeys

It happens every time.  Like they were following a script or something.  Even the media should be getting bored with it by now.  Oceans 11 was pretty good the first two times you saw it.  But after every station in … Continue reading

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If Black Lives Matter…

1.  Then why do black people throw them away so cheaply? See this picture? What do you see?  I see an armed and dangerous man.  I see a man who is capable and willing to cause the death of another … Continue reading

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Who Would have thought? They really aren’t all like that.

It needs to be said because believing the opposite is too easy. With the current manufactured crisis in Baltimore being broadcast, there is one bright spot in the news, and No, I am not referring to the woman smacking her … Continue reading

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