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Police have got the choke hold…

The picture above is not a choke hold. It is a head lock. The locked guy has his throat in the crook of the locker’s elbow. It does not cause choking or injury. It just holds a guy. How do … Continue reading

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Come and Take Them!

No. Not what you are thinking. Literally. Here, they are. When the gun grabbers and commies come to get my guns, they can have them. Whatever murderous rage I feel towards my fellow man has long ago been covered over … Continue reading

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Flying the flag of my people*

Relax. It’s not a hate symbol. I googled it and then downloaded the version from the ADL**. They would NEVER, EVER distribute hate speech symbols. So, all good. Anywhays, my neighbor’s house is for sale. I’m strongly considering getting one … Continue reading

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The swirling currents of the Internet come back around.

I found THIS on the big commercial web site IMAO. They linked to American Digest. They linked to Fuel Filter. They linked to … Me.   Or to a blog I shut down about 3 years ago or so.   “A … Continue reading

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Gun Ban is Constitutional

According to this, the federal appeals court has determined that states may legislate the type of firearms you may own.  For what it’s worth, they are right. The 2nd amendment to the Constitution is binding on the Federal government.  It … Continue reading

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Some “Rights” more equal than others

Terry McAuliffe, long time Clinton crony and Virginia Governor is pulling out all the stops and wearing out his robo-pen restoring the voting rights of convicted felons in time for the next election.  It won’t really matter.  Convicted felons in … Continue reading

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Guns Save Lives: N+1

It happened again.  It’s an old story.  Bad people being bad. Police too far away to matter.  Armed citizen saves the life of one person by having a gun and using it.  Then gets punished. “Had it not been for … Continue reading

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Fixing the Wrong in Cartoons: Texas Shootings edition.

Because reality matters. The real reality, not the one you live in after a few extra shots of Nyquil. I found this over at Legal Insurrection It is totally wrong. The 2nd amendment exists to preserve life. Your God-Given right … Continue reading

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How to Get People Killed by Being Stupid

I found over at the Mellow Jihadi this morning a nice little feature about a school that did an unannounced “active shooter” exercise. This was stupid on so many levels. Let’s count them. 1. Human beings are incredibly EASY to … Continue reading

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Requiring Deep Thought on Cartoonist Murders.

I have always believed that any political sentiment that would fit on a bumper sticker is likely too oversimplified to be correct or useful. Thus, politicians who demand “Change” (Bill Clinton in 1992, but not in 1996), or “Hope and … Continue reading

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