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Public Service Announcement: Strokes and Heart Attacks

My daughter, the nurse, just texted me to see if I knew the signs of a stroke or heart attack. My response:  Everything going dark, followed by a bright light. That pretty much covers it.  Between Obama care and immigrants … Continue reading

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Trumpening Wire Taps

It was tweeted over the weekend that the President believes his phones were tapped in Trump tower by the US Government, back when it was the Obama administration. I find the interesting thing in all this is that the Obama … Continue reading

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Fox and Friends WTF!

I had some extra time before work this morning.  So I thought I would flip on the TV and see what the latest thing I am supposed to be outraged about today is.  I tuned to Fox and Friends because … Continue reading

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How to conquer North Korea

The hypothetical war in North Korea has been one of the primary motivating factors for American defense policy for more than 50 years.  It drives the size of the Army and the Fleet as well as driving weapons development.  I … Continue reading

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Cutting Edge “Science”

Look!  Robots! The story tells us that they now have robots that can serve us coffee.  Just like in the 1950’s.  Huzzahs!  

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The Trump Era

The Trump scorecard is filling up so fast that I can no longer keep track of all his accomplishments.  Every day, he is doing something new that I really wanted to get done but had given up on hoping I … Continue reading

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Car sales

[Edit:  I wrote this some time ago, but for some reason found it in my draft folder.  So, here it is] I’m selling my daughters old Honda.  It’s not worth much.  Blue book is $86.  But it still runs so … Continue reading

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