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Vacation: Montana

I am vacationing near Glacier National Park in Montana. It’s cold out there. This is a very white state. Everyone is white. Even McDonald’s employees are white. There is also a LOT of wealth here, judging by the mansions everywhere. … Continue reading

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Lessons from Yugoslavia.

1. It is insanely easy to stampede populations into war. 2. Mass media, radio, tv, newspapers have an insane amount of credibility, even when they have been wrong about everything for decades 3. Once you convince people that some other … Continue reading

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$th of July Rant

I was in DC yesterday.  The tourists were gathering for the big taxpayer funded celebration and fireworks.  But what I really noticed is the crowds of leaches, ticks and other assorted parasites.  The sidewalks were half taken over by vendors … Continue reading

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Typical SJW Kaepernick

Some guy gets paid yuge money to play a game.  He is instantly replaceable by other people who would be willing to play for less.   But he is special, so he uses his national soapbox, that doesn’t belong to him, … Continue reading

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Fixing Immigrant Criminals

America has a problem.  Some immigrants are here without our permission.  When we find them and deport them, they come back. Some of them are criminals. Aside from breaking our entry laws, they commit other crimes too.  And their penalty … Continue reading

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Trump plans Executive order to save Black Colleges

According to the news this morning, Trump is planning to use an executive order to save HBCU’s (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) from extinction.  This is a stupid thing for Trump to do, but the news fails to mention what … Continue reading

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MLK Day: Observed

In case you missed it, MLK holiday was observed in the DoD yesterday (25 January).  Here’s the poster. Why did we observe it on Wednesday, over a week after the actual holiday?  Because despite the annual slogan “A day on, … Continue reading

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The passion is undeniable

  In this time of electoral transition, Here’s a guy talking about something really important to him.  You cannot deny his passion.  I wasn’t raised in a home with a single black mom.  So this reality isn’t part of my … Continue reading

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Two Americas

I was just reflecting on path our nation is traveling down.  No matter who wins this election, we aren’t going to recover.  The damage is too deep.  The entrenched interests are too entrenched.  Race:  Specifically Black Vs White.  I never … Continue reading

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A few words about the Dallas shooting

After there has been time for calm consideration:    It seems clear now that there was only one shooter.  He was not a “sniper”. He did not have an assault weapon. He did not “ambush” the police.  So.  Except for … Continue reading

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