Advertizing 2

There is an advertisement for a company called 4hims. They seem to market all the E.D. meds any man could wish for. As if that is the only medical issue men care about.

Oddly enough, they have a companion company called 4hers. They specialize in anti-psychotic drugs. Anti-depressant drugs. And anti anxiety drugs. They know their target audience well.

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Biden cracks… down on stuff that no one uses.

According to “the week”, through Yahoo, the Biden administration is cracking down on “conversion therapy”, citing it as dangerous and discredited. He is doing this by executive order. That means it will literally not have any impact at all. Executive orders only matter in the operation of the federal government. Since the Federal government does not expend funds performing such activities or allow Medicare/VA funds to do so and does not play a role in licensing such people or facilities, this really is a pointless virtue signal for the Biden administration to pander to a VERY small population of people who were all going to vote Democrat anyway.

But since his target is “dangerous and discredited practices” we will be eagerly awaiting his crackdowns on:

Fung shue

Acupuncture (pretty much all of “eastern medicine”)


Diet drugs

Diet programs

The entire “Organic” marketing industry

The Dietary Supplements Industry

The entire childhood vaccination schedule

And maybe look under that rock that convinces 1/3 of women that they NEED mood altering drugs.

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Yahoo doing what Yahoo does

Yahoo eliminated commenting on stories during the Trump administration because there were far too many Trump supporters commenting. There were far too many comments pointing out the obvious anti-Trump and Anti-America bias. Couldn’t have that.

It seems that yesterday, they brought back commenting. But now it’s gone again. What could have happened? My guess is that the echo chamber that the legacy media has become has a really thin skin and total intolerance for any voice but their own.

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Supremes rule that immigrants are not Citizens: Sort of

Yesterday the Supreme court announces a decision that illegal aliens awaiting deportation have zero rights. None. They are not entitled to hearings, appeals, bail, release, or safe conduct. They can be held indefinitely or pushed back across the nearest border at the point of a bayonet. ZERO constitutional protections. The constitution is for Americans.

The real story here is that the decision was 8-1, with Kagan writing for the majority. It is very rare to see any decisions from the high court that are not party line votes on political issues and immigration policy is very much a political issue.

Naturally, the Biden administration will continue to treat all illegal immigrants as new citizens.

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Hollywood people signal their virtue, painlessly

Once again, the cultural elites demonstrate how elite they are, culturally and do so in the way that suits them best: Preening. Not costing any of them any real work, money, or risk.

Top Showrunners and Producers Make Gun Safety Pledge in Wake of Uvalde, Buffalo Mass Shootings

It would have been much more effective if instead of disarming make-believe characters in their movies, they disarmed themselves and their personal security people. Then also demand that police abandon their culturally superior neighborhoods and go where they are really needed: high crime neighborhoods.

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This is why we can’t have nice things

Arlington County Board to Consider Closing 23rd Street Tunnel in Crystal City.

This tunnel is already filled in and the earth sown with salt to prevent another one from growing. The concept was expensive and worthy. Build a pedestrian tunnel under the heavy trafficked highway so that pedestrians and vehicles were not using the same place at the same time. Sadly, it quickly became a place for homeless people to pee and a place for the lazy criminal element to wait for unsuspecting tourists to roll. It was a dark smelly place and no one who knew better would use it.

The linked article goes out of their way to avoid mentioning that is was the urine from homeless people and wandering criminals and instead mentions “lack of use as intended”. They don’t want tourists to crystal city (and the new Amazon HQ) to think their new area is unsuitable for the Yuppy crowd.

So… they filled it in and now everyone crosses the street at the cross walks, taking their chances at occasional hit and run.

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Arts and Crafts: Gutter guards.

A year ago I installed some gutter guards from COSTCO. Easy installation, but now I have spent more effort cleaning the guards than I used to spend cleaning the gutters. The problem is there is so much tree debris that it chokes the mesh that guards the gutters.


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I really don’t understand modern advertizing. It seems like they really dont want me to buy their products.

1. Their target audiences seem to be black or gay. I have nothing in common with those groups. Nothing.

2. Goldman Sacks is advertizing an investment account that’s “4 times the national average”. The national average is currently near zero. 4 times zero is…

3. The Lexus commercials are aimed at rich people. Good for them. I have nothing in common.

4. Ford offering $1,000 cash back. After jacking their prices more than enough to cover that. Does anyone still buy that old sales trick?

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Arts and crafts: Hot tub Repair

Previous repairs didn’t hold. Epoxy repairs didn’t hold pcv from continuing to crack and leak hugely. So after a week wating for new parts, and another week waiting for the right parts, I have achieved success. The tub is in full working order in its new location.

Total cost of repair: $150 for parts. And 4 months waiting for good weather to work outdoors and other things.

What i learned… if im turning the tub off for the winter, properly winterize by draining pipes under the tub and adding RV antifreeze.

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A Few More Words on Ukraine Situation.

  1. Here we see an article about seizure of yachts from Russian oligarchs. The story goes on to say this is “sanctions” in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. When the Somalis were doing it, they called it “Piracy”. Funny how the West that used to be known for law and order now upholds the rule of “I’ll do as I please”.
  2. It is still difficult to get any real news from the Ukraine. Everything you see reported by any source should be considered as suspect. Especially anything released by the government of Ukraine. The story about rapes, torture, ethnic cleansing and mass graves is typical of common propaganda. The news consuming public must have the memories of guppies. They keep consuming news from the same sources that have lied to them about everything for decades and think, “this story is different”.
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