Movie Review: Dune

It should have been called “doomed” or “Done”. One of the worst movies ever made. Let us count the ways:

1. Zero character development. You end the first movie after two and a half hours not knowing anything about the main characters, their motives, or any sense of why you should care about them. The damned ornithopters had more screen time than the main character.

2. Casting. Deeply pathetic. It’s like a movie made as a jr college summer project where only the producers friends could be in it. There is nothing about any of the characters that is in any way related to the story. Once again: wokism trumps everything in Hollywood. All the characters had to be non-white.

Let’s make the main charachter a simpering curly haired soyboy who looks like he has never been inside a gym, instead of the character the AUTHOR created who spent most of his days training since early childhood.

Let’s cast a girl who is “alternatively pretty” instead of one who is either actually pretty or one who have the tough characteristcs on her face of tough dessert living.

Let’s cast an old black woman as the planetologist, who is also supposed to be the FATHER of the “alternatively pretty” dessert girl but who genetically is painfully obviously not related by blood ties.

Let’s hire two big names from the a-list “Aquaman” and the guy from Guardians of the Galaxy, and give them each about 6 lines COMBINED. Then kill off Aquaman.

Let’s only use white people as villains.

3. Technology. In the last 2 attempts, the ornithopter was just background tech. In this version, the ornithopter is the star. It almost has more speaking parts than the lead. And it it painfully stupid. It is obviously mimicing a dragonfly, but the book didn’t call for a “bug-copter”. ORNITHOPTER, with ORNI, for “bird”. It should have been birdlike in form or function. If the stupid CGI department couldn’t get that right and just had to show off their awesome skilz, they should have just renamed it. But no. Despite all the other plot devices that got buried or twisted, the characters clearly called this an ornithopter.

A really, really bad movie. Even people who love the story are going to have a hard time following it. And they won’t go back for part 2. I doubt part 2 will even be made. This will be another Last Air Bender “trilogy”.

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Dear Mr. President:

… or whoever is using the autopen and issuing orders. WRT: Afghanistan, just STFU already. The Taliban are listening to everything you say and will have video showing you are lying the very next day.

Yes, dogs were left behind.

Yes, those helicopters still fly.

Yes, Americans (afghans with us passports) were left behind.

Yes, important sensitive equipment was left behind.

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Americans left in Afghanistan

No. Wrong. False. This is a totally false thing the media is telling you. The only Americans left in Afghanistan are guarding the airport.

The refugees are not American. They are Afghan. They were born in Afghanistan. Their parents were born in afghanistan. Their children were born in Afghanistan. They speak the local dialects and have jobs in Afghanistan.

They have American passports, but there is nothing “American” about them.

The news media is lying because they know real Americans no longer give a shit about Afghanistan or Afghans or women’s rights or LGBTQ rights in Afghanistan. So the media casts them all as “Americans” to keep you caring.

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Stories from the front lines

An elderly afghan man thanks Allah he is out of Aghanistan.

Hey dude, Allah didn’t build that C-17 that carried your sorry ass out. The USA built it. American taxpayers footed the bill for buying them and the Air force manning, training, and fuel to have them available for this day. You contributed NOTHING. Allah would have left you there.

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People in Hell want ice water.

It’s a very old saying, and very true.

From the front line of Afghan refugee operations: US forces provide pallets of bottled water for them. But the water is hot, (because it was in the sun) so they don’t want it. They see people putting it into refrigerators to cool it and the form a line to get some, not understanding it will take HOURS to reach room temperature, let along get chilly. As soon as they touch it, they decline to take any.

They also resort to using the bottled water to wash their feet. It’s free and there is plenty so they don’t care. They don’t consider that they are at the leading edge of the wave and that water they are dumping on their feet may run out for the people folling them in the next few days.

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CNN Beclowns themselves.

Headline: Afghanistan falls to Taliban, women and gays hardest hit.

Men executed by Taliban could not be reached for comment.

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Air Travel

I suspect that gays serving in the military was never going to catch on in real numbers since the air steward industry seems to be using all the gays they can find. I swear, it must be a union rule that only flamboyantly gay men can work as stewards on airplanes.

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Another note on Afghanistan.

You can’t blame Biden.

We all know he is cognitavely impaired and the Left put him into the White House anyway. He is a puppet. You blame the hand, not the puppet.

For the record, this failure was 20 years in the making. Leaders of both parties, as well as hundreds of senior officials from state and defense departments have their fingerprints all over this. It is disingenuous for anyone to claim the current sock puppet in the oval office caused this.

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CNN beclowns themselves… again

This morning, CNN just resported that women in Afghanistan now have MORE rights and protections under the Taliban.

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A few words about the fall of Afghanistan

This was inevitable. Only huge American payoffs kept it propped up this long.

Every American general and colonel who ever signed a report calling the Afghan national army “good enough” should be fired and publicly disgraced. Every state department official should join them in public humiliation. They were either delusional or lying all along and should be held accountable for their lack of results. In most cases, the us military is incapable of recognizing the difference between great leaders and mediocrity. This is an example of total failure at the strategic and national level and should be treated as such.

Which city in American city gets to be the “Kabul” of the midwest? Didn’t we already see this movie? Doesn’t anyone understand that “bringing them here” is not the only possible solution? How about all those islamic countries?

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