Current events: 21 April 2019

To all my Christian friends, Happy Easter. To atheists, piss off and get back to work. It’s just another day for you.

From drudge report today:

1. Mexico warns of ‘deep concern’ over armed groups on U.S. border. Great. Thanks for your “deep concern” about thirty guys in the USA who are breaking no laws. Let’s chat about the tens of thousands of criminal gangs you let violate our nation every year. Build the wall. And install auto mini guns along the perimeter.


Hidden camera found in women’s bathroom aboard Navy ship. Only one? They must not be looking very hard.


Atheist prayers can be barred by House chaplain, appeals court says. This is ridiculous on its face. Prayer, by definition, is communication with God. If you don’t believe in God, you are just giving a speech. If you want to give a speech in Congress, run for office.


Pope during Easter vigil: Reject the ‘glitter of wealth’. Seriously? The guy who lives in a glitter-filled palace, built on top of a mountain of wealth collected from 2000 years of tithing Europe, doesn’t feel any shame for saying this publicly?

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Fickle Media in Democratic primary


The same old story.  Beta O-rourke, thought he had the media full attention.  Then someone new catches the media’s liberal eye.  And the new “girl” is gay.  Bonus points.  So, unless Beta is going to try new things really fast, he is done.  The media is doing all the same stuff they always do to help a candidate.

  1.  Run stories about how awesome he is.
  2.  Fail to mention that he is just another Socialist, in a field chock full of them with not a single hair’s breadth of daylight between them.
  3.  Mention that Republicans and Christians are hypocrites because Trump so they have no business sticking to a historically Christian principle like “Gay is bad”.  I don’t know about you, but when I need theological advice, I always consult militant atheists at the Washington Post, the comments section of Yahoo, and the local chapter of the LGBT activists.
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Current Events: 10 April 2019

There is a lot going on, and nothing going on.  It’s all just more bread and circuses.

  1.  White nationalist is the new Racist.  The Left has so overused the term “racist” and no one cares about it anymore.  It has totally lost it’s sting and everyone now recognizes that it is just what the Left calls everyone who disagrees with them.  So now they have started calling everyone “white nationalists”.  And because most people are idiots and Republicans are half of “most people”, we see stupid things like Republicans defending white nationalism as “nationalism”.  Let’s be clear.  nationalism is good.  We used to call that “patriotism”.  It is the belief that your own country is a pretty damn sweet deal and you are glad to be here.  “white Nationalism” is not the belief that “white people created this awesome country and made it great in the first place”.  White nationalism is the belief that there should be a separate white nation, just for white people.  In the modern world, this is an absurd idea.  With the exception of possibly Iceland, it just doesn’t exist and it can’t exist.
  2. Trump’s tax returns.  The Left claims that the law grants the house the power to see everyone’s tax returns.  That is true.  But only for lawful purposes.  Invasion of privacy and abuse of power are not lawful purposes.  The Left claims that they have oversight responsibilities.  True.  Their oversight is for the IRS, not for the President.  So, if they want the tax records of the president to see if he has declared income from a Russian, they are off the reservation.  The House of Representatives has Zero oversight authority over the President of the United States.  He is personally a separate and co-equal branch of government.
  3. 30 some people have declared their intention to run for the Democratic nomination for President.  At this point, I think that the fix is in and everyone expects Trump to win re-election.  So all these people are jumping into a race they can’t win just for the purpose of getting their name out and gouging the donor list before it dries up.  Campaign donations has always been a great way to collect bribes.  Looking at the field, it is certain that the Democrats have nothing but “let’s all be communists” and “we hate Trump”.   The first one still doesn’t sell very well in America, despite selling really well on college campuses among people who studied “the arts”.
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Arts and crafts: Hot Tub Installation.

I LOVE hot tubs. How have I not had one until now? Oh yes, I remember. I had a spouse who always spent more than I earned.

Anywho. So, I bought one from Costco. Had it delivered to my place. That went swimmingly. First delivery attempt was refused because the driver was lazy and wanted to drop the pallet-loaded 800 pounds on the gravel road and drive away. Second delivery attempt actually unloaded with a pallet with a pallet skid and wheeled it all the way down to my site…. where it sat for 5 weeks.

Then I finished previous projects and finally had time for this.

First, hot tubs are delivered on their side. To get laid flat, the pros use a big air bag. Non-pros use 8 burly friends. I dont have an airbag… or friends.

So I attach the pallet to an overhead window using a double prussik knot. Then I use that to lower the tub to horizontal without it being damaged… or crushing me to death.

Then unpackage it.

And move it into position. Of course, normally, I’d get 8 friends, but I have zero friends. So I placed 2″ diameter PVC pipes under the tub. I learned this trick in 7th grade. Teachers showed us a movie about Egyptians moving heavy stones to build the pyramids by rolling them on logs. Teachers did this because they were exceptionally lazy and genuinely thought they could get away with showing movies instead actually “teaching”.

Then remove the wrapping.

Then hook up the electricity.

The internet demands that I use only a licensed electrician to run the power circuit. The local laws also demand some sort of “permits” and “inspections” that require licensed electricians. Um… F$%,k that shit. In addition to not having any friends, I don’t have a gazillion dollars for overpriced “professionals” when I could easily just do it myself.

Including drilling through 12″ of block.

Then…. WOOHOO!! hot tub time!!

Any idea how long it takes to heat 55 degree well water to 104 degrees?

…. damnit!!!

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Arts and crafts: mud room, final.

Here it is. Last mud room items.

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Arts and crafts: mud room

Nearly complete. Everything is in its place and working.

The washer and dryer stick out about 3″ too far. That clips the drawer to the right.

I hooked up all the wiring and plumbing last night.

The countertop is black epoxy on 3/4″ plywood. It turned out better than I expected. I’ll see how well it holds up to scratches before doing the same in the kitchen.

Nothing to do now but finish painting the cabinet doors, install a decorative backsplash, and trim around the window.

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New Zealand dust up

I have been to New Zealand.  It was a wonderful place.  Ideal climate, pristine natural areas.  Friendly people.  At least they were.

  1.  The Government there has been trying on multiple occasions of the past decade to pass anti-gun laws similar to Australia.  But the population wasn’t having it, since they don’t have a problem with guns.  Now after this event, the government is telling them they are going to get what’s coming to them and they can’t stop it.  It’s for their own good.    Somehow, disarming New Zealanders will ensure that crazy Australians don’t shoot them.
  2. The guy was seriously deranged on many levels.  Like immigrating to NZ from Australia to protest immigration. He could have stayed in Australia, where he is a native to protest the fact that Australia has a huge immigrant problem.  But no.  Instead he goes to a country that has very tightly controlled immigration, and a thousand miles of ocean to help enforce it to protest the relative handful of “Asians” he finds there.
  3. It is sad that NZ is joining the rest of the Anglosphere in becoming disarmed international sissies.  But honestly, I don’t care.  It’s not like anyone was really counting on them to help defend Western Civilization.  Like Canada, they can mouth off and be totally free from the consequences of their irrational choices because of their location.  This was inevitable.  Kiwis, like Aussies and UK inhabitants before them, no longer believe that they have a God-Given right to self preservation or self-defense.  So, it makes perfect sense that they place no value on being able to do that credibly.  The crime rates in NZ are very low, mostly due to a very homogeneous population of 80% white (Anglo), 19% Mauri and 1% “other”.  There are no bear or other dangerous animals.  All the deer are locked up in deer farms.  So, there is no need for anyone to have a gun.  They are some of the few people on Earth who can rationally give them up and never miss them.
  4. When I say they can’t be counted on to help defend Civilization, I should also point out, that the Mother country (UK) and other Anglo-sphere countries aren’t being any help on that front either.  The USA has in the past decade become a dumping ground for the world’s unwashed non-Western populations and out political masters in Washington and our elites tell us how wonderful it is.  We foolishly got drunk one night and left the gate open.  Now we are over run and have no way back.  It’s like Bilbo Baggins answering the door to a bunch of hungry dwarves who barge right in and help themselves.  But at least the dwarves spoke the same language as Bilbo, cleaned up after themselves, and offered Bilbo something valuable in return.  THEN WENT HOME WHEN THEY WERE DONE.
  5. Trump has nothing to do with this.  Democratic party activists though can’t help themselves making some comment about it.  Trump is not and never has been a racist or a White Supremacist.  There is nothing in his history to suggest this and lots of things in his past to refute it.  But the lesson is, if you are a White guy, there is no amount of good will you will ever be able to buy from minority communities that will protect you from being called a racist whenever it becomes convenient.  Just like 30 years of Bret Kavanaugh being a Metaphorical Boy scout in his behavior with women did nothing to protect him from being accused of being a serial rapist and alcoholic.
  6. The Left does not understand how Americans think.  When the rest of the world sees violence striking close to home, they are easily stampeded into passing stupid, counter-productive laws to ban guns, as if that was ever the problem.  But in America, violence striking close to home, convinces Americans that they need guns MORE, not less, so that they can confront the violence and keep it outside their homes and communities.  This is why the multiple mass shootings in America do nothing to make Americans want to give up guns, but actually convince us of the need to carry guns everywhere.  News media thinks that publishing scary stories will convince us that guns are evil.  Instead, they convince us that the world is dangerous and we should do something about it to protect ourselves.  If the News media understood us, they would stop publishing stories about violence and instead publish stories about how our communities are safer than ever.
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