Shut Down Update: The Government Employee no one will interview

10%+ government employees are not at work.  But they fully expect to get paid.  Some of them are getting interviewed about how hard it is to get by because they didn’t save any money and don’t have a line of credit.  But guess who isn’t getting interviewed.  All those guys who are at work and feel totally ripped off that their office is fully funded so they don’t get what amounts to a free fully paid month off.

I could really get a lot don on my project house with a month or two off work.   But my office (DoD) is fully funded for this year so I have to go to work every day just like I agreed to when I got hired.  No free paid days off for me.

The funniest shutdown moment:  Shutting down the government on Monday because of heavy snowfall on Saturday.  It was all cleaned up by Monday, but what the heck.   So, we had a much bigger shutdown during a much longer shutdown and no one on the Democratic party or national media seemed to notice.

Obscure shutdown moments.  Here we are in the nation’s capital with the Democratic party and national media running story after story about how it is a huge atrocity for 10% of the government civilian workforce to be staying home and another 10% to be temporarily having their paychecks withheld.  On the other side of the country, government workers (teachers) are intentionally walking off the job because they want more money and easier jobs (more helpers).  So.  Government employees in Washington out of work = Atrocity.  Government workers in California out of work = must be encouraged because they are fighting “for the children.  Weird.

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Opioid crisis/epidemic

I don’t care.

This is pretty much a self- inflicted problem. If you have that problem, you already know you are playing with fire and you don’t care. So why should I?

It’s also a self-correcting problem. You use drugs, you die. Problem solved. If it were up to me, I’d stop all enforcement of strong drugs like fentanyl. I’d dump it on the streets, at college parties and in every undesirable neighborhood in the country.

I’d make it the drug of choice for assisted suicide and make it a civil right to have access to it. I’d make it legal to sell over the counter, as long as it carries a “this is poison, if you take it, you will probably die” label.

And I’d have the President go on national TV every month and announce that using it is lethal and if you use, you are on your own. No excuses.

I’d even make opioid addiction treatment fully covered by insurance if and only if you get addicted to prescription drugs that your MD gave you. But if you got them on the street? You are on your own. Buh-bye.

Problem solved.

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Shutdown Update: 8 Jan 2018

It’s still going on.

  1.  With only approximately 20% of the government shut down, traffic is a LOT better in the DC area.  I’m recommending the government take a permanent 20% trim, to include parts of the government that are at work.
  2. “Non-essential” is a Human Resources designation, not an evaluation of importance to the taxpayers.  The guy who buys artillery shells for the Army is pretty darned important, but his task can wait until Monday, so he isn’t “essential”.  But the guy who has to fix the overflowing toilets at the pentagon has to be available to work weekends, holidays, snow days, and any other time when the toilets might overflow.  That is what is means to be “essential”.  So please just STFU about “firing all the non-essential employees.
  3. The news media tried to make a big deal about TSA employees calling in sick to work other jobs.  It was a difference of 5.5% absentee vice normal 3.5% for this time of year.  Not a trend.  Certainly not a crisis.  Pretty much not even noticeable.  There were still plenty of  barely literate TSA employees coming to work to ensure stuff would get stolen from your luggage, your pretty girlfriends would get felt up, you would get intimidated if you tried to take a picture of them breaking the law, and you could miss your flights… just like normal.
  4. The news media is telling us tall tales about government employees getting outside jobs to pay their bills.  Seriously.  What kind of job do you think you can get when you already have a full time job working for the federal government that you intend to return to?  Are there other employers hiring right now who need a few thousand more people whose skill sets don’t even exist in the private sector?
  5. I have no guess how much longer this can go on.  There is no incentive for either side to give in.  Each side can totally veto the other side.  Each side has promised to use that veto.  The fight isn’t about using concrete or steel.  That is a 5-year old’s argument.  The goal is a wall.  Choice of building materials is something that can be left up to the construction contractors.  If anything, the Democrats have the greatest incentive to find a solution to placate Trump because most Americans get along just fine without the US government operating at 100%.  Most Americans just wish they got a little tax break for all the things the Federal government is not doing this week.  And Democrats don’t really want the word to get around for most Americans that so much of the federal bureaucracy is expendable.
  6. Too bad the Department of Education wasn’t on the unfunded list.  Trump could just Veto that for the next 2 years all by itself and do what Reagan never could.
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Fauxcahontas runs for president

No, she isn’t. She’s just starting a committee so she can raise money. Millions. Then guess what happens to all that money when she drops out of the race? She gets to keep it.

Just like when she raised 7 million for a Hillary recount that never happened. Where did that money go? No one knows or cares. It’s just a fancy way to collect bribery that is perfectly legal. Just like the Clinton Foundation.

She will use this campaign to raise socialist awareness about evil billionaires while padding her own pockets and never mentioning that Democrat party politician are all 1%-ers, including herself.

But her socialist followers are stupid enough to want socialism so I can’t feel sorry for them. They don’t follow real history so they didn’t read the part where every socialist government eliminates the agitators first.

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Arts and crafts: mudroom continued.

Ok. So I have the new power and plumbing hookups in. And new rockwood insulation behind that polyvinyl vapor barrier. I had to bump this wall out a little to make room for the 2″ PVC washing machine drain. I also had to use a 4.5″ angle grinder with a diamond bit to cut through that tile floor.

Then I needed to RIP out the old drywall ceiling to trace the overhead lights from the light to the switch and remove all the useless 240v wires from the old baseboard heaters.

At which point I discover that my attic insulation is R-19. No wonder the previous occupants needed three separate heating systems. (2 wood stoves, heat pump, baseboard heaters in every room and electric wall heaters in the bathrooms). I feel this is something that my home inspectors should have told me about. R-38 is normal for attics in this zone.

Here’s what it looks like with the insulation gone.

16″ Spaced 2×6 joists with 2×7 rafters. Conventional construction. You can see a knee wall in the upper right corner. This helps take some of the load from the rafters.

Now I put the r-19 back in perpendicular to the joists. And the new r-38 into the joist cavities. With the new poly vapor barrier, I should get about r-50 in this part of the house. The rest of the house will get similar treatment in due course.

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Shutdown update: 26 Dec 2017

This is the least “shut down” of any government shutdown anywhere.  Trump even shuts down the Government better than Obama.

I am a government employee and I am at my office today, just like everyone else who wasn’t already taking holiday leave.

I went hiking in a national park on Sunday.  There was no one working there, but they left the gates open so people could drive in anyway.  Contrast that to Obama’s shutdown where the parks department tried to shut down monuments on the national mall, including the grass on the national mall itself.

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Watership down

I love this story. I loved the book. I loved the cartoon. Now I love the new BBC version in Netflix.

I always get choked up at the end. That’s great story telling.

There is not a day or night but a doe offers her life for her kittens, or some honest captain of Owsla his life for his Chief Rabbit’s. Sometimes it is taken, sometimes it is not. But there is no bargain, for here, what is, is what must be.

Stupid rabbits. (Snif)

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