Daily outrage

I am amazed how democrats come to work every day with a fresh level of total outrage about Trump.

Trump held a two hour private conversation with Vladimir Putin. Then they hosted a joint press conference. This was followed by cries of “treason” and other such nonsense. It’s not like Trump gave Putin a pallet of cash (that was Obama and Iran). Or it’s not like Trump accepted a pallet of cash from Putin (that was Hillary). It was just 2 world leaders having a chat. It’s called diplomacy. It is a constitutional role of the President of the United States.

Liberals in both parties are loosing their minds over this.

1. Russia is not America’s enemy. The Soviets were. The Soviets were our enemies because they were communists. They totally interfered in American institutions and seeded their communism everywhere, even as it failed everywhere else in the world. Now, there are more ardent communists in the USA than there are in Russia.

2. Communists are still the enemies of America and Americans… and they live among us.

3. Ms-13 does more harm to America than Russia does.

4. The Krips do more harm to America than the Russians do.

5. Immigrants do more harm to America than Russians do.

6. Russia and Russians did far more to support the Hillary for President campaign than they did for Trump, and Trump won anyway.

7. Hillary has received billions from foreign sources funneled through her foundation. It should have been called money laundering or bribery. But Hillary is above the law. The left never cared about foreign influence before.

8. The nearly 30 million illegal immigrants in the USA account for a huge skew in the electoral college and congressional representation, even if they don’t vote. That is real, measurable, foreign influence in not just our elections but also in our legislature and local politics. And Democrats never cared before. But now. We are all supposed to be outraged by their creative writing about Trump-Russia “collusion” to defeat Hillary.

And they wonder why Trump’s support remains strong. Trump’s supporters don’t care about anything in the Democrat party controlled media. We know it’s all lies and propaganda.

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Tourism Ideas for the distant future

I have noticed that all the crusty retired Vietnam vets are taking vacations to Vietnam. They have lots of reasons. War leaves a mark. Then there is the fond memories of brothels and attractive younger women with needs. Even some children left behind and families of war brides. A thousand different reasons.

As I close out my tour, doing what I do, where I am, I consider that where I am will never become a tourism destination for my generation or the younger guys. This place is an arm pit. After all the good work we have done, it’s STILL an arm pit. Some day, it will be a fully rebuilt modern-ish arm pit. With all the choices of places to go to spend your tourism dollars, this place will never be even on the list. Personally, I would rather put my vacation money into an open fire than spend one dime of it here. And I doubt I am alone.

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Tarantino Star Trek

Part-time psychopath Quinton Tarantino has been selected to direct the next Star Trek movie. Well. Stick a fork in that franchise.

It’s like Hollywood is telling all Star Trek fans, Screw you, we hate your guts. Just STFU and give us your money.

No doubt the movie will make money on the strength of its name alone, but a lot of fans will avoid it. Expect the movie that follows it to be yet another alternate history reset.

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Trumpslide 2020

I have normally been unsuccessful picking who would win presidential elections. This is because both parties would always select two people without much difference. So the outcome was moot. The Republican party was particularly adept in running people that Republicans couldn’t care less about. They even tried to run another Bush again against another Clinton. Pathetic.

I predicted years ago that immigration was the pivotal issue facing our country and that any candidate who carried it would win big, unless he talked amnesty and a comprehensive solution. Trump was the only candidate who did that.

Guess what the Democrats are doing now? They are actually running on more immigration. Of course, none of their candidates are. Democratic candidates actually want to win, Co their message is all, “be nice, not like Trump”.

From my reading of various blogs and news comments, the anti-immigration tone is stronger than ever and again, only one candidate is leading on the issue. Trump.

Despite wall to wall anti-Trump news 24 hours a day, every day, on every network, Internet news, and major newspaper, Trump is still winning.

If he has that much strength at this point in his administration, against all that spin, there is no doubt he will win yugely in 2020.

1. The media has beclowned themselves. They are no longer trusted by Americans to print anything more important than crossword puzzles. So they have undercut their own influence for a very long time. They really could get evidence that Trump was literally Hitler, and no one would care. It wouldn’t change the vote one bit.

2. Trump’s supporters are behind him more strongly than 2 years ago. He is actually doing what he said he would. Something rare for presidents. His supporters had been stabbed in the back so often by candidates, they fully expected it to happen again. But it hasn’t.

3. At this point, all you see leading the charge against Trump are paid activists. In the end, this doesn’t create more voters. Pro-immigrant Activists only help solidify the Trump base. I believe these activists are out churning up the anger just to accomplish fundraising for the lean years ahead. I believe the democratic party professionals know they can’t win, no matter who they run. So they will run another outlier like Obama and hope for the best. But the fundraising will keep the activist groups fed and their CEOs comfortable.

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Bye Moonbattery

On top of outlandishly long load times due to all their ads, the site Moonbattery.com is now inaccessible.  Attempts by me to access them are met with the DoD warning label that notes they are a Hate and Racism site.  I don’t know who decides such things.  I’m guessing it is a black woman with a degree from an HBCU in equity studies.  Since weasel Zippers is almost an identical site, content-wise, it can’t be far behind on the ban list.


As others have pointed out, this is just another movement in the cleansing of the internet so that only one political view can be seen or heard.  It happens from both ends.  The ISPs and IT techs at the user side and the censors at the content side are all working together on this project.

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Influence Circles


Influence cicles

In our society we have all become quite polarized and every opinion on ever topic becomes fighting words.  You may all be wondering how I cope with it.  The diagram above illustrates it.  I am at the center.  draw circles around the center.  As you go further out from the center, the things you see have less importance to reality as you experience it.  Too many people living today cannot do this simple mind exercise.  To them, EVERYTHING is seriously important to them personally.  So they have to defend it as if their life depends on it.

In the illustration, I have placed global warming out on the periphery with the theory of evolution.  That is because it doesn’t matter to me in the least bit if I am wrong about either of them.  The outcome is the same if I believe them with all my heart or if I reject them entirely.  No difference.  On the other hand, How much I pay for electricity every month matters to me EVERY month.  And because I can think ahead, it matters to me that every time I pay an artificially high electric bill, to pay an arbitrary tax for something like carbon taxes or a Social Justice offset, my personal future is harmed. I am being harmed in the real world for a reason I see as a fiction in a world that doesn’t harm me.

I look at everything this way.  Even politics.  It doesn’t matter to me what Trump tweeted yesterday.  Trump and everything he does is out there in the outer circle.  I have zero personal interaction with him.  Zero.  He isn’t my friend and he doesn’t seem to be trying to harm me.  So I can’t possibly care if he is literally grabbing lady parts or only talking about it ten years ago.  It isn’t relevant to me.  Pretty much nothing the news or internet tells me is relevant to me.  No matter how much they try to tell me that some disaster is about to happen or how much I should be outraged, in the real world, the one I live in, none of those things matter.

I don’t care about volcanoes because I don’t live near any.

I don’t care about that whole social-sexual hierarchy because it isn’t how I choose to live my life.  I am who I am and it doesn’t matter to me which category other people put me in, I will always use what I have to get my best benefit and improve my condition, in the real world.

Twitter, facebooks, picturegram and the other social media all convey the message that everything is important.  But it isn’t.  Not even a little bit.  And those media products teach younger people to be heavily invested in whatever stranger tell them is the truth and not what they themselves can see, feel and experience.

I don’t really care about NASA telling me about how they discovered traces of erosion on Mars that could only have come from water, so Mars must be inhabitable.  I do care that they want to spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year of my money to investigate it.  This is a hobby.  It should be paid for by rich people who can afford to indulge their hobbies.  Out nation is in debt and we cannot afford such extravagances.  I am not willing to pay those few extra dollars each year for that hobby.  Scientific curiosity  is not a part of my reality.  Taxes is.

Thus, it is really easy for me to accept that the news media is lying to me every day, and I don’t care.  They aren’t my reality.  Nothing they say is interesting to me or has any utility to me. They made themselves this way.  They used to be near the second ring.  But as their message pushed harder and harder into political propaganda, they lost my interest.  My life isn’t going to be long enough for them to earn it back.  They are written off forever.

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New patterns in internet “news”.

I have recognized a new pattern that seems to be taking over on media news everywhere.  They all seem to be using the same application to create “content”.  The content is hosted  as if it is video, but it is really a series of stills, with text imposed.  Further, the text has colored highlights.

Here it is in a Drudge post.


Here it is again from Huffington Post.

Example 3 huffpo

And here it is from the AP.

Example 2

All different unrelated stories, and unrelated “news agencies”.

My guess is that the news agencies feel compelled to use video because that is what the public demands, but they are unwilling to put the effort into creating video.  These content creations contain very little information for the investment of tie to view them. Just enough information to fill a bumper sticker propaganda media, but not enough to inform.  Just the latest version of click-bait.  It just annoys me that they are all using the same media editing app.  No creativity.  No originality.  they all have the same look and feel of being produced all in the same classroom of a high school journalism class, after the teacher discovered a new app and decided everyone should use it.

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