Arts and Crafts: The Master Bath, Part 1

[check back later for pictures]

Ok, so, to recap: I bought a crappy old house that was built in the 70’s and poorly used since then. I decided to gut the interior and do a major rebuild. The last project was the “Mud Room“, a sort of half kitchen, half laundry room that used to be a very tiny living room. The next major project is the master bath.

The space for the master bath used to be the main bedroom. At approximately 10×10 feet, it is a very small bedroom, but will be twice the size of the older bath. I had been using this room as a painting room. Finished size will be 10 x 12, adding some space by ripping out the existing bath. The rest of that space gets added to the kitchen.

I have been working on it for a few weekends now.

Original room Pics:

Step 1: Demolition. Everyone’s favorite part of renovations. Removing the drywall, ceilings, insulation, electrical and flooring, down to the studs and sub floor. Remove the studs for the old closet and the door frame.

Step 2: Install new electrical for overhead lights, switches, sockets and vent fans. I will be installing light weight LED recessed lights that I got at Lowes. The LEDs are designed as retrofits for existing pot lights. I don’t have existing pot lights. But the cost of these was about $9 each and the cost of the fully installable pots was about $50 each. This will likely be the one thing that won’t be strictly to electrical code. (Come and get me, coppers!). Electrical code requires wiring to the lights be firmly clamped into the device. There is not a place to do that. Plan B in the code, would be to use a junction box to join the lamp wire to the source wires. But then the code also says that junction boxes need to be “accessible”, which these won’t be, since they will be buried under 20″ of insulation. But the fully installable appliances are OK because they have a built in junction box. I will meed the spirit of the code by shielding the wiring connections from contact with the insulation. Otherwise, the lights themselves just hang from holes in the drywall ceiling. I am doing this not just for cost, but to also improve the vapor tightness of the ceiling barrier. Typically, pot lights are a significant source of air migration through the ceiling. They can be sealed, but it is quite difficult, especially working in a very tight attic space, with 20 inches of new insulation. My way, I only have a handful of wires penetrating the barrier.

Step 3: Install vent fans. I need to do this early before closing up the ceiling again. Two fans because the toilet will have an independent room. I vented the fans to the gable so as not to need to perforate my roof. The previous fans just emptied into the attic.

Step 4: Sidetrack: Use the convenience of having the ceiling open to remove all of the remaining duct work in the attic and run some temporary ducts to serve the house with AC and heat, as needed. The finished product will have all the ducts in the basement.

Step 5: Reinstall attic insulation. Previous insulation was R-19. I have boosted that to R-68-ish. It’s hard to calculate since there will certainly be gaps. I laid in R-30 faceless rolls across the rafters, then pushed that up with R-38, faced bats between the rafters. Reinstall exterior wall insulation. I’m using the same Rockwool I used in the Mudroom for this. It is a nice tight install for this and boosts the R value from 11 to 15 plus the plastic sheet air and vapor barrier.

Step 6: Install the vapor barrier. The insulation has paper facing on it, which is perfectly adequate vapor barrier for 1985, but since I have repurposed this room into a wet room, the blocking of vapor travel is more important than before. It is essential in stopping the growth of mold in the walls and attic.

Step 7: Install new stud interior walls to box in the entry area and the toilet room.

Step 8: Install water line rough ins and drains. This will cover the sinks, shower and toilet.

Step 9: Enclose the drywalls and wetwalls. The ceiling drywall is a heavier thickness drywall to be moisture resistant and resist sagging. My ceiling joists are 16″ on center, so this is not expected to be a problem. The ceiling going in first so the side wall support it at the corners. The wet walls behind the shower surfaces will be covered in either hardybacker or a similar product. I like the waterproof foam-based boards but those are not available in my area and they cost 2 to 3 times as much as the simpler products that are just as good. Then normal drywall everywhere else.

Step 10: Create the floor for the shower. This will be a complex project for several reasons. Like all wet area floors, water-proofing will be vital. And I have decided to do this a totally different way than all the pros on YouTube demand. Aside from them demanding that I pay a professional, I will be attempting to install a curbless design shower so I will need a gently sloping floor, to the linear drain. The drain will need to be recessed into the existing floor and sloped on top of that will result in a pretty high edge at the extremities. So managing the slope will be difficult and need my careful attention. Further, the hillbillies who built my house used 1/2 in (or near that) plywood to build the subfloor instead of 3/4. So, I can pretty much guarantee that the floor is not stable enough to support tile without cracking. Too much flexing. So the challenge will be thickening the floor, sloping it, adding tile, waterproofing it and at the end, not having the finished product so thick that I trip on it when I enter from the other room.

As always, no permits will be sought from the local Nazis who govern such things and I will be working alone. So, the added challenge is to not injure myself along the way and have a finished product that is safe, functional, and attractive, as well as meeting codes (mostly).

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Annual police week rant

It’s that time of year again. Police week in the national capital.

1. If your police department is sending your people here, your town has too many police.

2. If your police department can afford to send cars, their entire motorcycle unit, and a support team here for a week, your city has too many police cars and motorcycles.

3. As a local, I hate police week. Police from all over America come here and tie up traffic with their incessant “permitless” motorcades, practically taking over major highways for their personal use.

4. It’s not as if all the protecting and serving doesnt still need to be done at the same demand rate as normal.

5. If your police department has a drill team, flag team, or band, your town has way too many police. None of those things are needed to “protect and serve”.

6. Not related to police week, if your town got one of those cool military armored vehicles ten years ago and never had anything to legitimately use it for by now, you probably don’t need one.

7. Not every town needs a SWAT team.

8. This isn’t a burn on police. I like police. This is a burn on public employees unions, city councils, mayors, and police “generals”. You people suck at managing resources. Police week reminds all of us “sheep” who your real priorities are… yourselves. Stop squandering resources on superfluous staff, officers, cars, and boondoggle trips to D.C. Taxpayers: next time your local police “needs” more funding for something, ask them how much they spent on this.

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The Avengers: Endgame Review

How the Freak should I know?  I haven’t seen it yet.  I have to wait for it to come to HBO/Amazon/Hulu/Itunes.   There is no way I can sit through a three hour movie in the theaters.  That’s just insanity.

  1.  I hear there is a new character:  Ms Marvel.  W. the Actual F.  You spend 22 movies introducing us to all the characters you could ever need and then introduce a new one in the “Endgame”?    I would accuse them of insanity, but since people are buying the previous 22 movies, they could pretty much turn it into cat videos at this point and still make money.
  2. 1.2 Billion dollars in the opening weekend.  And that’s not even counting all those countries that pay one guy to go into the theater and film it on his phone and then distributes it to all his friends for pennies.
  3. I’m guessing it will have so much action that the audience will be begging for it to end at about the 2 hour mark, but will have to sit through it because they already paid for it and don’t want to waste their movie dollars.  The Human brain can only absorb so much  story, action, dialog and massive CGI.
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Learning from Advertisements

It should be no secret that advertising companies spends lots of serious money to target their ads to the audience that can best benefit from them, thereby allowing them to charge more for the ads from consumer product makers.  Thus, it is possible to gain insights into the market, by observing the products that are being targeted to that audience.

CNN ads tend to focus on medical products that treat Ulcerative colitis, Psoriasis, Herpes, and AIDS.

Draw your own conclusions.

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Mueller Report

The Full 448 pages of the Mueller report was released last Thursday and immediately posted on the internet.

  1.  Only minutes before the report was released, the national and international news media were still speculating what might be in it, instead of just waiting another hour and actually reading it.  The point of doing it was obvious.  They are still framing the outcome for the American people, just like they have been doing for the past 2 years.
  2. The Mueller report is nothing but a political Rorschach test.  Everyone sees in it what they want to see.  Some people see a beautiful butterfly.  Others see a monster with big eyes.
  3. With the report finally out, after 2+ years of effort.  Not a damn thing has changed.  The left, media, and Democratic voters haven’t backed off one inch.  According to them, the report clearly shows a list of Trump’s crimes that he has to go to jail for.  Crimes like “being president when someone who worked for him was in a meeting with someone else who knew a Russian”.  Crime #2, “Loudly protesting his innocence of any wrong-doing when everyone knows he is guilty as hell of being President and … Russia”.
  4. Trump’s supporters haven’t backed off one inch either.  They have always know this was a flawed process, established by political enemies for a political outcome.  It doesn’t matter that the investigation found no collusion by anyone, and clearly said so up front.
  5. It is full of every accusation, without regard to being verified or not.  Those accusations can now by reprinted by the media, to infinity, as “the Mueller report clearly said…” instead of “Comey, the guy who is on record as lying to us previously, said…”  Overall, it is a seriously flawed piece of work.
  6. What it all boils down to is still that the Democrats, communists, Socialists, Progressives and other leftists activists, still hate that Trump won the election and pissed in their rice bowls.  They still hate that he, as a politician, tapped into what real Americans wanted and promised to give it to them, then did it.  He showed the American people that Rinos and most of the Republican party have been lying through their teeth for generations and never had any intention of actually governing as conservatives, but just said what they had to say to get re-elected in conservative districts.  It has been quite embarrassing for all of them.  Of course they hate Trump.
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Current events: 21 April 2019

To all my Christian friends, Happy Easter. To atheists, piss off and get back to work. It’s just another day for you.

From drudge report today:

1. Mexico warns of ‘deep concern’ over armed groups on U.S. border. Great. Thanks for your “deep concern” about thirty guys in the USA who are breaking no laws. Let’s chat about the tens of thousands of criminal gangs you let violate our nation every year. Build the wall. And install auto mini guns along the perimeter.


Hidden camera found in women’s bathroom aboard Navy ship. Only one? They must not be looking very hard.


Atheist prayers can be barred by House chaplain, appeals court says. This is ridiculous on its face. Prayer, by definition, is communication with God. If you don’t believe in God, you are just giving a speech. If you want to give a speech in Congress, run for office.


Pope during Easter vigil: Reject the ‘glitter of wealth’. Seriously? The guy who lives in a glitter-filled palace, built on top of a mountain of wealth collected from 2000 years of tithing Europe, doesn’t feel any shame for saying this publicly?

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Fickle Media in Democratic primary


The same old story.  Beta O-rourke, thought he had the media full attention.  Then someone new catches the media’s liberal eye.  And the new “girl” is gay.  Bonus points.  So, unless Beta is going to try new things really fast, he is done.  The media is doing all the same stuff they always do to help a candidate.

  1.  Run stories about how awesome he is.
  2.  Fail to mention that he is just another Socialist, in a field chock full of them with not a single hair’s breadth of daylight between them.
  3.  Mention that Republicans and Christians are hypocrites because Trump so they have no business sticking to a historically Christian principle like “Gay is bad”.  I don’t know about you, but when I need theological advice, I always consult militant atheists at the Washington Post, the comments section of Yahoo, and the local chapter of the LGBT activists.
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