Arts and Crafts: behind the walls.

I thought I would show a little behind the scenes pictures.

This first one shows a piece of luann glued to the back of the drywall. This is where the toilet paper roller will eventually mount. Wood for the screws to bite into and hold.

That black area is the shower niche. The 2×8 blocks to either side, mounted by deck screws. Deck screws have higher sheer strength than other screws and will hold better than nails. This is where the shower grab bar will mount.

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Arts and Crafts: bathroom continues.

Ok. So. I finished chipping out the first attempt at shower tile. Then laid out more mortar and sloped it towards the drain. Then repainted everything with blue membrane.

Excuse me for not seeming to be able to post my pictures right side up.

Then I decided to skip the floor and go to the walls. So….

Framed in the pocket door and mounted it.

Finished the lights, wiring, hvav, and plumbing.

Then hung drywall. Then discovered drywall comes in 3 thicknesses, not just two. So back to Lowes to get the right size. I’ll keep the other stuff for future use.

I framed in the old door space and turned it into a wall. Lots and lots of drywall mud. The crappy mud job the last owners did here has inspired me to do it better. MUCH BETTER. so I’m taking my time and putting on as many coats, sanding, and reapplying as needed. I don’t want some future owner to see ripples in the ceiling and laughing about what a doofus I was.

I have already bought primer and white paint for the ceiling and walls. According to the internet, only doofuses use paint and primer from the same can. Upon reflection, I decided to paint first and then do the tiles. That way, no taping/ drop clothes needed.

IN case you were wondering, I do really terrible measurements for drywall cuts. It probably has something to do with none of my walls being square and true. So when I need to trim off an inch or so, the drywall doesnt break clean and I dont feel like using a saw for 48″. So I score it with a dull razor (I’d use a sharp one, but that train has sailed), and then use this cheap sheet metal bender I got at China Freight (pre-tariff).

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Arts and crafts: shower tile

So… I got the floor glued down last week. I go back to check it this week and move along to the next step.

The floor slope is not right. As it is, water will pool in the middle of the floor and not go to the drain.

So, it all has to go. None of it is salvageable. I’ll need to break it back to base floor, create the slope I need, rewaterproof, and cut all new tile. I’m glad I bought the cheap stuff, and bought plenty.

I’m also glad I noticed this early instead of when I took my first shower.

Floor is cleaned out and covered with thinset to gain back the proper slope. It’s thicker along the back edge and walls than the leading edge.

And you can see I also have a shower bench set in. That is a single piece of scrap corian from the local countertop shop. Cost $20.

Ater it fully dries, I’ll check the slop again and then waterproof it again with blue stuff. Sloping, then waterproofing ensures moisture always moves to the drain even if it gets under the tile.

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What’s it’s really all about.

American Communists just keep checking off the same old Cold War task list. They don’t even remember why they were all supposed to be for Gun control. It’s not like it really helps their agenda today. It was all about helping the agenda of the Soviet Union to weaken America. Modern Democrat/Communists are like those apocryphal Japanese soldiers found in Asian jungles still fighting WW2 long after 1945. They don’t know the war is over and that they lost.

They are always for more gun control because they have always been for more gun control. They are always for higher taxes because they have always been for higher taxes. They are always for more benefits for the “poor” because they have always been for more benefits for the poor.

They really have no cognitive ability to know how much is enough or to set rational goals that are any benefit to anyone.

America already has background checks for gun purchases. America already has laws against any sort of using guns to harm other people. America already restricts what sort of guns may be lawfully owned and marketed.

Modern American communists need to wake up and realize that a weak America is no longer a goal they should be blindly trying to implement. But the autopilot is too strong. Academia and political elites can never admit they were wrong all along, so they keep checking off the tasks on the same old Cold War marching orders.

As an aside, I find it very amusing that American Communists decry “Russian interference” in American politics, while still applying Soviet agendas in everything they do.

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Stupid Party is Still Stupid

If there is one thing that Republicans should have learned decades ago, that is still true, it is that there is zero benefit to “working together” with Democrats.  Working with them always helps them advance their agenda at the expense of the Republican so-called “agenda”.  And the Republicans never get their own things compromised on later.  Never.

If there is one thing that the Republicans should have learned that is still true, it’s that there is never any good reason to do anything about gun control.  Not a singe line of new law or regulation.  It will never be enough.  The pendulum will never swing back the other way.

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The best decision I ever made.

Getting lasik. Eye surgery corrected my distance vision from something like 20/90 to 20/15.

That was ten years ago and I’ve never regretted it.

I can still see at least 20/20 for driving and distance vision.

Of course, I still need reading glasses due to age. But that’s to be expected.

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Uninvited guests.

Stupid fool. There is nothing in my house to eat but mouse bait.

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