Trolling for dollars

I’ve been spending a lot of time over at pirates cove lately.  But I’m done there.  They have a persistent troll.  Incessant name calling.  Real grade school level stuff.  I remember the Internet back when there was exchange of ideas and information.  Now it’s just monkeys throwing poop. 

And the paid media is no better.  Yahoo news, huffpo, Washington post, AP, CNN, even Fox news to an extent are all virulent anti-Trump.  Everything.  Every story.  It’s as if they have already started campaigning for 2020 with a candidate to be named later. 

Monkeys flinging poop.  

Why would they expect me to care what they have to say about anything when every story will have significant logical and factual errors in it?  Appeals to authority, ad homenim, non sequitur are the most common.  Then there is the everpresent “unnamed source”.  

48 hours later, the news papers are still battling Trump’s remark about shitholes, when he didn’t even say that.  Washington post counters, well (huff), here’s a Nigerian west point graduate who won the navy cross in afghanistan.  Is he a shithole?  Completely igboring that importing 20 thousand Africans to drive Uber just hoping to get one navy cross winner is a bad deal.  But the point of this story is how slanted and disingenuous the press is.  They know they are pushing an agenda and they know they are deliberately shaping information to push that agenda. 


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Normal Event Happens. Libs Lose their Shit

It was just another normal event, the sort that happens every year, several times per year.  The US Congress passed a bill deciding how they would spend trillions of dollars.  The changes from this year from last year aren’t even that significant.  Almost everything that got funded last year will be funded again this year.  Some trimming here and there, but mostly all still there.

What is there to argue about?  Why are the liberals losing their minds about this?

They complain about the deficit being 1 Trillion … over the next ten years.   They never complained about Obama adding over a trillion EVERY year.

They complain that people will die.  People ALWAYS die.  And here’s a clue:  If you need a handout from the US Government to stay alive, you are probably going to die anyway.  But be realistic.  Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA are all still funded.

No more individual mandate.  The Liberals are complaining about the greatest return of individual freedom to the American people ever.  Sure, that makes the rest of Obamacare unsustainable.  But it always was.  Enslaving young healthy people to pay the medical bills of the chronically sick is NOT sustainable.  It makes them hate their government and the elderly.  It only takes a few years of that before the young start “helping” older and expensively sick people make “end of life choices”.

Government spending bills are a normal part of the government process.  This is nothing to get upset about.  If you really hate it, vote for someone else next time.  Oh, but then you already did.  And your candidate lost.  Not just for President, but for the majority of the House and Senate.  That’s the way this thing works.  You should remember.  That’s how you used a slender and fading majority to stuff Obamacare down the throats of 70% of America that DID NOT WANT IT.

And that voter fraud trick isn’t going to work everywhere, so don’t count on that trick to keep bailing you out.

Grow up, liberals.  Is that asking too much?

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Dear Apple

You suck!

I have the entire collection of Dr who that I bought from you for full price and downloaded to my device.  I did that intentionally so I could watch them when I’m NOT plugged into the cloud.  Like, for example, when I’m away from my Internet enabled home country and in an isolated place.  So, what happens when I try to play it?  

“Try again when your Internet connection is working”.

This is exactly what I don’t want in my devices.  I paid for my content so I could carry it with me.  Now I can’t watch it.  And half my content has that silly cloud symbol next to it, when I know for certain it is on my hard drive.  

The apple devices previously did not do this cloud trap crap.  You bait and switched me to a service I do not want.  Put it back the way it was or refund my ten years of content so I can buy it from somewhere else.

Excuse me while I go learn some more words to describe how I feel about them right now. 

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Congrats to Iraq

The news today is that the country of Iraq finally ended the so-called caliphate of ISIS, aka, Dai’sh.  Good for you guys.  

I would like to point out that 5000 American troops sprinkled here and there may have helped.  I’m not taking anything away from Iraq though.  When they ran like rabbits and let ISIS take half their country without a fight, they bought a ticket to the shit show and paid full price getting it back.  Iraqi casualties were in the thousands, not counting the murdering that ISIS did in areas they controlled.  

Did Iraq learn their lesson?  We will have to wait and see.  I suspect they learned the wrong lessons.

Wrong lesson #1.  If you are going to oppress the Sunni, crush them hard so they can’t fight back. 

Wrong lesson #2.  Fuck the Kurds.  They aren’t like us.

Wrong lesson #3.  Iran is our friend and only has the best intentions for us.  All those shi’it militias will surely disband now. 

Correct lesson #1.  America are a bunch of pussies.  We can kick them out and they will beg us to accept their free stuff.  

Correct lesson #2.  Those AC130 gunships are the shit!  We need to get a few of those.  Anyone know who sells those?

I’m not saying it’s related.  Just a coincidence that I went to go do that thing I do and 4 months later, 2 years ahead of the American plan, ISIS is done.  Just a coincidence.  

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Snake oil doing well

No.  Not another feature on the billion dollar a year sales in “dietary supplements”, diet pills, or Eastern “medicine”.

I found this in a travel mag of a reputable global airline:

For $60 you can buy this thing that is essentially a printed sticker.  It claims to reflect harmful energies.  But based on its placement, it seems it would reflect them back into the head, not away from it.  But the company has no fear of being sued for an ineffective or potentially harmful product because they already know it doesn’t do anything at all.  But that doesn’t inhibit their consciences from selling them at a steep markup.  Stupid people will buy literally anything and there are a LOT of stupid people out there.

I especially like how it doesn’t effect signal strength while blocking radiation.  Someone doesn’t understand that signal IS radiation.  

What this item really does is mark users as people who are too stupid to own a cell phone.  Think of it as a bull’s eye for other grifters and frauds.

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Very little in my life is going well.  For some strange reason, I seem totally unable to get along with people at work.  Despite my patience and kindness and willingness to help, I am always seen as someone who is just too hard to work with. And despite EVERY leadership and HR personnel management policy and practice about talking to “troublesome” employees, I always manage to find myself working for the backstabbing pricks who try to get me fired/removed in secret, without ever mentioning to me that there is a problem. 

This is insanely frustrating.  Just once I would like to do a good job and get a pat on the head.  Throw me a freaking bone , already!

Personal life is a shambles.  I thought it was going well.  But now it looks like the crap was just backing up behind a damn to hit me all at once.  I have it in my power to release one person’s suffering,  at the expense of just giving up everything I enjoy, for the rest of my life.  And I’m considering doing it. And doing it will hurt someone else in the process. A net negative in human happiness gained.  

F%$# all this.  Where’s the door?

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Harvey Weinstein 

I don’t care about this.  As others have pointed out, everyone knew.  You know who else knew?  All the “victims”.  They all knew and said nothing.  They didn’t do it because they feared being fired.  They willingly traded the only thing they had of value for a chance to be rich and famous.  As a songwriter once said, “the devil comes in a pleasing form”, but sometimes he looks like Harvey.  They ALL willingly took that deal.  So, it’s hard for me to muster much sympathy for them.  

The truth is, there is a surplus of pretty young women flooding Hollywood every year.  It doesn’t take any talent to act.  If you practiced it a few time in a hs drama club, you have the skills.  CHILDREN DO IT.  They have nothing to trade to set themselves apart from all the others who will do ANYTHING to get their big break into movies.  Nothing except sex.  

Harvey made them a deal and he paid off his part (as far as we know).  Now his “victims” come forward after they have collected the benefits.  If he played by the Spirit of anti harassment laws and codes, none of those women would be where they are today.  Fat, ugly women would have stared in all your favorite movies since fat ugly women in HR would have hired them.  

The Hollywood goose that lays golden eggs is that movies star attractive women.  Hiring attractive women is discrimination.  Go ahead and follow that trail of breadcrumbs to its logical comclusion.  

What should have happened:  every single “Victim” should have stormed out of his office without taking his deal.  Everyone.  Then he couldn’t make movies because no one would work for him.  The truth is, everyone knew about this and everyone was fine with it.  So tell me again why I am supposed to care.

The parents of Michael Jackson’s “victims” willingly sent their kids to his house for sleepovers.  What would you expect if you sent your kids to sleep with a 40 year old man?

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