Range Issues

I Had a pretty good day at the range yesterday except for a few odd issues.

Issue #1:  I am only minimally annoyed by this issue so don’t make a big deal out of it.  i took two rifles to the range.  As is the case, they fit in the same case with muzzles pointing in opposite directions.  I lay the case on the floor and open it.  I reach into the case and grab the weapon that is facing the wrong direction and face it the right direction.  I am immediately swooped on by the range safety Dude for pointing the weapon the wrong way.  Guys, I know that you have those rules for a reason.  I also know you have to have mindless and slavish devotion to those rules, because, let’s face it, people are idiots.  And in your defense, you can’t possibly know if I am an idiot.  But seriously.  That’s how they fit in the case.  I have been transporting them to ranges for years this same way and everyone else accepted that I was safely handling them.  So, anyway, there it is.  For the record, I didn’t argue with the guy and trying to ague with someone wearing hearing protection is pretty pointless in any case.  The guy suggested that i take out the gun that was facing the right way, then turn the case around and extract the other gun.  as if being in contact with the case gives it some extra level of safety.  I don’t expect any advice here.  Just venting.  If I had my way, I would do all my shooting on private land (either my own or a friend’s (if I had any friends)).  I would still be safe, but not have to put up with other people’s bureaucratic devotion to rules.

Issue #2:  First in the lineup was pistol shooting.  I was shooting my Colt Gold Cup 1911.  The recoil was much more lively than I was used to.  This was a new set of loads.  I examined some of the ejecting brass and saw this pattern:

Scorching on the upper half and a distinctive pock mark about half way up the side of the casing.  I had not had these on any previous loads.   I was shooting 200gr SWC, plated, and 8.0 gr of Power Pistol.  According to my load book, that’s on the high end, but still within the acceptable range.

This causes me to want to disassemble a sample of the remaining ammo and remeasure the powder to see if the loads are hotter than I intended.  I stopped using this after only one mag because of the issues.

Internet lore claims a possible culprit is an extractor or ejector not doing its job and needing tweeking.  It never needed it before.  So perhaps there is some wear and tear going on, or perhaps this only shows itself with more energetic loads.


Any ideas?


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Where’s Hillary’s pardon?

As the pardon train rolls along in the final days of the Obama White house, The question is being asked in many quarters, “Where’s Hillary’s”?

Of course, the President can give a pardon for federal crimes, even crimes that haven’t been charged yet.

  1.  Can he issue a blanket pardon for future crimes?  Is a presidential pardon a blanket immunity from criminal discovery?  I think not.  I think that even under the most generous interpretation of the law, she can only be pardoned for crimes she has already committed.
  2. Does the pardon need to list specifically the crimes she is pardoned for?  Wouldn’t that leave open the prosecution for crimes that were not pardoned?  I don’t think any president has ever before been asked to pardon a criminal with such a rich criminal resume as Hillary.  Her corruption and violations of law goes back 40 years.  Obama doesn’t have time to catalog all those crimes and potential crimes.
  3. A presidential pardon is only for federal crimes.  Any state laws Hillary may have violated are still fully at play in state courts.  The president has no authority to grant immunity from local law enforcement.  The Feds really should have thought about that whole double jeopardy thing better when they bought into the “different jurisdictions” doctrine.
  4. Is Obama just making her sweat?  Are teh two camps in communication and know that something is or is definitely not coming?
  5. Does Hillary really believe she doesn’t need a pardon?  I would think that even if she has managed to burn all the evidence, she would want a shield against the enormous cost of a criminal defense by her political enemies.
  6. Does a pardon let her keep the money?  Normally, the federal marshals seize assets that proceed from criminal enterprises.  That would include bribery and corruption.  A pardon wouldn’t make the govt give that money back.  The Clinton foundation has about $2 BILLION that could be used to fund all sorts of good things, like a wall between the USA and Mexico.  Or one between Virginia and DC.  Or even a new interstate highway between DC and Richmond, VA.
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Agreeing with Obama: Manning

PVT Manning has had his sentence commuted by Presidential action.  I agree with this and have thought this was the right answer from the beginning, for this guy and for Bergdahl.  The point is to put them out of our misery.  The DoD has better things to do with its time than feeding, clothing, and caring for this perma-child nutcase.  Turn him loose and let his parents care for him.  No public good is being served by continuing to hold this guy in federal prison, paid for by defense dollars.

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Free Question Day

Today, I put my vast intelligence and database of knowledge at your disposal (not to be confused with IN your disposal).

So, if there is some gnawing theological, philosophical, technical, economic or political problem you have been wresting with, just ask.

As always, answers are free and worth every penny.

[Remarks:  The comments and my responses to them are not in the order they should appear.  On my app, each response follows the question that spawned it, but the web page view shows them in the order they hit the web site which makes them look unrelated and random.  I don’t know how to fix this.  So, use your own best judgement about how the questions an answers fit together.]

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Agreeing with Obama on Cuba

As I have said often, the Cold War is over.  Global communist expansion has ended and atrophied to the point where only a few representative examples remain.  Immigration policies that were designed to support cold war objectives are pointless in the modern world and should be scrapped.

The Cuban wet foot-dry foot policy is one of those.  So are all of the asylum laws we currently have in the USA.

The basic rules for immigration to this country should be based on the USA gaining some benefit from allowing the immigrant.  Anything that doesn’t fit this rule should not be allowed.  Your homeland is over-run with sprinting zombies?  Not my problem.  Tribe next door goes on a killing rampage?  I don’t care.  Can’t buy food in your country?  Sucks to be you.  If the asylum seekers of the world need someplace to go, there are 198 other countries in the world to choose from.  I suggest they try one of those that is culturally, linguistically, and religiously more aligned with the place they are fleeing from.

Where could the Cubans go?  How about Havana?  Or Haiti?

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Current Events: “Science”

This story tells us that “scientists ” have found they can turn on a switch inside mice to turn them into violent predators.  I can only imagine how the proposal for that research grant went:  Let’s turn harmless fast breeding rodents into violent meat eating predators.  What could go wrong?   Personally, I think this research is a day late and a dollar short.  Trump has been making rats violently insane since November 8th.

This story tells us that one “scientist” has discovered what is at the center of the planet.  I seriously hate this type of science.  Real science should lead to something .  The expansion of purely theoretical and unprovable knowledge is nothing more than the same sort of pointless argument that theologians get criticized for.  Just like the guys who claim to know that planets in other parts of the galaxy have certain characteristics.  These are things that can never be proven or disproved.  Nor does knowing that information have any practical value.  At the very outside of the limits of possibility, one might theorize that some future human civilization might need a nearly inexhaustible supply of iron and nickle to build a fleet of starships to escape the thin shell of our planet that is collapsing because humanity hollowed out the core of the planet to build starships.

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More Fake News: Protests at confirmation hearings.

Here is the Washington Times story about it.  I just saw it happen live on Fox.  The Times claims it was Code Pink.  The Guy was wearing a black knitted cap (indoors) which leads me to believe he was more interested in displaying his logo on the cap than keeping his head warm.  The logo looked like “NOT”.  code for “Not in our Name”.

Not much difference between them.  They are both sock puppets for the Democratic party.  Seriously.  Democrats, if you want normal Americans to ever take you seriously again, get control of your dogs.

It is amazing that groups that were both anti-war groups that were formed to protest George Bush, suddenly went silent for 8 years while Obama continued wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and started two new wars in Libya and Syria and tried to start a war in Egypt.  But I guess they aren’t really anti-war groups.  They are just anti-Republican party groups.

News that talks about these groups without pointing out their connection to the democratic party is fake news.

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