Litigation Against the Army

This story tells us that the Supreme Court rejected hearing a case to let litigation against the Army go forward and that Judge Thomas dissented.

In my opinion, Thomas is wrong to dissent because the existing law and precedent do not apply to this test case. The test case is that a cadet at West Point was raped and then wishes to sue the government for her “loss”.

The original precedent is that you cannot sue the military for acts that arise out of military service. There is no argument that you can make to suggest that the U.S. Army is in any way responsible for the deliberate and criminal acts of one of it’s members against another member. Thus, the cadet who was raped, could have sued under the existing precedent, and she should have lost her case on the merits.

The victim’s claim is that the academy’s leadership tolerated a culture that was hostile toward women and failed to provide adequate support for cadets who are assaulted, among other things.

This is on it’s face absurd. The US military academy has for decades had programs to be supportive of women in the ranks and punitive towards leadership that was hostile to anyone but Republicans and Trump supporters (not the same thing). On the merits, this case will lose. Their only hope is to get a jury to side with the plaintiff on the emotional value of her life being ruined by rape and someone (someone with deep pockets) should pay.

The victim’s claim is simply a boiler plate claim that all rape victims use to gouge a settlement out of third parties who had nothing to do with the crime. The claim likely seeks damages for emotional distress and PTSD since no real physical harm was caused. I’m just guessing that because if violent trauma were a part of the case, it would be in the story since that sort of thing is more marketable than talking about what Thomas thinks.

The original precedent is to shield the services from being sued for combat and training accidents, acknowledging that military events are inherently dangerous and that accepting the price of that danger goes with the uniform and that is why service members are more highly regarded in society than school teachers and why firemen are more highly regarded than DMV employees. The US Army should not even attempt to defend this case on this basis since that would be a defacto proclamation that Rape and “rape culture” are inherent risks of military life. Say good bye to half your female recruits after that. (the other half are already “disfigured” enough that they are immune from rape).

Since Trump is no longer President, the story tells us further that the Biden administration is opposed to the case going forward because the precedent is already established. If Trump had said that, it would be evidence of Trump supporting “rape culture” in the military.

The real challenge facing the Supreme Court with this case would be to overturn decades of holding innocent third parties responsible for deliberate criminal acts of others. This case could have established THAT precedent.

Opportunity lost.

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Brightening Up My Day

I spend a lot of time on my computer. To brighten things up, I like to alter my background on the desktop from time to time.

Recently, I switched to a three monitor setup. This presents some problems. Most pictures are the right dimensions for one monitor. Windows can compensate for that by either stretching one picture in an unnatural way or by using the same image on all three monitors. I like neither option.

So, I started looking around for extra wide pictures on the internet. I found a handful, but not really enough. Then it hit me… I can take my OWN pictures, using my Samsung phone in “panoramic” mode.

For your viewing pleasure, I present a few of my first attempts of local scenery, Shenandoah valley.

Feel free to steal them without attribution.

I suspect WordPress is choking off the resolution. On my 3-monitor Ultra-high resolution monitors, the view is like looking out the window.

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Worth a Try

Please support this blog. The cost of free blogs has increased by 100% since Biden got elected. Conservative-ish blogs like this one are hardest hit. My ad revenues have also taken a nose dive by 1000%. If you like to view this blog and want me to keep putting out this great content, please considering sending me a donation. Cash only. Money apps are controlled by the other side and can’t be trusted.

Also, I can’t tell you where to send the money because I don’t trust any of you. Life is full of challenges. No excuses.

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Derek Chauvin’s Crimes

The scales of justice are sometimes slow, but they finally came into balance for Derek Chauvin. Here is a list of just a few of his crimes.

  1. Got up when the alarm clock rang and went to work on time instead of calling in sick and spending more time with his family.
  2. Took a career in law enforcement that required diligence, preparation and hardship instead of just hanging out in his car smoking a blunt and waiting for “money”.
  3. When the call came to respond in a black neighborhood, he answered it instead of calling in a bathroom break or attending to a parking violation.
  4. When the perp started struggling, he acted to keep the perp from hurting his fellow officers and assembling masses of civilians.
  5. Called for an EMT and ambulance even before the perp showed medical distress.

I hope other police all around the country are taking notes on proper police procedures. If you are a white police officer, avoid black neighborhoods and black perps. Nothing good will come from that. Let the black officers police their own communities. Or just watch how they do it and do the same. More coffee breaks. Getting there just a little too late to “fight crime”. And every time you are called, find a few code violations that the victim is guilty of so your sergeant still thinks you are on the job. Bonus effect, people stop calling 9-1-1. Spend more time in your car texting your GF and your side piece. Maybe take a few extra bills to look the other way.

Civilization had a good run. Nothing lasts forever.

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Chauvin trial ends

Guilty on all counts.

So why would any police officer in that city bother coming back to work? Let it burn.

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Arts and crafts: floor addendum

As I said previously, I had a few boxes of scraps from the flooring factory. I took them back to LOWES for no trouble return. But since I only get 90 days to return products, i felt the need to open more boxes and see if there are more. I bought 36 boxes. I opened 10 to complete the bedroom including two unusable boxes. That leaves 26 boxes I needed to check.

I opened and checked 11 more boxes and found no additional problems. I will take the risk that maybe one more box is defective in packing.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the product itself and gladly recommend Bruce floors.

These packaging errors are potentially devistating. I bought enough matching products to finish the entire first floor. If I have any more bad boxes, I may not have enough to complete the job. My initial 10% waste buffer is more than enough to not need to replace the two return boxes. The difficult part is the risk that color-style will be discontinued and I fall half a box short.

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Arts and crafts: bedroom 98%.

The bedroom is mostly done. Just need some trim painting, baseboards and touchups and done.

In summary, there is nothing here that was here when I started.

  • Raised subfloor 2.5″
  • Replaced plastic plank floor with 3/4″ hardwood.
  • Removed 4 windows.
  • Installed interior door where there used to be a wall.
  • Installed exterior sliding glass door.
  • Installed pot lights.
  • Increased insulation from R-18 to R-30 in the ceiling and R-11 to R-18 in the walls including replacing paper vapor barrier with plastic sheet barrier.
  • Raised ceiling to cathedral style.
  • All new drywall and paint.
  • New interior wall between bed and dining room.
  • 3 new electrical outlets, cat6 internet and cable tv hard wired. Room lights and deck lights on 3way switches.
  • 2 new HVAC ducts to bring in ac/heating.

Just a little more touch up and I can move into it. Then I finish up the dining room/office.

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No more Afghanistans

Biden announced today the unilatteral withdrawal of US forces from Ass-crackistan by September.

Republican Lindsay Graham immediately denounced Biden.

It is said even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. This is such a good decision it should have been done every year since 2005. There is absolutely no reason at all for US forces to be there.

Prediction #1: The Taliban will get really quiet until September 11th.

Prediction #2: A few thousand Afghanistan citizens will throw grenades and plant roadside bombs to try to keep America in Afghanistan so the Afghanistan citizens don’t lose their jobs supporting American bases.

Prediction #3: A few ten thousand Afghanistan citizens will be murdered on September 12th. Of course, none of us will hear about it because not even Christian Amanpour will cover things that make democrats look bad. Hint: predictable bloodbaths make people look bad.

What Biden should have done: first negotiate a power sharing arrangement with Taliban with US force withdrawal included. Then it’s an agreement, not “running away”.

But in any case, this is long overdue and welcome news. Republicans are stupid to complain about this.

Republicans should reject democratic party initiatives on almost every topic, but it shouldn’t just be a knee-jerk response. It should be a reasoned response that advances the values our side enjoys.

Unfounded rumor: the only reason Biden is doing this is because he was not cut in on the skim from defense contracts. Drawdowns during the Trump administration severely cut the revenue stream to the point it wasn’t worth protecting. And most of that was going to Hillery and Kerry.

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Arts and Crafts: New Floor

Time to put the bedroom floor in. I chose a 3/4″ solid hardwood from Bruce. I bought enough for the bedroob, kitchen, dining and living room. 36 boxes. Each one hundred pounds, 22 square feet, approx $100 per box.

I started out putting down a plastic/foam/foil underlayment layer. Then laid out the boards from one box and then a second. Then I started nailing them down using my finishing nailer.

This wasn’t working very well so I went to China Freight for a flooring nailer.

This worked much better. The finishing nailer was failing to drive 2/3rds of each nails deep enough to not obstruct from the next board. The flooring staples only failed one out of a hundred and then only when I mis-struck the tool with the provided mallet. In addition, the floor is assembling tighter, looks better and is going together much faster with no bending-stooping.

After 5 boxes of floor installed, I started laying our box number 6 and ran into this:

It’s a whole box of short pieces. Only the top 5 boards are of reasonable useful length in the entire box. This is a total change from the fist 5 boxes. It looks like the Friday afternoon box full of the factory scraps.

So I laid those out and opened box number 7 to see if that was a one-off. The 7th box was just like box 6. Only the top 7 boards are a useful length.

This is insanely difficult for me. I can’t use these. They will make the floor look like patchwork or increase by scrap rate from less than 1% to 70% and make the effective cost increase from $5.50/square foot to over $15/square foot. The first 5 boxes had no more than 4 pieces that were less than 24″ long.

This means I will have to box these back up and take them back for a refund. It also means I will have to open ALL of the other 29 boxes so that if they are similar, they can go back before the return policy at LOWES expires. (90 days). They are too expensive to let it ride.

Makes me wonder why they need a 7 foot long box to contain a box of wood chips.

Here is box #8 for comparison. Only 2 pieces under a foot.

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Notes on the passing of Royalty

The news this morning is that Prince Phillip, royal consort of the Queen of England, has passed away at the age of 99.

It caused me to wonder to what does the queen owe her own longevity in office. As I recall, my own limited knowledge of British history leads me to believe that the royal prerogative was once worth fighting wars over. But today, they let an old woman carry on until her own peaceful demise, despite the empire collapsing during her reign and her own Island nation being overrun by foreign powers to the point where the mayor of her own capital city is a foreigner.

The answer is, the British monarchy is a powerless sock puppet, emblematic of the UK itself. The second and third families are not fighting wars of succession because there is absolutely nothing left worth fighting over.

It is like in the Mike Myers movie where Dr. Evil demands “ONE MILLION DOLLARS”, and number two reminds him they get far more than that already from their Starbucks stock. Everyone with the power, wealth, and ambition for more are going into other pursuits rather than seeking royalty.

The funniest thing is how generations of royals have rested on the claim of royal blood, even when that only goes back a few generations to the last usurper. Funnier still that they claim divine right, in a nation that is increasingly atheistic (or Islamic). It’s not like the royals have manifestly greater wisdom, patriotism, education, or some sort of magical powers that their kingdom depends on to make it rain. They can’t even command a single dragon to lay waste to the armies of their enemies.

The British royal family is a live action entertainment venue that has zero value to anyone other than Disney.

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