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Arts and Crafts: behind the walls.

I thought I would show a little behind the scenes pictures. This first one shows a piece of luann glued to the back of the drywall. This is where the toilet paper roller will eventually mount. Wood for the screws … Continue reading

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Arts and Crafts: bathroom continues.

Ok. So. I finished chipping out the first attempt at shower tile. Then laid out more mortar and sloped it towards the drain. Then repainted everything with blue membrane. Excuse me for not seeming to be able to post my … Continue reading

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Arts and crafts: shower tile

So… I got the floor glued down last week. I go back to check it this week and move along to the next step. The floor slope is not right. As it is, water will pool in the middle of … Continue reading

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What’s it’s really all about.

American Communists just keep checking off the same old Cold War task list. They don’t even remember why they were all supposed to be for Gun control. It’s not like it really helps their agenda today. It was all about … Continue reading

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Stupid Party is Still Stupid

If there is one thing that Republicans should have learned decades ago, that is still true, it is that there is zero benefit to “working together” with Democrats.  Working with them always helps them advance their agenda at the expense … Continue reading

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The best decision I ever made.

Getting lasik. Eye surgery corrected my distance vision from something like 20/90 to 20/15. That was ten years ago and I’ve never regretted it. I can still see at least 20/20 for driving and distance vision. Of course, I still … Continue reading

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Uninvited guests.

Stupid fool. There is nothing in my house to eat but mouse bait.

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