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Police have got the choke hold…

The picture above is not a choke hold. It is a head lock. The locked guy has his throat in the crook of the locker’s elbow. It does not cause choking or injury. It just holds a guy. How do … Continue reading

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Classified Document Dumps

A few weeks ago, a young national guardsman decided that in his best judgement, it was acceptable to divulge large amounts of classified information onto the internet, so that he could impress a bunch of total strangers with his access … Continue reading

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A few Words about Bud Light scandal

You may have heard recently that a VP of marketing at Anhauser Busch decided that the face of Bud Light for marketing should be full grown man who pretends to be a little girl for internet attention. Condemnation was hard … Continue reading

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More Notes on the War in Ukraine

8. What you can learn from all of this is that the Biden administration is now fully neo-con and wanting to fight a war against Russia, on the cheap, using Ukraine. 9. There ARE US boots on the ground in … Continue reading

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Tales from the Mercedes Stealership

Caveats: Most of you already know that I do my own work on my 2003 4Runner. So this tale is not about me, but was told to me from a trusted source. A lady I know took her car to … Continue reading

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Amazon Fraud

It seems, on-line retail Titan Amazon is having a problem with people using their platform to commit massive levels of fraud. The cost of that fraud is born in equal parts by the consumers and by Amazon themselves. How it … Continue reading

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What is the point of a GED?

I have been hearing multiple media ads paid for by taxes telling people how wonderful it is for them to go out and get their GED. As you may recall, the General Equivalency Diploma, or GED is how people get … Continue reading

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Made me laugh

If you are an old Trekie, you will understand.

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I’m Done

It has never happened before. I was an early adopter of home computing when I bought an Apple 2C way back in 1985. I have had a computer in my home ever since. I have played the game of upgrading … Continue reading

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Decline of Civilization

I’m seeing commercials on Hulu for pre-mixed drinks. Evidently, people are now too stupid to add alcohol to fruit drink or follow a 3-part recipe.

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