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I am totally non-threatening

Assholes of nature

This little jerk is an asshole. He flew into my car window and announced himself by stinging me in the head, above my ear. Advertisements

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Capital pride day

D.c. is currently inundated by every sexual deviant, activist and fat girl pretending to be lesbian so she doesn’t feel bad about being unattractive to … well… everyone. Add in the drug addicts openly using. It’s a total zoo. I … Continue reading

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Arts and crafts: plumbing

This is why we test the system under pressure before closing the walls and laying tile. Small water drops forming at the edge of the teflon tape. A slow leak that over time, would have led to catastrophic failure of … Continue reading

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Mass Shooting Absurdity

The school resource officer on duty at Stoneman Douglas high school was arrested for “child neglect”. That law was not written for that purpose. It is absurd to charge anyone with “neglect ” when they had no affirmative duty to … Continue reading

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If I Were King: Holidays

If I were King (of the USA not MLK), I would re-order the national holidays.  The US government would recognize no religious holidays.  That is for the religions and their followers to do.  They do not need the government to … Continue reading

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Arts and crafts: lights

For the master bath project, I mentioned I was using retrofit LED lights. Here’s how. Out of the box, they look like this. I clip off the plug and hard wire them into my light circuit. Those wire “whiskers” are … Continue reading

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Arts and Crafts: Master bath, part 2.

Still working the master bath project. Finished insulating the ceiling and installing vapor barrier. It is odd to put so much effort to sealing air flow around the bath fans, that will, by design, let the air out. Started framing … Continue reading

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