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Current events: 21 April 2019

To all my Christian friends, Happy Easter. To atheists, piss off and get back to work. It’s just another day for you. From drudge report today: 1. Mexico warns of ‘deep concern’ over armed groups on U.S. border. Great. Thanks … Continue reading

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Fickle Media in Democratic primary

The same old story.  Beta O-rourke, thought he had the media full attention.  Then someone new catches the media’s liberal eye.  And the new “girl” is gay.  Bonus points.  So, unless Beta is going to try new things really fast, … Continue reading

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Current Events: 10 April 2019

There is a lot going on, and nothing going on.  It’s all just more bread and circuses.  White nationalist is the new Racist.  The Left has so overused the term “racist” and no one cares about it anymore.  It has … Continue reading

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Arts and crafts: Hot Tub Installation.

I LOVE hot tubs. How have I not had one until now? Oh yes, I remember. I had a spouse who always spent more than I earned. Anywho. So, I bought one from Costco. Had it delivered to my place. … Continue reading

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Arts and crafts: mud room, final.

Here it is. Last mud room items.

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Arts and crafts: mud room

Nearly complete. Everything is in its place and working. The washer and dryer stick out about 3″ too far. That clips the drawer to the right. I hooked up all the wiring and plumbing last night. The countertop is black … Continue reading

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New Zealand dust up

I have been to New Zealand.  It was a wonderful place.  Ideal climate, pristine natural areas.  Friendly people.  At least they were.  The Government there has been trying on multiple occasions of the past decade to pass anti-gun laws similar … Continue reading

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