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Decline of Civilization

I’m seeing commercials on Hulu for pre-mixed drinks. Evidently, people are now too stupid to add alcohol to fruit drink or follow a 3-part recipe.

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Transformers, extinction review

Oh for freaks sake. This movie is just one long CGI enhanced car chase. The excitement is so pervasive, it just gets boring. Add to that the dad-daughter story and it just gets even more boring. I cant even tell … Continue reading

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Christmas Deer posing.

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Twitter Twaddle

I have been watching this with great interest. Here are my thoughts for consideration: I still don’t know why any adult has Twitter. But since the democrats no longer need voters, it hardly matters how much influence Twitter and FB … Continue reading

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Commercials: Drugs

Oh geez! Now they are advertizing drugs to treat diseases I’ve never heard of and are so rare I’d likely never hear of if I hadn’t seen that commercial. And even after I have seen it, I don’t remember it … Continue reading

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Vacation: Montana

I am vacationing near Glacier National Park in Montana. It’s cold out there. This is a very white state. Everyone is white. Even McDonald’s employees are white. There is also a LOT of wealth here, judging by the mansions everywhere. … Continue reading

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My Superpower: Invisibility

I have discovered that I am totally invisible to women under 50. But if I enter a women’s bathroom, I suddenly become visible again. What a fickle superpower. How is this any advantage? EDIT: Pretty damned inconvenient power when I’m … Continue reading

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Review: Lost in Space… black and white

I’m watching this old series from my childhood. It’s a great series. Lots of old actors playing bit parts long before they were famous. Kurt Russell at 15 years old, playing a 12 year old, proving his manliness by beating … Continue reading

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Traveling man

I’m on vacation. Moving through Dullas airport in Virginia. Observations follow. On what is supposed to be the busiest air travel day in the year… this place is a ghost town. Seriously. I feel like I’m in a Stephen King … Continue reading

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Arts and crafts: Fake parts

So… fixed the car last weekend. Then I notice the car is running cooler than normal. In fact it never gets to normal operating temperature. My diagnostics app says coolant temp is 150 and normal is 195. Then I get … Continue reading

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