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I am totally non-threatening

Not in Hell

… but it’s hot enough to be.  Seriously.  It’s HOT.  Fry an egg on the sidewalk?  Pleease. I can fry a whole turkey.  It’s convection oven hot outside.   At least there is ice cream.

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…. on a jet plane….   C’mon.  You know the words.  Sing along. 

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Dumb ideas: electricity

I saw this at the Indianapolis airport. A device that let’s you recharge your devices by pedaling.  Look!!  Three charing stations. No waiting. Why didn’t this catch on???  Maybe because there are already plenty of these:

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More tax dollars well-spent.

40 out of 40 at 25 yards.  

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Doing that thing

That thing I hinted at before.  I’m doing it.  Minds out of the gutter people.  I’m traveling and being useful.   Best part:  I get to shoot with free ammo. (Other people buy it) Worst part:  I have to witness … Continue reading

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$th of July Rant

I was in DC yesterday.  The tourists were gathering for the big taxpayer funded celebration and fireworks.  But what I really noticed is the crowds of leaches, ticks and other assorted parasites.  The sidewalks were half taken over by vendors … Continue reading

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Explanations and excuses

It seems I am not as useless as I expected.  I have been asked to perform my duties in the old way.  Those of you who know my past will understand.  Otherwise you will be intrigued by the mystery.  As … Continue reading

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