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What do you want? It seems the movie industry is not satisfied at having ruined Dune, Star trek, Star Wars, Aliens, Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, and the entire f-ing Marvel universe. They have left untouched another sci-fi classic … Continue reading

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RIP Queen of England

I believe I have mentioned before how little I care about this and how little I understand the mania behind royals watching. It might be related to Disney Princess syndrome. So everyone in the captive press is going out reading … Continue reading

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Arts and Crafts: Kitchen, finishing touches.

So. After procrastinating for a while, I knuckled down and finished the trim in the new kitchen. So here you can see the undercounter lighting, using LED strips, tile backsplash, and cove trim on top. Undercounter lighting is remote controlled … Continue reading

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Arts and crafts: kitchen

So.. I’m finally blogging about the kitchen finishing. Floors, cabinets, appliances, paint, drywall, utilities… everything. Used blue tape to lay out the cabinets prior to ordering them. K All done.

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I Hate Joe Biden

I filled up the tank yesterday. $3.93 / gallon. I hate Biden for making me giddy about gas being under $4. I should still be pissed that it’s over $3. The Biden government has reset what feels normal.

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Advertizing 2

There is an advertisement for a company called 4hims. They seem to market all the E.D. meds any man could wish for. As if that is the only medical issue men care about. Oddly enough, they have a companion company … Continue reading

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Biden cracks… down on stuff that no one uses.

According to “the week”, through Yahoo, the Biden administration is cracking down on “conversion therapy”, citing it as dangerous and discredited. He is doing this by executive order. That means it will literally not have any impact at all. Executive … Continue reading

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Yahoo doing what Yahoo does

Yahoo eliminated commenting on stories during the Trump administration because there were far too many Trump supporters commenting. There were far too many comments pointing out the obvious anti-Trump and Anti-America bias. Couldn’t have that. It seems that yesterday, they … Continue reading

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Supremes rule that immigrants are not Citizens: Sort of

Yesterday the Supreme court announces a decision that illegal aliens awaiting deportation have zero rights. None. They are not entitled to hearings, appeals, bail, release, or safe conduct. They can be held indefinitely or pushed back across the nearest border … Continue reading

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Hollywood people signal their virtue, painlessly

Once again, the cultural elites demonstrate how elite they are, culturally and do so in the way that suits them best: Preening. Not costing any of them any real work, money, or risk. Top Showrunners and Producers Make Gun Safety … Continue reading

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