America is Communist

Seriously.  I can understand a few oddballs getting into the legislature like Bernie Sanders or that fruit-loop in NYC, but when you look at the entirely of this last election, it is obvious that 1/2 of the country is Communist.

The Georgia governors race shouldn’t have even been close.  A stupid obese black woman running for governor?  Seriously, Georgia?  THAT’s what you really want?

Same in the Florida race.  The Republican won, but essentially it is a 50-50 outcome.  Half of Florida WANTS the communist to win.

What was the point of fighting the Cold War?  Everything after WW2 was a waste of money and lives.  Korea?  Viet Nam?  Even Grenada.  2/3rds of Africa, South America and Central America.  For what?  Just to give it all away.

The real insanity of this is that in a 50-50 split country, we should have moderation in the legislature and courts.  Neither side having a clear majority is able to dominate and enact their most extreme element.  But with 51% in the House, or with a single communist in a black robe, EVERY extremest communist agenda item will get enacted and no one can stop it.  Of course, there is no extreme right wing.  The Republican party just seems to stand for nothing more extreme than what the Democrat party was in the 1980’s.

Congratulations Communists.  We will try again in 2020.  In the mean time, who is President?  Trump, that’s who.

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Winning: National Defense, NDAA 2018

As I just wrote about the 2017 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), the 2018 NDAA has also done a few things here and there to drain the Swamp (TM).

  1.  Reduces the number of Deputy Assistant Secretaries of Defense by 20 percent.
  2.  Reduces the number of authorized Senior Executive Service personnel in the DOD by 10 percent.
  3. Removes one assistant secretary from each military department.
  4. Requires the inclusion of “contractor personnel” in the definition and limitation of the size of headquarters staff.
  5. Directs the Secretaries of the Army and the Air Force to provide a report with providing recommendations on how the Army National Guard and Air National Guard could gain effective unit and individual training while also enhancing border security capabilities.


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Winning: National Defense, NDAA 2017

While the entire news media was preoccupied with hating Trump, the Trump administration and Republican-led Congress passed without fanfare the 2017 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act).  Here are a few highlights:

  1. Reduce the staff of the National Security Counsel from 400 to 150.
  2. Reduce the Number of Generals and Admirals by 25 %, including the number of 4-stars from 41 to 27.  In the past 30 years, the armed forces have shrunk by 38 % but the number of generals has grown by 65%.
  3. Reduction by 25% the number of SES civilians (Senior Executive Service:  Generals in suits).
  4. A cap in the amount of money DoD can spend on Contractors performing staff work.
  5. Reforming the entire military health system.
  6. Adding women to the Selective Service registration law AND establishes a commission to investigate and report if we even still need SS at all.

And a bunch of other stuff that you would expect. That giant sucking sound you have been hearing all year is the Swamp (TM) draining.

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Just a few notes that are true no matter who wins.

  1. If you really can’t tell the difference between Republicans and Democrats, you shouldn’t be voting.  Just treat today as a normal day and do what you normally do.
  2. If you can’t make up your mind between communism, corruption and turning America into a Third world country or self serving bureaucrats who just want to turn the crank on the government to keep the machine moving, you can’t go wrong by voting against the incumbent.  If you are honestly doing this though, then you will be doing it every election no matter which party is the incumbent.
  3. If you are still voting third party, you are an idiot.  There are no third parties.  The Libertarian party is a bought and paid sock puppet for the Democrat party that they use to split off a vote or two in close races. Clue:  If your third party is in a race he doesn’t have a chance of winning, then why is he still running?
  4. There is no such thing as a “moderate Democrat”.  Every one of them voted YES on Obamacare.  Every one of them but one voted against Judge Kavanaugh even though he had the highest recommendation the ABA could give.  You can depend that every Democrat office holder, if they are in the majority, will vote for Nancy Pelosi to be speaker of the house and then that chamber will be bogged down in punishing political enemies for the next 2 years.
  5. If I were Trump and the Democrats win, I would just start vetoing everything.  Let the government shut down.  Demonstrate to the taxpayers that we really can get along just fine without VOA, and NPR.
  6. No matter who wins, the policy of the USA should be, no legislation between the election and the seating of new members.  People who have just been voted out of office should never be permitted to vote on legislation.  The people of their districts have already spoken a vote of no confidence.
  7. Lyft and Uber have announced that they are giving reduced fares to people who need to get to voting locations.  But only in “disadvantaged areas”.  That’s code for only in areas that are known to vote Democrat.  This is as clear an admission as they can get that their democratic party allegiance is more important to them than their loyalty to owners, drivers, customers, and stockholders.  If I were any of those people, I would want some redress for that.
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The Political Spectrum

The news lately has gone overboard describing certain people as “right wing”, “right wing extremist”, and “Alternative right”.  It is my observation from watching this for a long time, that they are doing what they always do.  They are controlling thought by controlling language.

There is no “right wing” in America.  There is the Left, The Hard Left, the soft Left, and a whole bunch of people who just want to be left alone so they can raise their kids and have a beer on Friday night.  Most of the people that the Left media (everyone) describes ad “right ring” are really just “Soft Left”.  Even Donald Trump (PBUH).  Did the Left already forget that Trump was accused of being a Leftist by other Republicans during the primary?  Or that he was a known big wig (intended) in New York City, who often handed out big donor checks to Big name democrats like Bill and Hillary Clinton?

As Voltaire once said, “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.”  This is just what the Left media has done.  They have run out of real opponents so they have created some from scratch.  Everyone now is a Racist.  Everyone is a Nazi. Everyone is “Literally Hitler”. Everyone is a “White Nationalist”.  Everyone is “homophobic”.  (Aside– Homophobic means “fear of being the same”.  It is a sneering attack on the character of a non-gay person by claiming he is gay, as if that is a detestable thing, by someone who is making the claim that being gay is not detestable.  It is the ultimate in absurd insults).

The truth is, that in America, there just aren’t that many people who care about all your petty injuries, insults, and transgressions against your dignity as you do.  All this “triggering” and “micro-aggressions” and White Privilege and “Dog Whistles” are the sort of thing that only 20 years ago would have been ridiculed and rightly so.

Black activists today, declare that they have been injured by slavery to their ancestors when there hasn’t been any legal slavery in the USA since 1865.  Those same activists don’t care a bit about real slavery being practiced today in Africa and Asia.  Slavery grievance is a first world problem.

If you read the campaign commercials on the web and comments in various fora, you get the idea that the Democrats are totally unhinged.  They can’t possibly believe the things they are saying.  They can’t possibly believe that Republicans want to enslave anyone.  Or that keeping out More Mexicans and Guatemalans is motivated by anything other than a desire to look to the health of our own (American–73% “white”, 12% black, 5% Asian and 9% “other”) society?

As I watch campaign commercials I have to wonder what is going through the heads of the people who create it, approve it for publication and run it.  They can’t possible believe what they say.  They can’t possibly believe their target audience will believe it.  Their only purpose seems to be, spend the money by buying commercials and employing the activists.

This is how self-government dies.  By proving that we are incapable of doing it.  Unlike other prognosticators, I don’t think this results in a dictatorship.  It just results in the stupidification of government at all levels and it becomes like in the Third World, a grab for public money with both hands.

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Waiting for the election to be over will never be over again.

We used to wait for the election to be over so we can get back to normal.  But that will never happen again.  The news media had demonstrated that they are all in for the democratic party 24-7, without regard to election cycles.  They still blame themselves for Hillary losing.  They think, “If only I had run one more Anti-Trump article she would be President”.  So they are making sure that no stone is unturned and no day goes by without criticizing Trump and other Republicans.  EVERY. FREAKING. DAY.

This is the new normal.  I can’t imagine anything that could happen to change this.  Even if democrats win, the pattern will continue.  If the Democrats lose bigger, the media will double down and “try harder”.  It will never be enough and no amount of evidence will change their behavior.

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Last words on liberal bomber

It’s very popular to look for off the beaten path answers for things like this. But seriously.

1. It wasn’t a right wing pro-Trump fanatic. Trump has never advocated violence. NEVER.

2. It wasn’t a patsy, carefully chosen by Deep State ™.

3. It wasn’t a false flag operation. (This time)

Sometimes the simplest explanations turn out to be true. This time it really was just a crazy guy who once wore a pro-Trump hat. Broken clock theory tell us it was bound to happen eventually. There’s no point going into deep conspiracies to explain the unexplainable. Crazy-stupid people never make sense to normal people. That’s why we call them crazy.

From limited information available, I’d say the guy in custody really did do what he is claimed to have done. Lock him up (after a comforting trial) and move on.

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