CNN Beclowns themselves.

Headline: Afghanistan falls to Taliban, women and gays hardest hit.

Men executed by Taliban could not be reached for comment.

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Air Travel

I suspect that gays serving in the military was never going to catch on in real numbers since the air steward industry seems to be using all the gays they can find. I swear, it must be a union rule that only flamboyantly gay men can work as stewards on airplanes.

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Another note on Afghanistan.

You can’t blame Biden.

We all know he is cognitavely impaired and the Left put him into the White House anyway. He is a puppet. You blame the hand, not the puppet.

For the record, this failure was 20 years in the making. Leaders of both parties, as well as hundreds of senior officials from State and Defense Departments have their fingerprints all over this. It is disingenuous for anyone to claim the current sock puppet in the oval office caused this.

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CNN beclowns themselves… again

This morning, CNN just reported that women in Afghanistan now have MORE rights and protections under the Taliban.

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A few words about the fall of Afghanistan

This was inevitable. Only huge American payoffs kept it propped up this long.

Every American general and colonel who ever signed a report calling the Afghan national army “good enough” should be fired and publicly disgraced. Every state department official should join them in public humiliation. They were either delusional or lying all along and should be held accountable for their lack of results. In most cases, the us military is incapable of recognizing the difference between great leaders and mediocrity. This is an example of total failure at the strategic and national level and should be treated as such.

Which city in American city gets to be the “Kabul” of the midwest? Didn’t we already see this movie? Doesn’t anyone understand that “bringing them here” is not the only possible solution? How about all those islamic countries?

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Vox day’s site expunged

I’m actually surprised it lasted as long as it did. Support for Trump and all the stories that big tech wanted suppressed were reason enough to gut this site long before now.

Let’s face it. The Left never agreed with free speach for anyone but themselves.

I’m sure VD has known this was coming and prepared. Those of you who do social media likely already have the whole story.

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Dear microsoft:

STOP UPDATING WINDOWS 10!!! It was working fine 72 hours ago and now it wont run 12 minutes without shutting itself off after a blue screen warning.

It’s not my machine. It’s all my windows 10 computers. And…. what a coincedence… Google won’t link to a single other person on the whole internet with the same problem. Just links to generic “how to fix your blue screens” problems.

F you very much.

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Western Droughts: Good News Bad News

Of course it is terrible that the water supply for humans in the western part of the USA is drying up and insufficient to sustain human life. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that since all those reservoirs are drained, California gun owners will be able to recover all those “assault” weapons they lost in boating accidents over the years.

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Something to look at

More wild orchids from Shenandoah National Park.

And another panorama.

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Something to look at

I’m putting these in a new tab at the top so people can find and download them.

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