Don’t care


Weasley zippers top 18 out of 20 stories is about the NFL standing or not standing during the national anthem.  Why am I supposed to care about this?  

Did the wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan end?  Nope.  Americans are still doing that thing in the sandbox.

Did Texas and Florida get totally recovered after major storm damage?  Nope.

Are wild fires raging through the western states?  Yep.

Is the swamp still stagnant?  Yep. 

Is the wall built?  Nope. 

So…..   why is the reporting for a whole nation the size of 300+ million people totally focused on a game and the overpaid prima-Donnas who play it?

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Hey Cuba, F%*k you.

Where are your commie friends now?  Think you will get any help from us?  Fat chance. You see, cpaitalism creates wealth.  Socialism just redistribute it.  Communism steals it and crushes the desire to make more.  From wealth comes spinoff like charity, savings and rainy day funds.  Maybe your good friends the Venezuelans will throw you a bone… if they had one.  If only you had a huge, wealthy generous capitalist neighbor who could bail you out.  If only you and your commie friends hadn’t worked so hard to undermine the USA.  

This isn’t even karma.  It is the predictable consequences of your own action.  

Socialism is so popular in the USA for the same reason John Dillenger robbed banks… it’s where the money is.  Socialists are just thieves that we are forced to tolerate.

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I expected to see the Washington post headline this morning:

Stupid Trump can’t even make sun rise properly.

Subheadline:  More proof Trump is wrong on climate.  Democrat party is a strong supporter of solar energy.  Hillary would have managed the sun right.

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What you should know about CharlottesvilleĀ 


Nothing at all.  

You weren’t there.

No one you knew was there.

You are relying on news reports to tell you what happened.  You already decided years ago that those reporters could not be trusted to tell you water was wet. Nothing has changed.  You still can’t truse any of the reports coming out on the media or internet.  

When it comes to your town, then it will be real.  Until then, keep your powder dry, keep your Hatchet clean and sharp and have cap and ball close at hand.

Enjoy your life.  Nothing has changed.  You live in the best country on the planet and nothing “those people” can do can ruin it.  Believe me, they have tried.  

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Open letter to whom it may concern.

Dear punks.  Stop picking the pinapple out of the fruit salad. We would all like some.  and eat more grapes.  Yes, I know they have seeds.  

Thank you.

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Seen in a far away place

A velcro backed patch for your cap.  Red rectangle.  Words:  Make Mosul Great Again.

Word gets around.

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Not in Hell

… but it’s hot enough to be.  Seriously.  It’s HOT.  Fry an egg on the sidewalk?  Pleease. I can fry a whole turkey.  It’s convection oven hot outside.  

At least there is ice cream.

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