Dear Voters

F&%k you.

That sharp pain you feel in your back between your shoulder blades is our knife.  Don’t pretend you didn’t know we were going to do this.  We never had any intention of repealing Obamacare.


Your friends in the Republican Congress.


Dear Democrats,

The only thing wrong with Obamacare is that We didn’t do it first.  You guys screwed it all up.  Now watch us do it right.  We KNOW you won’t hold this against us in the next election and we might need a few of your guys in safe districts to help us pass this.


Your friends in the Republican Congress.

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Trumpening Wire Taps

It was tweeted over the weekend that the President believes his phones were tapped in Trump tower by the US Government, back when it was the Obama administration.

I find the interesting thing in all this is that the Obama administration was operating as if they were above the law and they expected to stay above it even after Obama left office.  They expected they would have plenty of time to erase incriminating evidence and that either Bush or Hillary would continue to cover for them because that’s what they had learned to expect from civilized politicians.

Then Trump got elected.

Old immunities no longer count.  Old assurances are moot.  The way things are always done cannot be counted on any longer.

It remains to be seen if Trump will follow through on bringing people to justice.  He already has so much swamp on his plate to drain.  That is what underlings are for.

Personally, I do believe that the Trump wires were tapped by the US Government.  Marc Levin broke this story and he doesn’t do the whole conspiracy thing without lots of hard evidence in his corner.   Since I trust the source, I trust the message.

There is an equilibrium point at which mid-grade underlings will fear punishment for their past lives and look to cut their own deal with the new administration.  Once that happens, experience tells us that that there will be a flood of people trying to cut deals while they can, fearing to be the guy stuck holding with the potato when the music stops. There have been very few cartels in history that have stuck together when faced with this tactic.


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Typical SJW Kaepernick

Some guy gets paid yuge money to play a game.  He is instantly replaceable by other people who would be willing to play for less.   But he is special, so he uses his national soapbox, that doesn’t belong to him, to make a political statement.

But that was last year.

Now that his contract is up, he is promising his new employers, whoever that might be, that he will stand during the national anthem and thus not make trouble for them in ratings.

Typical hypocrite.  Takes a moral stand by not standing when there is no risk to himself.  But when contract negotiations are on the horizon, suddenly he becomes a model of civility, decorum, patriotism and being a “team player”.

I hope that no one hires him.  I hear that his sport has lost a lot of money last year because of him.  Every team.  Every concession.  Every parking lot attendant.  Every restaurant near the stadiums.  He should pay back something as well.  His choice should cost him something on the order of what he cost everyone else.

It’s not like I care about football.  I do care about justice and people getting what is coming to them.  But since I am an adult, I know the world doesn’t work that way.

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The gay “marriage” speech

I often think of contingencies to address things that I don’t think will ever happen.  This is one of those things.  I have zero information to think my daughter leans this way and plenty of evidence that she doesn’t.  But IF she ever confronted me with this circumstance, this would be my response:

No, thank you.  You go ahead and have your party with your friends and enjoy yourself.  I won’t be paying for it. I won’t be walking you down the isle in a white dress in a church or any of the other customs that we do for a real marriage.  What you are doing is a mock marriage.  That’s fine.  I personally don’t want to mock other people’s deeply held religious beliefs (except Moslems… and Mormons… and Hindus… and Animists… and well, you get the picture), but you go ahead.  I won’t be a part of it.  What you are doing is having a party to celebrate your mock wedding for your mock marriage.  That’s way too much mockery for my tastes.  I don’t hate everyone I know that much to poke this stick in their eye and turn it.  I expect you will never forgive me for this.  But then, a relationship where I am expected to forgive you for your unimaginable rebellion and you can’t forgive me for being utterly consistently myself for your whole life, doesn’t have much room for healthy companionship or even courteous mingling.  First you won’t forgive me for holding the line against your stupidity.  Then when you realize I was right, you won’t forgive me for that.

It seems like a good speech.  It’s a shame to waste it just because I don’t have a lesbian daughter.  So, here you go internet.  A free speech that maybe one of you can use.

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Sharks… with laser beams.

Drudge links to THIS article about the Chinese Army military laser now on display.  The article is pure trash. The comments are priceless.


Commenter DYS wins the internet today for best only-nerds-will-get-this joke.

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Happy Ash Day

To those of you who practice this, I hope you had a happy and successful practice of your thing.  I don’t get it, but you do, and that is enough.

On my way to work yesterday, there were random religious people handing out free ash markings and random strangers queuing up to get them at the subway entrance (train, not sandwich). The fat lesbian “priest” officiating with “her” rainbow colored stole is not the way I remembered it, but again, it’s not my club so I haven’t been keeping up.

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The SECDEF visited Europe recently and told them to stop being deadbeats and up their defense spending instead of making us carry the weight.

This was exactly the WRONG answer.

The Right answer is that each nation decides for itself what its threats are and how much to spend of their own money to offset their threats.  Just like we do.

The truth is that the European members of NATO have correctly recognized that they are not at war with anyone and they  have no global threats.  It is pointlessly stupid for them to spend more on defense than they can justify by the threats.

We don’t see that problem because we have pointlessly chosen to keep out cold war forces on high alert decades after the end of the cold war.  We are totally unimaginative in seeing any other way of doing things.

We are not at war with anyone right now.  All those people we are fighting will get along just fine without us fighting them.  The world will not collapse without the US Navy being everywhere.

China is not our enemy.

Russia is not our enemy.

North Korea is an enemy, but they are a paper tiger that has been left out in the rain too long.   They are no serious threat to anyone.

Global communism has failed massively and can only be said to exist in small starving enclaves. In Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea and Africa, all the communists have become indistinguishable from monarchists.  China is more Mandarin than communist.  Russia has freer markets than we do.

NATO is an archaic vestige of past wars.  It was created to stop an enemy that no longer exists.  It serves no purpose and it serves that purpose at a huge cost.   We should not be telling Europe to contribute to paying that cost.  We should be telling them we are going to follow their lead  and pay less.

If you hate the UN as a wasteful bureaucracy, you really shouldn’t like NATO either.

If it were up to me, I would invite Russia into NATO, and then pull the USA out of it.  I see nothing wrong with the Russia, being part of the great European military alliance, since Europe is in their back yard and they have much more at risk if it fails.

The NATO countries are unwilling to stop real foreign armies from invading them today.  Why should they spend their scarce resources to defend against imaginary future enemies?

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