Pop tops

Americans mostly don’t remember what these are.  Jimmie Buffet stepped on one and had to cruise on back home. Stupid people still collect them because they think a cancer charity or kidney dialysis place will give free treatment in exchange for enough of these mostly worthless things.  

Where I am, they still have them.

I suspect it’s because in this country (not the USA), if you cut your foot on a sharp thing on the ground, you can’t sue anyone.  People here will just look at you like you are stupid for going barefoot around all those sharp things.

The one thing that is certain is that somewhere, someone, is still collecting them for their kid’s school charity collection of worthless things that magically turn into expensive things.  I still see that same old 25 year old hoax as if it’s a brand new thing.  As if no one has learned you can look that stuff up on the internet.

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Go health care 4.0

The guys at 90 miles are posting this headline:

   Trump, Paul Forge Alliance on ‘Biggest Free-Market Reform of Health Care in Generation’

Hint:  if it’s congress doing it, it isn’t free market.

The only reform I want is the one I was promised: repeal obamacare. Top to bottom.  Root and branch.  THAT would be the biggest free market reform ever.


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Never go full jihadi

90 miles has this story.  It tells that the Las Vegas Shooter went full jihadi and left a tape.

I call total BS.

1.  Info wars posted this.  They are never right about anything.  NOTHING.  They said Timothy McVeigh also went full jihadi.  Wrong. Wrong wrong. 

2.  Old rich white guys with Philipina girl friends NEVER go full jihadi.  NEVER. It’s the wrong profile.  Even if they have stage 4 cancer.  They just blow their money on a big weekend and then off themselves with extra morphine after a week-long bender on hookers and cocaine.  NEVER. 

Look guys, I hate rag heads as much as the next guy.  I’d like to see them all deported.  But the world doesn’t run to please me.  Since I’m SANE I accept that.  And also being sane, I don’t try to explain the incomprehensible by pointing to the one thing it can’t possibly be.  

Most likely:  Hillary supporter who has been fed a steady diet of greavance and junk news since the election and he put into action what all his neighbors and friends were openly saying.  Old Rich whites guys ARE men of action.  This is totally consistent with that profile.  

Next likely:  heavy hallucinogenic drug use and he thought he was killing giant spiders from Mars. (The ones from the moon are our allies).  

Next most likely:  mistaken identity.  The real killer sprayed the crowd and drove away while the police converged on the quiet gun collector in the hotel.  Windows broke from police gunfire.

And don’t believe the reports of multiple gunners either.  Most eye witnesses are wrong.  Gunfire around buildings  (like big casinos) echos and no one can tell where it’s really coming from. 

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Notes on Las Vegas shooting

We learn again the same lessons as always.

1.  First reports in the media are always wrong.  Generally, they don’t get a good picture of the truth out for 48 hours.

2.  Killing people is easy.  Frightfully so.  The only reason this doesn’t happen more often is that most people aren’t psychopaths.

3.  Not likely ISIS related.  Even if he said Allah Akbar.  You wouldn’t know it from the National media, with their anti-Trump fixation 24-7, but ISIS is getting their asses handed to them in Iraq and Syria.  They are desperate for a win anywhere to look relevant.  They are losing.  They will take credit for anything that gets them back in the news.  They are liars.  We know that.  Why would you take their word about anything?

4.  Hillary, the loser in the last national election, was out attention whoring again and said something stupid about silencers.  Silencers are 100 year old technology.  She is more desperate for a win than ISIS at this point.  A 7th grader with access to a home Depot can make one using no tools.  They have no moving parts or electronics.  If this guy wanted a silencer, there was NOTHING stopping him now from getting one.

5.  When the dust settles, we will find out that this guy is a leftist.  He hates Trump and he hates Trump voters.  And he connected the dots that anyone who likes country music is “one of them”.  It’s always a leftist.  They are the ones who resort to violence first.  They are the ones who cannot abide peacefully with anyone who disagrees with them.    If you read their Twits and Facebook you see seething hatred.  That kind of hatred doesn’t just go away after a bowl of ice cream.  People like that will resort to violence.  History shows us that they always do.

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About communists in the military

Where have you people been hiding for the last 50 years?  

Is it really any secret that the US military is the most tyrannical and communist form of employment in the USA?  The US military teaches it’s leaders that they are responsible for their subordinates 24/7 on and off duty.  They teach that they are required to provide their food, shelter, health care, dental, child care, schools for their children, ad naseum.  It is the perfect little socialist state with the social aristocracy (officers) in charge of everything.  It NEVER occurs to a general, when given a challenge to say, “not my problem”. 

And all you People lose your mud because one ONE single West Point graduate is openly a communist?  Has it occurred to you that 100% of the black cadets and officers voted for Barrack Obama … twice?  How much of a clue do you need?  Communists in the military is not a bug, it’s a feature.

I graduated from West Point in 1984.  That same exact copy of the communist manifesto is on my bookshelf.  It was an issued item and required reading for political science class, a required course.

Fact:  Most college students in America are either communist or can spout ten talking points that are indistinguishable from communist dogma.  

Fact:  West Point is just another college.  It draws students from the same well as the other top colleges and universities.

Fact:  Most male college students care more about getting laid this weekend than the fall of western civilization.

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Don’t care


Weasley zippers top 18 out of 20 stories is about the NFL standing or not standing during the national anthem.  Why am I supposed to care about this?  

Did the wars in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan end?  Nope.  Americans are still doing that thing in the sandbox.

Did Texas and Florida get totally recovered after major storm damage?  Nope.

Are wild fires raging through the western states?  Yep.

Is the swamp still stagnant?  Yep. 

Is the wall built?  Nope. 

So…..   why is the reporting for a whole nation the size of 300+ million people totally focused on a game and the overpaid prima-Donnas who play it?

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Hey Cuba, F%*k you.

Where are your commie friends now?  Think you will get any help from us?  Fat chance. You see, cpaitalism creates wealth.  Socialism just redistribute it.  Communism steals it and crushes the desire to make more.  From wealth comes spinoff like charity, savings and rainy day funds.  Maybe your good friends the Venezuelans will throw you a bone… if they had one.  If only you had a huge, wealthy generous capitalist neighbor who could bail you out.  If only you and your commie friends hadn’t worked so hard to undermine the USA.  

This isn’t even karma.  It is the predictable consequences of your own action.  

Socialism is so popular in the USA for the same reason John Dillenger robbed banks… it’s where the money is.  Socialists are just thieves that we are forced to tolerate.

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