Dumb ideas: electricity

I saw this at the Indianapolis airport.

A device that let’s you recharge your devices by pedaling.  Look!!  Three charing stations. No waiting.

Why didn’t this catch on???  Maybe because there are already plenty of these:

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More tax dollars well-spent.

40 out of 40 at 25 yards.  

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Doing that thing

That thing I hinted at before.  I’m doing it.  Minds out of the gutter people.  I’m traveling and being useful.  

Best part:  I get to shoot with free ammo. (Other people buy it)

Worst part:  I have to witness the decay of a once great institution close up.  This makes me sad.

Did I mention free ammo?

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$th of July Rant

I was in DC yesterday.  The tourists were gathering for the big taxpayer funded celebration and fireworks.  But what I really noticed is the crowds of leaches, ticks and other assorted parasites.  The sidewalks were half taken over by vendors selling T-shirts, American flags and bottled water and soda.  All the vendors were black.  These same people who without doubt voted 98% for Barack Obama in two elections and 90% for Hillary.  These same people who overwhelmingly support Black Lives Matter and their message of “America Sucks”.  Suddenly now they are all good patriots.

Sure…  NOW you love America.

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Explanations and excuses

It seems I am not as useless as I expected.  I have been asked to perform my duties in the old way.  Those of you who know my past will understand.  Otherwise you will be intrigued by the mystery.  As it is, blogging will be slow and not in any way about work.

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Price Gouging: Denver Airport

A bad name for a practice in basic economics where prices are unaccountably inflated for some items.  When this happens due to severe shortages, the law often steps in to punish anyone who gets a profit from these prices.  Occasionally, the price gouge happens due to price fixing among competitors.  That also leads to high levels of consumer anger and law interventions to punish the evil-doers.

Unless the government does it.

For example, Denver build an airport even though they already had one.  Then they used regulation to force the older one out of business.  And more regulations to force airlines to send their routes to the new airport.  But the new one was hugely more expensive to get to and operate out of, so they forced customers to pay more for it.

Example:   Rental cars.  If you rent a mid sized car in downtown Denver, it will cost you $200 a week.  If you get the same car at the airport, prepare to pay twice that much.

So, get clever and decide to use a hotel free airport shuttle and rent a car from their location.  Guess what.  All airport fees apply.  It is so bad, that many hotels have discontinued operating their free airport shuttles entirely.  To get local pricing on rental cars, you have to prove you didn’t arrive at that airport within the last 24 hours.  I have no idea how they enforce this.  But I suspect it is a combination of each rental car company self-enforcing so that they can recoup their own high gouged fees from the airport authority, and a city enforcement to make sure no one is poaching.

A huge scam that takes advantage of business and leisure travelers who have the misfortune of flying into Denver instead of one of the other cities in Colorado.  Everywhere else in the country, competition drives prices down, even in and around airports.  But in Denver, you are going to pay because the payment is a tax and they are not going to let you escape the tax.

Anywhere else in the country, a slick district attorney with political ambitions would have taken a class action lawsuit against the localities that enforce this.  Not in Denver.

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Dear Climate Scientists

If the science is settled on Global Warming, Why haven’t you all quit and gone to work for UPS or Starbucks?  Seriously.  There is nothing left to learn about that.  Isn’t that what “settled” means?  You have done your job.  Good work.  Now get off your asses and go find a real job.  Or go get involved in one of those sciences that actually have to discover something that isn’t paid for by taxpayers and activists.  Now that we have every breakthrough in “Climate” that we are ever going to have, how about another breakthrough in Physics, chemistry or medicine?  How about “discovering” something that makes people’s lives better?

Hey “journalists”.  Why haven’t any of you ever asked this?

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