Sanctuary City Follow-up

This Twit issued a warning to her illegal constituency that “La Migre” was on the way.  Some people claim this is aiding and abetting criminals, or at the very least harboring.


Personally, I think it is a pretty poor and counter-productive “tip”.  She basically told every illegal to get out of her town or hide indoors like a fugitive on those days.

If we did that for the whole country, would every Illegal self-deport?  If we did it for everyday, would the illegals find living and working in the use simply impractical?   She really doesn’t understand the cause and effect relationship between her actions and her intentions.  Her virtue signaling is causing the harm she claims she wants to prevent:  Terrorizing a whole underground community into thinking they live in constant fear of deportation.

Reminds me of this one:

I live in constant fear that Trump might deport my Latina Mother-in-law. who lives at 1887 3rd st, LA 90323, blue house. she gets off work at 6

H/T Free North Carolina

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What to do about “Sanctuary Cities”

I have been seeing a lot of stories on the web about punishing “sanctuary cities”.  Stories like this one.

“We intend to use all the lawful authorities we have to make sure our state and local officials … are in sync with the federal government,” Sessions said.

Really?  Is that what this is all about?  Making states and city government not just comply with federal law, but be in sync with them too?  When did that become a conservative value?  That isn’t what I want.  The right answer is to comply with the law, not to comply with ideological bias.

“Moreover, the Department of Justice will require that jurisdictions seeking or applying for Department of Justice grants to certify compliance with [relevant laws] as a condition of receiving those awards,” he added.

In the current fiscal year, Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs is slated to award $4.1 billion in grants.

That’s not what I want at all.  I want the government to stop all of those grants to every city, all the time.  Cities should pay their own expenses.  I don’t want the government using MY money to bribe some cities and punish others based on the performance of city managers.

This is just one example for why it was a bad idea to give that money to the cities in the first place.  Federal strings attached.  Nothing good comes from that.  And frankly, I’m tired of paying that bill.

Here’s what the government should do about “sanctuary cities”:

  1.  Nothing at all.  A city is not violating the law by being a “sanctuary city”.
  2.  Enforce the law.  If people, who have names, commit crimes, you get a warrant, arrest them, give them a trial with a jury and, if found guilty, they suffer a penalty, under the law.   A whole city can’t break a law.  Laws only apply to people.
  3. Uphold the law. When a Mayor or city manager declares his city a “sanctuary city”, he has not broken the law, nor has he conspired to break the law.  His declaration has no effect.   Federal law enforcement agencies can still enter the city and enforce the laws, makes arrests of illegal persons and remove them from the cities.  Thus, the declaration has no effect other than making the mayor signal his virtue and feel good about himself while the ICE rounds up his cook, gardener and baby sitter.
  4. Obey the law.  Where the law grants money to cities for a purpose, the government should obey it’s own law to spend that money on that purpose.   My preference is to change the law and stop spending the money, but until the law changes, giving that money to that city for that authorized purpose is the right answer.
  5. Enforce the law.  Where illegal aliens can be found, they should be arrested and deported.  The Federal government does not need the cities or states to assist in accomplishing this function.  They have all the resources they need to do this.
  6. Enforce the law. In those rare situations when a mayor or city manager does violate a federal law, ARREST that person and prosecute them.   Not the city.  The person who actually violates the law.

See a pattern?




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Binary genders

I have heard over and over…

… from the “normals”, there are only two genders.  Totally binary.

… from the LGBT+ “community”, no, there are 31 or some such things, because we say so.


Obviously, these are both wrong.

Group 1 neglects those who are born with defects and those who because of injury no longer have a gender.  This group includes those people who were mis-identified at birth and subjected to sexual assignment surgery and then learned through painful experience that they assigned the wrong one.  It also includes those who by defect have no gender at all.

Group 2 is a delusional bunch of mentally unstable people who want biological recognition for their mental instabilities. There is no reason at all why mentally balance people should be required by law or custom to acknowledge or affirm the delusions of the mentally ill.

It is the group 1 people who are really maligned in this entire argument.  They, through no fault of their own, are lumped in with perverts who want their sexual perversions embraced openly by society.   The group one people have one thing in common, they are sexually incapable of reproducing.  For them, they look at the binary world as something that they are simply not a part of.  They are never going to be a Disney Princess or grow old surrounded by their grand kids.

These groups are diametrically opposed in the regard that group one would like to be normal and can’t.  Group 2 is biologically normal and rejects it.

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Home School or Die: Immigrants

Latest story hitting the news last Friday is a 14 year old high school girl being raped in a school bathroom by two immigrants aged 17 and 18 who were also in her class.  There is a lot of outrage about this due to the insanity that passes for public policy on this issue and the insanity that passes for school administrators supporting every left-wing cause.

Follow the breadcrumbs:

  1.  Brown vs Board of education.  Declares “separate but equal” to be inherently unconstitutional.  Thus, school districts may not set up special schools just for immigrant kids.
  2. Americans with Disabilities Act.  Forces retarded and all sorts of severely disabled children to be mainstreamed into public school classrooms.  No special schools for them.  Thus, no special schools just for people who don’t speak our language.
  3. Establishment of the federal Department of Education and all the laws and policies they promulgate leading to federal funding formulas that are basically pay for number of warm butts in seats, counted daily.  Thus school districts get more money by filling classrooms with as many people as possible, even kids from other countries.  They are part of the funding model.  Thus, no excluding kids who are obviously already adults.
  4. Civil Rights Act of 1968 declares everything a public accommodation and thus subject to federal regulation.  But more importantly, teaches everyone that judging a single person by the characteristics of his race, class, ethnic sub group is an evil and makes you literally Hitler.  This ideology gets firmly entrenched in the teacher’s unions who are already struggling with trying to teach black kids to become as successful as White kids, and failing.  To cope, the teachers universally choose to ignore any sort of objective measures of student, teacher, or school performance, leaving only “attendance” as a performance measure.  Thus policies of never kicking a student out of school.

Wake up people.  You are outraged that this happened because 2 immigrants who should never have been in that school committed this crime.  But this setup has been a long time coming.

THIS shows that between 70-80% of schools in America report violent crime every year and 25-30% report a serious violent crime.  About 300 kids are KILLED every year at school.  Half a million kids suffer from violent crime AT SCHOOL every year, and 90K suffer from serious violent crime, which includes rape.

This has been happening for decades in American schools and has very little to do with immigration.  It has to do with stupid school policies that we have been creating for decades to coddle our black population.  These two immigrant men are simply complying with the policies already in place.  It is not unique to have over-aged men who have been scholastically held back for poor performance still attending classes with much younger children.  Teachers and administrators permitted this with two immigrants because it was already NORMAL for the native population.

Vouchers won’t fix this.  Immigration restraint will help fix only a little.  If you are waiting on politicians to fix this or even care about it, you are delusional.  They created this.  The Teacher’s unions aren’t going to fix this, they only care about profiting from it.

If you care about your kids, get them out of the public school system.

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The Chelsea Review

Chelsea Clinton is in the news.  You may not know it, but Hillary Clinton has a daughter and her name is Chelsea. That daughter is married and has kids of her own.  She is in the news this morning because a magazine that no one reads is giving her an award.

In the comments we see the normal accusations of her paternity being in question.  There is a long standing rumor of her being the love child of Webster Hubble and Hillary Clinton.  This is based on nothing more than a comparison of their pictures.  Some people claim the resemblance is obvious.

I disagree.


Even allowing for some “work” to thin her nose and make her chin pointier, she doesn’t share any more obvious genetics with Web than “generic white girl”.  So at this point, I am calling this line of inquiry as basic character assassination (on Hillary, not Chelsea) and giving it no more credibility.  It’s not as if Hillary doesn’t have plenty of character flaws without even resorting to this.  It also flies in the face of 2 other long standing internet stories.  1.  That Hillary is a lesbian, thus, it’s very unlikely she was having an affair with Web. 2.  That on the night Chelsea was conceived,  Bill admitted to having to rape his wife to get the deed done.


It is still permissible to make fun of all the Clintons for being corrupt political hacks who have added noting of worth to the human race.

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Current Trends

  1.  A whole lot of immigrants in Northern Virginia.  Everywhere.  Many more than can be accounted for by any government statistics.  Every neighborhood. Every town and city.
  2. Litter is making a comeback.  Driving down I-95 last week I was shocked by how much litter was along side the road.  It was like visiting a third world country.  Might be related to #1.
  3. Where did all the redwood go?  I was in Lowes and Home Depot last week looking for some lumber.  I remember that redwood planks and 2×4’s used to be common.  Now there are no redwood products of any kind in wither chain in my area.  What happened to them?
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The swirling currents of the Internet come back around.

I found THIS on the big commercial web site IMAO.

They linked to American Digest.

They linked to Fuel Filter.

They linked to … Me.   Or to a blog I shut down about 3 years ago or so.



“A Desert Called Glass” Author Unknown Me

They were all gathered in one place. The Hajj was the perfect time to have a strategy and coordination meeting. The blessings of Allah and his prophet were on them all. They had just sat down to a meal of traditional rice and lamb and were going to save the business talk for later. They had time. Their sources told them that their enemies were on the run and had unilaterally given up and gone home. The hated Americans had no stomach for a fight and abandoned Iraq, Afghanistan, and the rest of the Islamic world. Even the filthy Jews seemed to have pulled back their spies and allies to their own territory. This was the perfect time to go on the offensive. The entire Western world would learn submission.


On the border between India and Pakistan, a different conversation is taking place. A junior captain in the Indian Strategic Rocket forces has an uncontrollable smile on his face. “REALLY? You would not be shitting on me like this?” His commander confirms, “it is an order, from the top. We will be eliminating our nuclear stockpile as part of our new treaty with America and the Russians. A Global peace initiative.” The Indian captain smiles broadly. Good cheer spreads to the other officers in the room and he sat at his control console and began to enter the instructions.

35,000 feet over the Islamic Republic of Iran, an obsolete Russian Airplane was lumbering along on a direct path to Tehran International Airport. The pilot was hand chosen. He had lost his only son when Islamic terrorists stormed the child’s school years earlier. He didn’t really care about the orders he had. Something about global peace initiative to reduce nuclear stockpiles. But he was really happy to be delivering this particular cargo.

Mecca – Coffee was being served and greasy hands were being cleaned on shirt fronts. Servants were carrying away the remains of the feast.

Then it all changed in a blink.

The people inside did not even have time for their minds to register confusion about what was happening to them.

And then they were gone.


35,000 feet over Mecca. A US B-2 bomber turned gently onto a new heading. LTC Brown muttered into the coms, “one down, three to go”. He noticed large bright flares in the distant horizon at two other points. He calmly mutters, “Get Some” and looks back at his checklist.

India — The captain hit the launch button, firing his entire battery of nuclear tipped missiles into Pakistan. He remembered the faces of his cousins who had been butchered in a market bombing a few years earlier. He muttered, “Burn in Hell” as he watched the rockets leave their launchers.

Not all the bombs hit at the same time. Some Islamic nations had more time than others to contemplate what was befalling them. But it didn’t matter. The results were the same. The 1000 largest Islamic population centers in the world had all just been obliterated. Other targets had been destroyed using conventional weapons when they bordered on “friendly” areas. 60 percent of the Islamic population of the world had been instantly incinerated. Half of the survivors would die in the following days due to exposure, disease, fallout, and starvation. No international organizations were organizing humanitarian relief efforts to come save them. The effect was dramatic and permanent. Most of the world had expended most of their nuclear arsenals and their stockpiles of evil cluster bombs and was determined to live in peace with each other henceforth.

The world lived happily ever after.


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