Cultural Genocide

I found the following movie over at 90 Miles from Tyranny.  Not sure if he is a resident of Key West or Richmond, VA.  He often posts silly things like this without any comment.  Watch the movie. It’s not like you were busy.  Then read my commentary.

  1.  The movie makes an obvious intentional conflation between culture and race.  Birth rates effect genetic traits passes along to descendants, not which catechism you pass along.
  2. The film makes an obvious fallacious claim that without, the rest of the movie makes no sense.  The claim is that there is a minimum birth rate required to maintain a culture.  This is not true.  The minimal birth rate is only needed to maintain a population, not a culture within that population.  There is no reason at all why a much smaller and declining population cannot maintain their culture.  Example:  Amish.
  3. The film makes a subtle implication that if your own children don’t inherit the future in sufficient quantities, that your culture will change.  This is patently untrue.  Only the parts of the culture you don’t participate in will change.  All the things that are important to you are still there, declining birth rates not-withstanding.
  4. This isn’t to say that you can’t replace a population with one that has a different culture.  But the original remnant population still retains its original culture.
  5. To the extent that any group of people chooses to exclude itself from participation in the future, they also exclude their influence on that future.  If you aren’t choosing to populate the future, why would you care what culture the future population keeps?
  6. I suspect this is the evolutionary Holy Grail paradox.  If species grow to greater complexity through survival of the fittest, then why do humans, believing themselves the most fit,  limit their own reproduction?  It is only the smartest humans who can spend the mental horsepower to contemplate a world without themselves in it and what they leave behind.   Populations who exist closer to subsistence tend to focus their energies on more subsisting.  And since they aren’t worrying about the “Future”, they aren’t self-sterilizing.
  7. This argument I have seen before in other places with the implied command to “go forth and multiply”.  But people aren’t gerbils.  It takes two to tango and not everyone can dance.  Again, this is only a problem for higher life forms.
  8. I believe the present owes nothing to the future or to the past.  We inhabit the planet in the present and all of it is our dominion. (Some more than others).   To the extent that we can learn from the past and better organize our future, we personally benefit.  This is why I don’t care about Global Warming.  If I accept that the theory is true (and I don’t) then I accept that my political class wants to impoverish me today in my present so that some future people 100 years from now don’t have to move out of their beach front condos.  I pay a huge cost now for some benefit I don’t share.
  9. There is no problem with having a declining population.  I have heard the arguments about needing replacement laborers to care for our aging population.  So what?  We can hire laborers.  We can even export our old people to nicer tropical climates with cheerful brown natives to care for them.   But that doesn’t mean we need to let them become citizens.  Nor does it mean we suffer in any measurable way by having a lower population density.
  10. People who dice too deeply into this argument have a god-complex.  They see the world as something that is theirs to play with, like a big game of CIV V.   They want their populations to grow so they can “win”.    But the real world population growth is not a good thing.  Wealth growth is a good thing.  Productivity growth is a good thing.  More mouths to feed is not.
  11. The USA does not need to keep out population growing every year to keep up with some fanciful statistician’s magical resupply number.   We can do just fine with less.
  12. At the same time as this guy is fretting about, “not enough White People”, Scientists in India are creating a new form of Birth Control for men.
  13. I am perfectly happy with my culture and intend to keep it, no matter what the rest of society chooses to do.  Y’all do what you want.


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