Stuff Going on in Syria

According to the Washington Post yesterday, the cover story is that there was an atrocity in Syria.  It is reported that the Syrian government dropped poison gas on women and children.

This is highly unlikely.

  1.  You still believe anything you read in the Washington Post?
  2. That part of the world is famous for staged atrocities.  This is not the same as a false flag operation.  It is intentionally staged to get media attention and international sympathy.  Anyone who is paying attention should be highly skeptical of any claims from that part of the world.
  3. It was timed to make the news cycle in the west.  Every media outlet had pictures of naked dead children.  Why were they naked?  More sympathetic.
  4. The events took place in a “rebel-occupied” area.  That means that there were no credible news sources available.  CNN, Reuters and Fox don’t have ANY people there.  They would have to take some local stringer’s word for everything.
  5. Militarized gasses are very distinctive in their effects.  Those bodies don’t show those effects.
  6. Observers on the ground said it was Chlorine.  A common gas that is used in lots of industrial processes including LAUNDRY.   Every home in America has a gallon in the kitchen.
  7. The effects seemed to only effect women and children.  No adult military men in uniform were hit.  No military agent is that discriminating.  This points to propaganda.
  8. The survival rate is too high for a military chemical agent.
  9. Women and children have been dying by the truckload in Syria.  What is the point of this now?  Could it be that the rebels are negotiating with Americans for immigration rights and the Trump Administration closed the door in their faces?  Then , like magic, an atrocity happens that makes the predicaments of Syrian women and children look dire, imminent, and yuge.  The sort of thing that only the USA is big enough and rich enough to take on.
  10. I have seen some features calling this a false flag orchestrated by the CIA, deep state and neocons to get Trump into a war.  This is all just stupid.  The only people who would benefit from this are the Syrian rebels themselves.  No one in deep state, CIA, or neocons (whoever they might be) gives a rats ass about this. Nor is there anything to be gained by getting us into another war over it.  HINT:  we are already in that war.

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