Another Detained American

This time in North Korea.  And just like all the other times, there is no reason at all why America should go out on a limb and expend blood and treasure to safeguard this guy when his personal choices did everything possible to evade our safeguards.  He isn’t an “American”.  He speaks Korean.  He has a Korean Name. He has  Korean family. He lives and works in North Korea.  He is a Korean.  Thanks to the magical legal fiction of dual citizenship, he also claims to be American, when it suits him.

Just like all the people to take vacations in Iran, then get imprisoned by the Iranian government, then celebrities in America expect the US government to do something to get them back.  They weren’t Americans.  They were Iranians.  They had Iranian families.  Property in Iran. Jobs in Iran.  They were Iranian.

We real Americans owe them nothing.  Our government, action on our behalf (on behalf of Americans) owes them nothing.   Vital clue to foreign nations and Hippies who want to go hiking in dangerous far away places:  Dangerous far away places are dangerous and far away.  You go there at your own risk.  That means no one is coming to get you if the locals decide your best use is serving the customers at the local brothel.


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