Sanctuary City Follow-up

This Twit issued a warning to her illegal constituency that “La Migre” was on the way.  Some people claim this is aiding and abetting criminals, or at the very least harboring.


Personally, I think it is a pretty poor and counter-productive “tip”.  She basically told every illegal to get out of her town or hide indoors like a fugitive on those days.

If we did that for the whole country, would every Illegal self-deport?  If we did it for everyday, would the illegals find living and working in the use simply impractical?   She really doesn’t understand the cause and effect relationship between her actions and her intentions.  Her virtue signaling is causing the harm she claims she wants to prevent:  Terrorizing a whole underground community into thinking they live in constant fear of deportation.

Reminds me of this one:

I live in constant fear that Trump might deport my Latina Mother-in-law. who lives at 1887 3rd st, LA 90323, blue house. she gets off work at 6

H/T Free North Carolina

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