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Notes on the passing of Royalty

The news this morning is that Prince Phillip, royal consort of the Queen of England, has passed away at the age of 99. It caused me to wonder to what does the queen owe her own longevity in office. As … Continue reading

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Come and Take Them!

No. Not what you are thinking. Literally. Here, they are. When the gun grabbers and commies come to get my guns, they can have them. Whatever murderous rage I feel towards my fellow man has long ago been covered over … Continue reading

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Crap Science Update: Head Transplants

This article makes the uncredible claim: Cryogenically frozen brains will be ‘woken up’ and transplanted in donor bodies within three years, claims surgeon My criticism with this is, first do it, then get credit for doing it.  Until then, you … Continue reading

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Cultural Genocide

I found the following movie over at 90 Miles from Tyranny.  Not sure if he is a resident of Key West or Richmond, VA.  He often posts silly things like this without any comment.  Watch the movie. It’s not like … Continue reading

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Happy Ash Day

To those of you who practice this, I hope you had a happy and successful practice of your thing.  I don’t get it, but you do, and that is enough. On my way to work yesterday, there were random religious … Continue reading

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Sitting on a Throne of Lies

It’s Christmas again.  That time of year when everyone argues about the meaning of Christmas while calling people they disagree with “assholes”. The caption on the video labels this guy as “CRAZY” (in caps).  But there is nothing he says … Continue reading

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Marriage in the modern world

Vox over at Alpha Game has something interesting to say on the subject of marital fidelity. If a wife loses attraction to a husband and ceases to fulfill her marital duties, she has set him free to have sex with … Continue reading

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Theological Notes

The world is going to hell in a handbasket.  It always has been.  But that doesn’t mean we should all just slit our own throats and say goodbye.  In my own solid attempt to make the world a better place, … Continue reading

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