Home School or Die: Immigrants

Latest story hitting the news last Friday is a 14 year old high school girl being raped in a school bathroom by two immigrants aged 17 and 18 who were also in her class.  There is a lot of outrage about this due to the insanity that passes for public policy on this issue and the insanity that passes for school administrators supporting every left-wing cause.

Follow the breadcrumbs:

  1.  Brown vs Board of education.  Declares “separate but equal” to be inherently unconstitutional.  Thus, school districts may not set up special schools just for immigrant kids.
  2. Americans with Disabilities Act.  Forces retarded and all sorts of severely disabled children to be mainstreamed into public school classrooms.  No special schools for them.  Thus, no special schools just for people who don’t speak our language.
  3. Establishment of the federal Department of Education and all the laws and policies they promulgate leading to federal funding formulas that are basically pay for number of warm butts in seats, counted daily.  Thus school districts get more money by filling classrooms with as many people as possible, even kids from other countries.  They are part of the funding model.  Thus, no excluding kids who are obviously already adults.
  4. Civil Rights Act of 1968 declares everything a public accommodation and thus subject to federal regulation.  But more importantly, teaches everyone that judging a single person by the characteristics of his race, class, ethnic sub group is an evil and makes you literally Hitler.  This ideology gets firmly entrenched in the teacher’s unions who are already struggling with trying to teach black kids to become as successful as White kids, and failing.  To cope, the teachers universally choose to ignore any sort of objective measures of student, teacher, or school performance, leaving only “attendance” as a performance measure.  Thus policies of never kicking a student out of school.

Wake up people.  You are outraged that this happened because 2 immigrants who should never have been in that school committed this crime.  But this setup has been a long time coming.

THIS shows that between 70-80% of schools in America report violent crime every year and 25-30% report a serious violent crime.  About 300 kids are KILLED every year at school.  Half a million kids suffer from violent crime AT SCHOOL every year, and 90K suffer from serious violent crime, which includes rape.

This has been happening for decades in American schools and has very little to do with immigration.  It has to do with stupid school policies that we have been creating for decades to coddle our black population.  These two immigrant men are simply complying with the policies already in place.  It is not unique to have over-aged men who have been scholastically held back for poor performance still attending classes with much younger children.  Teachers and administrators permitted this with two immigrants because it was already NORMAL for the native population.

Vouchers won’t fix this.  Immigration restraint will help fix only a little.  If you are waiting on politicians to fix this or even care about it, you are delusional.  They created this.  The Teacher’s unions aren’t going to fix this, they only care about profiting from it.

If you care about your kids, get them out of the public school system.

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1 Response to Home School or Die: Immigrants

  1. Ame says:

    the public school system is a government entity and is not on your side. pulling my kids out to homeschool was the best thing i ever did for them.

    yes, there are great people in the system, but they’re subject to and under the restrictions of the system.


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