Binary genders

I have heard over and over…

… from the “normals”, there are only two genders.  Totally binary.

… from the LGBT+ “community”, no, there are 31 or some such things, because we say so.


Obviously, these are both wrong.

Group 1 neglects those who are born with defects and those who because of injury no longer have a gender.  This group includes those people who were mis-identified at birth and subjected to sexual assignment surgery and then learned through painful experience that they assigned the wrong one.  It also includes those who by defect have no gender at all.

Group 2 is a delusional bunch of mentally unstable people who want biological recognition for their mental instabilities. There is no reason at all why mentally balance people should be required by law or custom to acknowledge or affirm the delusions of the mentally ill.

It is the group 1 people who are really maligned in this entire argument.  They, through no fault of their own, are lumped in with perverts who want their sexual perversions embraced openly by society.   The group one people have one thing in common, they are sexually incapable of reproducing.  For them, they look at the binary world as something that they are simply not a part of.  They are never going to be a Disney Princess or grow old surrounded by their grand kids.

These groups are diametrically opposed in the regard that group one would like to be normal and can’t.  Group 2 is biologically normal and rejects it.

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