The Chelsea Review

Chelsea Clinton is in the news.  You may not know it, but Hillary Clinton has a daughter and her name is Chelsea. That daughter is married and has kids of her own.  She is in the news this morning because a magazine that no one reads is giving her an award.

In the comments we see the normal accusations of her paternity being in question.  There is a long standing rumor of her being the love child of Webster Hubble and Hillary Clinton.  This is based on nothing more than a comparison of their pictures.  Some people claim the resemblance is obvious.

I disagree.


Even allowing for some “work” to thin her nose and make her chin pointier, she doesn’t share any more obvious genetics with Web than “generic white girl”.  So at this point, I am calling this line of inquiry as basic character assassination (on Hillary, not Chelsea) and giving it no more credibility.  It’s not as if Hillary doesn’t have plenty of character flaws without even resorting to this.  It also flies in the face of 2 other long standing internet stories.  1.  That Hillary is a lesbian, thus, it’s very unlikely she was having an affair with Web. 2.  That on the night Chelsea was conceived,  Bill admitted to having to rape his wife to get the deed done.


It is still permissible to make fun of all the Clintons for being corrupt political hacks who have added noting of worth to the human race.


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