In Order to Form a More Perfect Union

I have been giving our government a lot of thought and could write a book on the subject. A long, boring book, that no one would read, not even an editor. So, instead I will put my ideas for improving the government here:

1. Abolish the Senate. We don’t need it. It is a redundant House. It is based on a system of lords and commons and we have neither in this country. Roll it’s legitimate duties into the House and call it “the Assembly”.

2. No person elected to the Assembly may serve for longer than ten years during his lifetime (consecutively or distributed). No person may serve in the same seat previously held by a close relative (children, parents, siblings, or spouses).  No Representative will reside in the District of Columbia or within 80 miles, for more than 30 days in any calendar year, unless they represent the District, Virginia, or Maryland.

3. The chief member of the assembly will be elected as a national office and not be elected by any local body.

4. The position of Vice President will be abolished.

5. The Judges on the Supreme Court will serve terms not longer than 10 years, for two years at a time.

6. The constitution will define a citizen as including only those persons who are born from previous citizens and those who are added by a legal process of naturalisation.  Citizens will also be citizens of states where they reside and must transfer residency by a legal process and not defacto by simply moving.  Thus,  A citizen of New Jersey does not become a citizen of Virginia simply by moving to Virginia.  And the state of Virginia is not encumbered to provide state services to the citizens of other states.  Only citizens will be counted in the census for purposes of apportionment of Representatives.

7. Islam and Scientology are specifically not protected under freedom of religion.

8. No military forces may be moved outside the USA for any purpose without the consent of the Assembly. references to declaration of war are deleted since they are meaningless.

9. No public monies may be spent for any purpose that does not show clear benefit to more than 10% of the US population.

10. The federal government is specifically prohibited from regulating education, insurance, marriage, family relationships, labor, market prices, or commerce.

11. The federal government is prohibited from borrowing money.

12. Assembly members will be elected at large from the states, in ratio to the population within those states. Thus, no internal distric boundaries will be drawn.

13. The Federal government will make no treaties or agreements with foreign powers without the consent of the Assembly (2/3 vote)

14. Individuals in the USA have some basic rights that may not be ammended, voted away, or “interpreted by the courts”.
-Freedom to worship (except Islam or Scientology).
-Freedom to peacefully assemble.
-Freedom to own property.
-Freedom of self preservation.
-Trial by jury in all criminal matters or cases against the government where liberty or property are at issue.
-Abolish the practice of plea bargains. The government must prove its case, in every case by the weight of evidence in court.

-Freedom of association in the home and in business.

15.  The position of “First Lady” is abolished.  No public funds may be spent on her support, maintenance, travel, staff, or security.  She may reside in the White House and accomplany the President, on a space available basis.  Otherwise her total subsistance will be reimbursed by the President from his pay.

16.  No person may serve as President who was not elected to that office or to the office of Assembly leader.  The succession has only two positions (President and Assembly Chief).  If the President is incapacitated, dies or is removed from office, the Assembly chief serves only until a special election can select a new President (30 days).  Then he returns to the Assembly to complete his term there.

Like I said, I could write a book and I am trying to keep this short. i could go into eliminating specific agencies too, but the point of the rules above is to establish the rules about how we will be ruled and thus prevent new agencies from being eatablished. And since I restarted this blog, there are only ten people even reading this, so no point getting carried away.

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5 Responses to In Order to Form a More Perfect Union

  1. I assume that you are including the Bill of Rights as a given in #14. I agree with all, but wonder if ten years is too long.


    • No One says:

      No. Not all of it. There were some parts that don’t make sense anymore. When was the last time Government troops were quartered in a private home? Today, every community has plenty of public buildings plus hotels and restaurants for the troops, not counting all the stuff the troops bring, like tents. %th amendment needs to be rewritten so as to be more of a “government is not allowed to beat a confession out of you” but still permit the use of some future truth-telling technology. The purpose of the fifth ammendment was to protect innocent men from being forced into false confessions, not to permit guilty people to conceal their guilt. The 9th and 10th amendments need to be rewritten and clear stetements with teeth, to write into the body of the new document that congress ONLY has enumerated powers 1 to N.


  2. heresolong says:

    Disagree with you on abolishing the Senate. The purpose of the Senate is supposed to be to give the states a voice in the federal government. It was the Senate that was supposed to prevent the federal government from becoming a truly national government under a federalist system. With state appointed Senators whose job was to represent their states’ interests, there would be a body which would oppose federal encroachment on the rights and responsibilities of the states. Since the 17th Amendment was passed, the federal government has become increasingly powerful at the expense of states’ rights. We need to repeal the 17th Amendment and get the states back into having a voice in the federal government.


    • No One says:

      I agree with the history but the fact is that the states are no better at governing than the feds. Some are worse. As the senate is now, its a redundant house of reps. Bi cameral legislatures are a throwback to british parliament structure and are anachronistic.


  3. Slick Willy says:

    This is a great set of thoughts on what is wrong with our country. We will have to reference this after the civil war the liberals are pushing us into…


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