Making the Internet less useful

Most of you have probably already noticed this. When you select many web sites, they somehow route your connection throughthree other web sites, thus effectively making your “back” button useless. You cannot back out of those web sites.

Example, this short history shows the site I wanted, “Maximum length of filename” and then THREE addresses I to not want or need. Then the fifth entry is actually the last page I visited.


Thanks internet goons. Eventually, there will be free third party code that effectively blocks all advertizing in web browsers.


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One Response to Making the Internet less useful

  1. Slick Willy says:

    Marketing goons seem to believe that ordinary users will sit through endless hours of advertising sullbhit just because they open it in your face. Most people will not take that sort of time, and will resent the intrusion, but somehow this is not covered in Marketing Goon 101.


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