Bring your Daughter (or son… if you must) to work day

The Pentagon is crawling with rug rats today.  As I said previously, any crazy PC half-baked idea can find a willing home here in the military, as long as it is sponsored by progressive or left-wing agenda groups.

Just forget the fact that this building is an office buildinig, where everyone has jobs that do not include things like “child care”.   Just forget the fact that those parents will be getting a full days pay to watch their own kids for the day.  Just forget that many of the places those kids will be today are closed to the public because we work with classified materials.

Every pointless left wing agenda fad and fashion.


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One Response to Bring your Daughter (or son… if you must) to work day

  1. heresolong says:

    Today is “watch your own kids” day in Washington state as a significant number of schools participate in a “rolling” strike to protest insufficient funding for education. What they are really protesting for is a state income tax to pay for $2.2 billion in new spending, much of which would go to reward Democratic special interest groups. Meanwhile Senate Republicans and fiscally conservative Democrats have written a bill that funds the government responsibly (ok, it is still government so excessive) but without any new tax increases. The governor (D) says he veto any bill that doesn’t increase taxes.

    As you say, every pointless left wing agenda.

    Oh, and there is a clause in the local teacher’s contract, which I assume is reflected in most contracts, making it illegal for them to strike. School district is waiving that provision so is complicit. Once again we see that the point of public unions is to take money from the taxpayers rather than reach a reasonable agreement between employee and employer.


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