I Don’t Care

I see lots of arguments defending Trumps actions this weekend.  I don’t care.  I’m not even reading them.  We elected Trump to cut off immigration.  Any small subset of that immigration he cuts off is a victory.  I don’t care how he does it or about his legal authority or about Obama’s precedents.

I see lots of arguments by lots of people attacking Trumps actions over the weekend.  I don’t care.  They are all the same liberal anti-American agents and activists that have been undermining America for decades.  They have nothing new to say on any subject.  And to be quite blunt, I don’t care what they have to say about anything.  I played that whole, cooperate and graduate game.  This time, we won.  We didn’t elect another Bush, McCain, or McMormon. We Elected Trump.  We did it because he said he would do exactly what he is doing.  Why on Earth would we now care about what anyone has to say about it, especially from the people who told us we were evil racists and fools because we didn’t vote for Hillary?

I seriously don’t care what anyone else has to say on this subject.  Talk is over.  Negotiations have ended.  Positioning is done.  Our chosen agent is acting now.

We know that talking to those people is pointless.  They don’t care what we have to say either.  Argument with them is a waste of breath.  And, as it turns out, having majorities in Congress and the Presidency means we don’t have to care what they think or what they say.  Now Congress needs to wise up and get with the program and stop letting their political enemies in the minority have any say at all.


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4 Responses to I Don’t Care

  1. Adrienne says:

    Well – I certainly don’t care how the SJW anti-Trump weenies feel. I glory in the sight of their collective heads exploding.


  2. Tony says:

    They could give 2sheets what we thought when they where in power. Frankly I don’t give a dam what they want. Go Trump
    The commies are going to go ape sheet anyway.
    Like the writer states, I don’t even read their crap. I simply don’t care. Go Trump


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