Stupid bunkers

This story tells us of a real estate investment opportunity to buy into an apocalyptic future secure zone.

These doomsday shelters for the 1% make up the largest private bunker community on earth.

But they aren’t “doomsday shelters”.   They are obsolete ammo storage bunkers.  Their purpose is to contain ammo and keep the entire storage facility from all catching fire or exploding at once.  And it’s in South Dakota, so if it does explode, no one cares.  These are simply empty shelters.  They would easily survive a direct nuclear attack… on NYC.  Not a strike on themselves.  They are made for the safe storage of ammunition, not to keep ammunition safe from being hit by a nuke.The property contains 575 bunkers made of hardened concrete and steel.

It’s not the “largest private bunker community” because it is in no sense a community of any sort, since no one lives there and none of the shelters are habitable.  Located in South Dakota, the structures were originally built by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1942 as a military fortress that stored explosives and munitions.

Nor would the 1% want the expense of transforming a funky hole in the ground into a palatial and cramped shelter in South Dakota, where no one lives.  For a lot less money, you can build your own shelter, on your own property, anywhere in the world.

Do journalists ever get tired of producing crap and pretending it is award  worthy work?  Granted, it is just for entertainment, but seriously, this is all they have?

And using this developments as a planned community for the 1% is simply moronic as a business plan.  And any one of the 1% could buy the entire estate from you and turn it into a golf course or a hobby form for their Bison.

The owners of this property would be MUCH better off paving some roads, installing lights, big doors, and climate control and renting the space out for long term secure storage.  LOTS of businesses need that sort of thing for their records and archives.   A good marketing plan in the major cities would get customers like banks, investment firms and accountants flocking to their doors.  And being in SD, they can likely undercut the big city prices those companies already pay.  They can even turn one or two into some sort of vault space for people to store their gold bars in.



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