CIV V Update

Playing again last night.  I am the Chinese.  I share my continent with Egypt, Rome and Persia.  Early on, Rome gobbles up Egypt.  Twice they make peace with me, are very friendly and then maneuver their forces close and switch to hostile and attack my cities.  Meanwhile, Persia has remained openly hostile to me and occasionally attacks me whenever they have high force ratios.

At one point, both Persia and Rome attack at the same time, pinching me from both sides.  Using what I learned in college, I adapt by tactics to meeting opponents on two fronts.  Very similar to the Israeli defense in 1973.

Economy of force against the Persians while I criple the Roman armies.  During this time, the Persians take two of my cities.  Once the Romans are beaten I take one of their cities and they sue for peace.  I accept, which seals that front for at least ten years.  Then using the concept of interior lines, I shift all my forces against the Persians, crush their Army, retake my cities and lay waste to their capital.

By the time I finish that, the “friendly Romans” are asking if they can maneuver across my territory (likely to go fight the Persians).  I agree.  Two turns later, they attack.  Me.  I accept peace treaty from the Persians, sealing off that front and freeing up my total forces to use against the Romans.  I crush the rebuilt Roman army.  My new forces are ready now including lots of modern artillery so I drive deep into Roman territory.  I liberate Egypt and restore the Egyptian player (letting him have only one city so he will never be a threat).  The Roman emperor sues for peace, smuggly asking I give him three of my cities, gold, and 5 luxury trade goods.  I refuse and surround his capital.  I take Rome.  Then I take three more of his cities, leaving the Roman empire only three scattered cities with stone age population sizes.  Then I ask Ceasar for peace and he isn’t so smug any more.   Persia swoops in to grab a few Roman crumbs.

Then I turn my attention back to Persia.  I know they are going to attack me again as soon as they build up their forces.  I attack them with heavy artillery concentrations, destroying their ground forces and easily absorbing the losses they inflict on me.   It is already 1975.  I already have the nuke.  Just enough time left to consolidate my hold on this continent.

Meanwhile, on the other continent, it looks like Japan and the Iroquois have defeated America and Russia and are closing in on Arabia.  Japan might win by points.

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