First Shots of Revolution?

No.  Not even close.

Here we see a man in a land dispute.  Instead of getting a lawyer who specializes in this sort of thing, he goes postal.  Then he makes a whole bunch of unsupported and irrelevant claims.

1.  Tree of liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  Get a grip dude.  None of that is relevant to your situation.  There are no patriots, tyrants or trees in this situation.

2.  They are going to execute me.  Only if you keep acting like a whack job.  My guess is, they will ignore you as long as they can.  If you leave the property, you will be fine.  If you act like a grown up, you will be fine.

3.  This has nothing to do with the constitution.  It is a simple title complaint.  He has NO title.  He was defrauded.  The bank is the rightful owner.

4.  Shooting at sheriffs does nothing to grant him legal title.  That’s not how things work in this country.  Even if he wins the shootout, the win will only be temporary.

5.  There is no reason for any “militia-like” organization to get involved in this.  He should contact the attornys general for his county and state to file criminal complaints.

What he should do:

1.  File a lean on the property for the value of the home he built there.

2.  Swear out a criminal fraud complaint against the woman who “sold” him the property.

3.  Get off the property immediately, take with him any other valuables that are not included in #1.

4.  Swear out a criminal grand theft complaint against the woman who removed his furnishings.

5.  Move to a county where the sheriff is not corrupt.  Start over.  Poorer, but alive.

6.  He should file civil complaints in court against eh woman to be reimbursed for the damages she caused him, including a billion dollars for losing faith in humanity..

I find it incredibly annoying that everyone wants to turn their private little issues in life into a civil rights case or the next “shot heard round the world”.  This is nothing of the sort.  Next time, don’t try to buy land with just a handshake deal.  Get a real lawyer.


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4 Responses to First Shots of Revolution?

  1. Heresolong says:

    I have never had a mortgage where I wasn’t required to have title insurance. Even though I was just refinancing a mortgage on a property that I had owned for fifteen years, and which has had a title search done five times, whenever the mortgage was refinanced. How is it that he doesn’t have insurance and how is it that a title search wasn’t done before he started building his house?


    • No One says:

      He skipped those steps. He didn’t “buy” the property. He rented it. And I doubt he bothered with permits. Those would have made the owner sign.


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  3. Lane says:

    It appears he has F00ked himself. Nobody in their right mind builds without clear title or deed. Ever. Unless one is stupid or trying to squat…..


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