Election Update

Scott Walker entered the race today.  Demonstrating his level of committment, he announced his candidacy in a tweet.

I am happy about this.  He becomes the third establishment Republican to split the vote from Bush, along with Cristy.  And that is his only value to the race.

Hillery is still running unopposed in the Democratic primary because the party of old white women needs one of their own leading the party.

Front runner in teh Republican circuit is now Donald Trump.  His remarks about immigrants from Mexico hit a nerve last week.  A nerve with Mexicans and other hsipanics that might be mistaken for Mexicans.  That nerve was, “Holy freholies, the jig is up”.   And a nerve with American of non-hyphenated and undispered loyalties, “FINALLY!  Someone is saying out loud what I can’t say because I will be called a racist and might lose my job”.

There are two major issues facing the USA today:  Immigration and Out of control Government.  If Trump runs on immigration alone, and stays focused on “build a wall, deport illegals, enforce our laws”, he will win in a landslide.  If that is all he promises to do, I would vote for him gleefully and not even look back when he starts talking about more gun control or some new welfare/jobs training program.

That terrifies the establishment Republican party.  He stands in the place they cannot go.  They fear the news media calling them racists and they all drink the “hispanic voters are the future” cool-aid.


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2 Responses to Election Update

  1. jay352 says:

    Hit a nerve? “What does a notorious drug lord do after he escapes from prison? If you are Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, you fly away in a helicopter and make threats against Donald Trump while everybody else gets busy making memes.”


  2. No One says:

    Kinda makes Trump’s case for him when notorious criminal from Mexico gets offended that Trump called Mexicans criminals.


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