A few words about the war in the Ukraine.

I seriously don’t know what is happening there.

I don’t know because all of the sources I would depend on to tell me have already frittered away their credibility by lying to me about everything for decades.

I can’t trust our government.

I can’t trust the legacy news media nor the “new media”. CNN, NYT, Fox, Sky, Reuters and even Al Jazeera, all telling the same story. “The brave and patriotic Ukrainian citizens rising up to fight Russian tanks with their bare hands are causing massive Russian casualties and defections”.

I can’t trust “right wing” sources. Even Mark Levin has joined the “Putin is literally Hitler” bandwagon.

I can tell you that when everyone is telling the same story I know I am watching an information campaign and not real news reports. The tells:

  • After days of combat in modern world where everyone has a cell phone camera, and where drones from Amazon are common Christmas gifts all over the world, we have no news footage of actual combat.
  • Claims of massive causalities, but no pictures. This is a part of the world that is not squeamish about publishing pictures of blood and gore.
  • When pictures are used, every outlet is using the same picture of the same burned out building and making it look like the whole country of Ukraine looks like that now.
  • Not a single story about anything positive about Russia or Russian soldiers.

This is what total control of the media looks like. It is more total than even during the Trump administration. It is more total than anything in North Korea, Cuba, or the old Soviet Union.

Vox Populi seems to be the only voice of alternative POVs. What he is saying is speculative, based on his reading lists and sources. It may not be true.

I don’t believe Putin is either stupid or evil. That said, he wouldn’t commit his nation to a war against the Ukraine for light reasons or anything less than Dire need. It just wouldn’t be worth the risk or the hardship. Every war is financially ruinous for those involved in it. For Putin to take that on tells us that in his mind, it was unavoidably necessary. Not for something as silly as oil prices or gaining a few hundred square miles of swamps. He clearly sees this as a battle of moral necessity. As such, he isn’t going to negotiate away his goals in exchange for a smaller payoff.

I fully expect the media to start running stories about Russian soldiers throwing Ukrainian babies out of hospital incubators any day now.

Edit: I am also noticing that YouTube is now running fund raising ads for all the charities that want to cash in on the Ukraine war. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

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4 Responses to A few words about the war in the Ukraine.

  1. blueinfantry says:

    I always appreciate your perspective on these events. Keep it coming. Thanks.


  2. Aesop says:

    I don’t believe Putin is either stupid or evil.

    Srsly? He rose to the rank of lieutenant colonel in the KGB before the fall of the Soviet Union.
    But we’ve identified the problem. That’s helpful.


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