Joe Biden is the President of the USA.

No matter how much fraud was involved in getting us here.

Joe Biden is sleeping in the White House and the staff treat him as if he is in charge.

There is no set of court cases future or past that will overturn the election. The election was all official and by-the-book.

The secret is that popular elections are NOT the “book”.

The way this works is that the States, as certified by their legislatures, send electors to the Electoral College. They did that. How many fraudulent votes took place leading up to that are irrelevant. The ONLY part of the process that counts is the states certifying that the result is what they wanted. The elections with tens of millions of voters was never anything more than window dressing.

The second part of the process is the meeting of the electoral college to count the votes and that was done, according to the law. Their votes matter. Yours do not. Your votes NEVER mattered. The whole point of the electoral college to to ensure that your vote will never matter. We do not and never have popularly elected presidents in the USA.

There was never going to be “enough votes to overcome the fraud” because the fix was in. The people who run our system (Democrats and Republicans alike) were never going to permit Trump to win a second term. Regardless of that, Biden is the lawfully elected president and Ms. Rice is running the country and making his lips move at all the right times. That is how our system works and we are powerless to change it because the people who are in power do not want it changed.

For good or ill, we had Trump for 4 years. There will never be another Trump. Even the few politicians still trying to ride his coat tails are not genuine. They just know that there are millions of Trump voters and financial backers that they can milk.

The Governor’s race in Virginia is typical of this. The recent “winner” of the Republican primary is the guy with the money and political connections who was running a campaign of “fill every mailbox twice a week” with glossy expensive mailers showing pictures of his perfect family and big gleaming white teeth. The guy doesn’t seem to realize that he is running in a state that the Democrats are not going to give up and how many votes he gets doesn’t matter. It is well past time for Republicans to stop pretending that we actually live in a democracy with democratically elected officials and only lawful votes counting. If the people who are losing elections can’t be counted on to cry foul, why did they bother to show up? Is it really just all about milking the donors and paying off the professional election staff?

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11 Responses to Joe Biden is the President of the USA.

  1. Nolan Parker says:

    You’re a millionaire.
    Just so happens I Know you stole it.
    Yeah, technically you’re a millionaire. I won’t respect your business acumen. Or you.


  2. Nolan Parker says:

    Also, it works better if you also mention I am Jew, Mormon, or Gypsy.

    What works better?
    And why would it matter where your ancestors came from or your last name or color?
    Am I supposed to be able to determine if someone is untrustworthy or something without getting to know them? You have no idea who I am, how I treat people. People I’m sure I will never see again and have exactly Zero chance of ever doing anything nice for me.


    • No One says:

      And I still don’t know or care what you are bitching about. I have heard that most internet trolls are people who are in severe pain and just need someone to lash out at. If that is your condition, I am sorry for your circumstances and glad I could be here to help you in your time of need. Feel free to continue accusing me of other irrelevant high crimes and misdemeanors. There is no ban button here.


      • Nolan Parker says:

        You can’t be serious!
        You actually think I was saying You, personally, are a thief who stole a million dollars?

        And yet you avoid the questions and the points I made?

        What Works Better if I decide I have some idea about your genealogy or religion?

        Gee,there for just a minute I was getting the feeling that you were accusing me of being some kind of racist or something, because I support Trump.
        If I was a Democrat, I would Still know the election was stolen.
        Don’t think for a minute I have no strong criticism for Trump. He surrounded himself with swamp creatures. Failed in many ways. Still, the least Crappy president of my life.
        Things sure are Goin great now.
        Answer my questions..
        Then get back on your psychologist horse.
        The only pain I’m in is watching America going down. It’s been that since I was a kid. I’m 66. I’m not some naive child. I don’t get my information from the TV. Or any one place. I know the election was stolen. Every honest person does.
        The resistance to a decent investigation speaks volumes. Your unwillingness to talk about my questions and the points I have made and your obvious need to deflect and try to make it about me says it all.

        You don’t need to reply, unless you want to address the questions. I’m comfortable with the things I’ve learned here, today. Trust me. I know a great deal more about you, than you do about me.

        Your lead in suckered me into thinking you were honest.
        You even mentioned the fraud. But I don’t think, based on everything I have seen from you, that you can admit the obvious, that somehow, Biden ,whose rallies wouldn’t fill a high school gym, really won, against a guy who is Still seeing spontaneous groups gathering to express their support. Groups bigger than Biden had.
        Why not satisfy the people?
        If Biden Won, why not prove it?
        Rub it in our faces. Prove us wrong.


      • No One says:

        Ok, Boomer. You haven’t made any points and your questions are rhetorical.

        I’m not a millionare using any definition that does not involve hyper-inflation. The money I do have is not stolen. You may dispute this, but I did get a w-2 from my employer accounting for all of it.


  3. Heresolong says:

    I think Nolan was trying to say that it does matter whether you got there fraudulently or not. But I don’t want to be accused of being Welsh so I won’t comment. 😂

    I think you are generally right but it is a very dark path to go down. If there is no chance of things changing back, then where do we go from here? I’ve been reading Schlicter’s books (the non-fiction stuff) and his explanation about the deal that we made, that the elites who run the country could have their wealth and power but in exchange they would leave us alone has been ineradicably broken. They still have their wealth and power but they emphatically don’t want to leave us alone. The social contract is broken and there is no way to get that back unless we rise up and put it back. Unfortunately I don’t see a way to do that without violence and no one who has seen or studied the results of that kind of violence (including me) wants that to be the next step. Trump wasn’t the solution due to all the reasons you stated, but Trump did tear the curtain off the elite’s doings and show the world that the whole thing was a giant pile of corruption, starting with the bureaucracy actively undermining a democratically elected President, continuing with the complete lack of accountability for anyone in the elite’s who broke the law (Durham report anyone?), and continuing with the shenanigans in the election. I suspect that the only hope we have is that those attempting to find the truth in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc can actually do it and get the information out, not to overturn the election but to inspire the mass of normal Americans to stand up and demand election reforms. Paper ballots counted where they are cast, very limited mail in voting, and voter ID would be my preferred reforms.


    • No One says:

      The solution is obviously nation-wide ID with your rights or privileges written thereon.
      Check the blocks for voting and in which jurisdictions, operating vehicles, carrying/using firearms, collecting government benefits. Let it take the place of all of those other documents as well as passports. Must be presented when you have ANY interaction with the government including census, taxes, legal claims, Etc.


    • No One says:

      As I quite clearly laid out in my post, it DOES matter how you got there, and Biden GOT THERE by purely legitimate means. The legislatures of the several states approved and sent electors to the electoral college, as required by the laws and constitution. So, he is the real president.


      • Heresolong says:

        But the governments of several of the several states (I love that word usage, btw) allegedly violated their own legislated procedures. That I think is the problem here. If a state has a law that says that the candidate on the ballot who owns the most cows gets the states electoral college votes, so be it. That is their right. If the state courts then announce and hold a popular election in their state and uses that to award the electors, they have not, in fact, awarded the votes legitimately, regardless of how the rest of the process unfolds. That is the complaint in Pennsylvania, that the legislature passed laws that were then ignored by the courts and the election officials. I think Pennsylvania is the most egregious example but there are smaller examples from each of the swing states in question: denying observer access, allowing ballots to be brought in well after the deadlines with no oversight, connecting ballot machines to the internet in violation of state law, etc. I honestly have no problem with accepting that we are better off letting the question of who is the “real president” lie and moving one. I do, however, think it is very important that we address these issues moving forward.

        As far as Voter ID and your comment about “rights and privileges”, are you suggesting that requiring ID to choose our elected representatives is somehow giving government a way to keep us from exercising our rights? I am opposed to ID for free speech, free association, exercising religion, carrying or owning a firearm, etc. Voting, however, is not the exercise of an individual right, it is the collective decision making as to who will run things for us. If anyone can wander in and cast a vote regardless of status, then we have no say in running our own country (for the sake of the argument can we set aside the idea that we have already lost it and that voting is pointless. This is to discuss the assumption that voting matters).


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