Comments on 35 shocking things

I found this over at Old NFO’s place this morning. Rather than fill up his comments section, I wrote my opinions here.

1. Makes sence since China couldn’t get to the 20th century until 2011. They had a lot of catching up to do.

2. Number should be 50 out of 50. College football coaches are worth more than a governor.

3. Again, makes perfect sense (cents). The cost to produce an object is independent from it’s face value stamped on it. As long as it’s face value is higher than the scrap value it will remain in circulation and useful as currency/coin.

4. Considering the number of Americans who do not draw a paycheck I don’t find this shocking at all. And since welfare gatherers are forbidden to save anything, it is self fullfilling.

5. Reasonable. The Government is in debt 18 trillion. Apple has a cash surplus. Every year, Apple adds to its cash surplus and hands money out to their owners. The government spends more than it takes in every year and goes deeper in debt. In effect, it has no money at all. You could just as easily have said “the average homeless man has more money than the US Government”.

13. Obesity is a matter of definition. The CDC is constantly changing the definition to suit activist dieticians. Obesity is not a public health problem so the CDC should mind their own business. Famine is a public health problem. Work on that. But first you have to push the USDA, FDA, HHS and Dept of Education out of the way.

14. Food wastage in the marketplace is not a bad thing. It is simply a cost of doing business. Markets would rather stock too much and allow customers to pick through all the best and freshest produce than risk being caught with empty shelves or rotten produce. Every consumer benefits from this and food is so cheap in the USA that the cost is easily bearable.

18. And they have a gazillion times more blades of grass than people. So? Is this comparison supposed to imply that they have too few people or too many cows.


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9 Responses to Comments on 35 shocking things

  1. Glenn555 says:

    re #22 @ Old NFO……You are mistaken. We have never “offered to give it back”, to Spain, or give to anyone.They have been offered choices as to the status they desire is all.


  2. Old NFO says:

    Thanks, and I’ll cross link to you! 🙂


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  4. I wonder if that statistic about obesity is a weighted average? I concur regarding food waste. The number actually sounds low when you think about the amount of produce that goes non-salable.


  5. MisterRE says:

    Offered them independence? We offered them a chance to become a US State and they declined multiple times probably figuring they get more ‘free’ stuff being a territory and not being subject to US income taxes (they already have high taxes without that). On the other hand, give them independence and they would more than not drift towards support from other socialist latin american countries and nice places like Iran.


  6. Heresolong says:

    Let’s add that food that goes into a landfill turns into … dirt. It’s called composting.

    The CDC considers me obese. Yet I can run four miles in my late middle ages and I am working on a black belt in Taekwon Do. I may be carrying a few extra pounds but if I were to lose the 35 pounds they think I should lose I would be emaciated.

    This whole idea of it being bad that people are paid a dollar a day in some third world hellhole is so irrelevant to any rational argument. The question should be “what can they buy with that dollar?”. Can they feed and clothe their family to some extent with a dollar a day? The implication of these particular statistics is that they are as poorly off as someone in the United States would be if we gave them a dollar a day.

    Surveys on what women are “looking for” are bullshit. They may say that in answer to a survey question but then they won’t actually date the stable, hard working men until they are in their thirties and get tired of the carousel.

    Jobs lost to robots can presumably be replaced by people who make and maintain robots. But math is hard…

    Don’t most Congress critters live in Maryland? Or are they not counted in the stats since they aren’t technically “residents” of the greater Washington DC area?

    I wonder what the definition of “very happy” should be for us quintagenarians? I wouldn’t say I was “very happy” but I am pretty content.


    • No One says:

      It’s not that congressmen live in Maryland. It is difficult to tell really where they live since none of them “claim” to live in DC and most of them maintain temporary homes there. Like Al Gore living his whole life in the Watergate hotel and being “from” Tennessee.

      But all those millionaires are likely the lobbyists and CEOs of activist organizations and NGOs and lawyers and others who suck the nipples of the Govt.


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