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Welcome Unelected Overlords.

Oligarchs of big tech are implementing the purge that they have always wanted to do. Right wing (anti-communist and pro-American) voices are being shut down, deplatformed and expunged from all over the internet. This already happened on TV about a … Continue reading

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Menu for today: DOOOM with a side of DOOOM smothered in DOOOMSAUCE.

I really really want Trump to win. The stuff im seeing on vox populi recently is just no longer credible. Stop with the “there will be a massive thing any day now”. Hints from highly placed people about Krackens, bombshells, … Continue reading

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Come and Take Them!

No. Not what you are thinking. Literally. Here, they are. When the gun grabbers and commies come to get my guns, they can have them. Whatever murderous rage I feel towards my fellow man has long ago been covered over … Continue reading

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Still nothing. Let’s take the arguments from the various cheerleaders one at a time, shall we? Short of a massive turning to God in a spirit of repentance and willingness to abandon the materialism which pervades the entirety of American … Continue reading

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Breaking Election News!!

Still nothing. We know that the democrats have been running corrupt election practices for decades. It would be exceptional if just this one election were different and no wide spread institutional fraud was present. This is not even debatable. It … Continue reading

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Civil War V2.0

Here are my thoughts on a topic you have likely all heard by now. Insofar as civil war is possible, it won’t be anything like any previous war. No patterns seen in history are appropriate for this situation. Current divisions … Continue reading

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Wild kingdom

I have lots of animals around my house. Mostly deer. And more deer. I had some mice a year ago. They were evicted. The legal notice took the form of the traditional serving of poison. They took the hint and … Continue reading

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Lessons from Yugoslavia.

1. It is insanely easy to stampede populations into war. 2. Mass media, radio, tv, newspapers have an insane amount of credibility, even when they have been wrong about everything for decades 3. Once you convince people that some other … Continue reading

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“Working from Home”: How to lose at World of Warships.

I’ve been playing World of Warships for about 8 months now. I have amassed a nice collection of ships that are supposed to be pretty good and capable of winning at least once or twice.  But not with me at … Continue reading

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Russian Sub Kerfuffle

This story tells us that a Russian Sub caught fire and is speculated to have the designed purpose to cut the internet.   OH PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE.   Let’s face it.  The rest of the world is a … Continue reading

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