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On lockdowns, masks, and distancing

We have collectively been doing this for 5 months now. If all that stuff had any benefits at all, we should have seen all the benefits we were going to get from it. There is no point arguing over it … Continue reading

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KRAFT Mac and Cheese update

I contacted Kraft on line to tell them about my experience, using the website on the packaging. Rama Rengarajan assured me that no changes to the pasta had happened and blamed “something happened in shipping or starage or maybe humidity”. … Continue reading

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Crap Science Update: Head Transplants

This article makes the uncredible claim: Cryogenically frozen brains will be ‘woken up’ and transplanted in donor bodies within three years, claims surgeon My criticism with this is, first do it, then get credit for doing it.  Until then, you … Continue reading

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I don’t believe in it.  But other people do and they must be coddled. I have a physical coming up.  Normally I wouldn’t care, but this time it is important to me personally to have “good” scores on the cholesterol … Continue reading

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Cultural Genocide

I found the following movie over at 90 Miles from Tyranny.  Not sure if he is a resident of Key West or Richmond, VA.  He often posts silly things like this without any comment.  Watch the movie. It’s not like … Continue reading

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Sharks… with laser beams.

Drudge links to THIS article about the Chinese Army military laser now on display.  The article is pure trash. The comments are priceless. Commenter DYS wins the internet today for best only-nerds-will-get-this joke.

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UAE contributions to “science”

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is planning (in the loosest sense of the word) to build a colony on Mars. If it is anything at all like everything else built in the UAE, it will be built by Chinese and … Continue reading

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Cutting Edge “Science”

Look!  Robots! The story tells us that they now have robots that can serve us coffee.  Just like in the 1950’s.  Huzzahs!  

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Monkey parables

An odd coincidence happened to me recently.  On Friday afternoon, the boss brought up in a staff meeting the monkey parable/allegory/apocryphal story.  Some social scientists at a university conducted an experiment.  They put a bunch of monkeys in a room … Continue reading

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Russians going to the Moon… Some day

This article tells us of the ambitious Russian Space program attempting to do something so out there, so audacious, so resource intensive, and so unthinkably advanced, that the USA hasn’t even attempted it since we got bored with it half … Continue reading

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