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Mass Shootings: Cue Flying Monkeys

It happens every time.  Like they were following a script or something.  Even the media should be getting bored with it by now.  Oceans 11 was pretty good the first two times you saw it.  But after every station in … Continue reading

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If Black Lives Matter…

1.  Then why do black people throw them away so cheaply? See this picture? What do you see?  I see an armed and dangerous man.  I see a man who is capable and willing to cause the death of another … Continue reading

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Who Would have thought? They really aren’t all like that.

It needs to be said because believing the opposite is too easy. With the current manufactured crisis in Baltimore being broadcast, there is one bright spot in the news, and No, I am not referring to the woman smacking her … Continue reading

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Firing the Maytag Man: TSA Edition

Remember this commercial? For organization efficiency experts, the obvious choice is to fire the employee that has nothing to do (STOP LOOKING AT ME, I’m SPECIAL). Here we have a story about how the TSA is losing all their talented … Continue reading

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I hope that most of my audience is literate enough to not take the previous post as an aproval of ISIS or their tactics. I am pretty much on record that it would be OK with me if all of … Continue reading

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Current Events

From the news today: 1. Killings of 2 New York officers trigger backlash It seems clear to me that every one of these “civil rights” leaders is a self-serving activist whose own words incited this murder. I am sure no … Continue reading

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What We Can Learn From latest Pakistan Attacks

The news today is full of stories about Pakistani Taliban attacking a military school and killing over a hundred kids. 1. This was a terrorist attack. The attackers were members of a larger organization (the Taliban) and were using a … Continue reading

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A few words about Chivalry

One of the things I see a lot of in the internets is the idea that Chivalry is dead.  This is always an argument made by a woman who isn’t getting what she wants.  This is because she doesn’t understand … Continue reading

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Headlines Catching Up, Odds and Ends

1.  Ferguson.  Grand Jury did not find reason to convict.  Millions of Black people all over the country now feel like there is no justice despite no more than a handfull have anything in common with the dead guy other … Continue reading

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Ferguson update

Nothing to see here. Here’s a suggestion:  Since it is widely expected that S will HTF right after the grand jury makes their announcement, why don’t they somply fail to make any announcement?  Just let it ride.  Make no changes.  … Continue reading

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