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Marriage in the modern world

Vox over at Alpha Game has something interesting to say on the subject of marital fidelity. If a wife loses attraction to a husband and ceases to fulfill her marital duties, she has set him free to have sex with … Continue reading

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Stuff My Dad Taught Me

I had a dad.  Despite being from a broken home, he was there for me.  Dads are supposed to be there for their sons and teach them the basic facts of life.  Here are some of the lessons my dad … Continue reading

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The Internal Dialog

I have a very active internal dialog.  For upcoming important conversations, I will often spend many hours inside my head having the discussions I might want to have in real life.  Sometimes they are for meetings and events that never … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts

I have been pondering the nature of the soul.  Something etherial, having no mass, volume, visual form, scent, or any other elemental substance that we can detect, and yet so important to what it means to be alive and “human”.  … Continue reading

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A funny thing happened on the way to the birth canal

Ever noticed we call it the “birth canal” when someone is coming out, and a “vagina” (or other more colorful terms) when someone is going in? The news lately tells us that Planned Parenthood has been caught selling fetal body parts … Continue reading

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Basic Math and Relationships

This pretty much works for all relationships where attraction is a factor. A = set of all people attracted to me. B = Set of all people I am attracted to. Area between is the set of all possible combinations … Continue reading

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Shroom Wisdom

The rains here in Virginia have resulted in a plethora of mushrooms sprouting in all types and shapes.  I know that some of them are poisonous.  Some of them are psycotropic.  Some of them are a bland tasting garnish to dinner.  I … Continue reading

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What to Do about Iran

Iran sucks.  They really do.  But what have our sanctons against them accomplished?  The only thing I can recall is it makes them buy F-14 and F-4 parts from Israel.  After those Jews mark up the prices, THAT really punishes the Iranians.  … Continue reading

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Living it up

I hope you all realize that we are living in that sweet spot in civilization after something gets really good and before it gets really bad.  I’m talking about the internet.  Free information at the tips of your fingers.  Huge … Continue reading

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More Ghey marriage Fallout: Texas Edition

The AG for the State of Texas has announced that county clerks would not have to issue gay wedding licences if it violates their religious beliefs. This is just stupid.  Country clerks MUST perform their jobs, including issuing licences for … Continue reading

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