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A few words about the Dallas shooting

After there has been time for calm consideration:    It seems clear now that there was only one shooter.  He was not a “sniper”. He did not have an assault weapon. He did not “ambush” the police.  So.  Except for … Continue reading

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Marriage in the modern world

Vox over at Alpha Game has something interesting to say on the subject of marital fidelity. If a wife loses attraction to a husband and ceases to fulfill her marital duties, she has set him free to have sex with … Continue reading

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Current events

 Now that it no longer matters, The President is endorsing Hillary Clinton to take his place.  Seems like the whole point of an endorsement would be to lend weight to a campaign and help her win.  Not this president.  Like … Continue reading

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Current Events: 17 May 2016

What in the world is going on in the world today?  Let’s check with Drudge to find out. 1.  Connecticut woman says she was harassed in Walmart bathroom after customer mistook her as transgender Things were so much simpler before … Continue reading

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Killing people and Breaking things

My friends at 90 Miles from Tyranny are posting about something stupid Ralph Peters said (I know, that narrows it down).   Once again, I can’t post any comments to any Blogger sites.  so, I am responding here. I have never … Continue reading

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Clash of Civilizations

This story tells us that a Dubia official warns us that electing Trump will bring about a “clash of civilizations”. Free clue to Dubai officials:  If you are attending a clash of civilizations, you should bring a civilization.

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What We Should Do About Greece

Greece is being overrun by Islamic immigration.  Tens of thousands are now on the Island of Lesbos.  What should America do about it?  Not a damn thing. Greece is a modern European country.  They have an Army of 90 THOUSAND … Continue reading

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What To Do About Boko Haram

 Not a damn thing. Screw them.   I don’t care if BH is killing Christians.  I don’t care that they are raping little girls (or boys).  I don’t care if fleeing villagers are drowning in the rivers. Why don’t I … Continue reading

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A few notes on the Iran “Deal”

1.  The President of the United States does not have the authority to make “deals” with foreign nations.  Of course, Presidents have done so in the past and will continue to do so in the future.  But any “deal” with … Continue reading

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CIV V Update

I play lots of games on my Home PC.  I’m a gamophile.  Many times, after not playing a game for several years, I will dust it off and reinstall it and play it again.  Such is the case with CIV … Continue reading

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