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Living it up

I hope you all realize that we are living in that sweet spot in civilization after something gets really good and before it gets really bad.  I’m talking about the internet.  Free information at the tips of your fingers.  Huge … Continue reading

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USS Liberty Fail

I have seen two features on the USS Liberty in as many days.  Here is the latest. It amazes me that seemingly intelligent people can latch onto an issue and cling to it tenaciously without thinking about what it really … Continue reading

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WW2: A Numerical Look

Population of the USA in 1940 was approx 132 Million. Of those, about 27 million were in the critical age range of 18-44 and male. Of those, only a total of 16 million had served in uniform by the end … Continue reading

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Thoughts on WW2

It was the last “good war”. At least the European theater of it. It was the last great war before Americans got all PC and in touch with our kinder gentler sides. We can’t talk about hating the japs any … Continue reading

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THAT wasn’t here before

You are all aware that our current overlords in the Cherry Blossom Throne room have been particularly antagonistic to our traditional allies and particularly cozy to our enemies. Special antagonism has been reserved for any nations that might have once … Continue reading

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Hawking: Smartest Moron on the Planet

I don’t see it.  How is it this guy is supposed to be so smart?  Maybe he is super brilliant in his field of Physics. What field is predicting the future and giving advice for the survival of the human race? … Continue reading

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Why Western Troops can’t win.

I saw this over at Vox Day’s site this morning. Now I am disappointed I just ordered Van Creveld’s book. I felt like responding there, but it was just too much wrong to put all in one comment. So here … Continue reading

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Two States

No. The problem is deciding which Arab states to eliminate so that there are only two. Egypt? Jordan? Lebanon? Syria? Iraq? Saudi Arabia? Yemen? The Emirates? Qatar? Kuwait? If the two state solution is the obvious solution, will the PLO … Continue reading

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Latest ISIS Atrocity

They did it again. The Islamic State, did something so horrific that everyone is condemning them. They executed a prisoner, who had been condemned to death. Right after that, Jordan did the same thing to two prisoners and the world … Continue reading

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Cancer treatment: good news bad news

In the popular media, we often hear about the search for the cure for cancer. The fact is that there isn’t just one type of cancer. There are lots. Many of them can already be treated if caught early enough. … Continue reading

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