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Daily Trump, 24 July 2015

Trump is in the news because of his threat to run as a third party or independent in the general election, if the Republican party treats him poorly. Note, he did not say he would run independent if he loses … Continue reading

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How to Get People Killed by Being Stupid

I found over at the Mellow Jihadi this morning a nice little feature about a school that did an unannounced “active shooter” exercise. This was stupid on so many levels. Let’s count them. 1. Human beings are incredibly EASY to … Continue reading

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Student Loan Mess

As we see here: Instapundit is linking to WaPo about the trouble students are having paying back their student loans. My Solution: Get the government out of the student loan business. Make them stop giving grants and guaranteeing student loans. … Continue reading

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“Science” marches on!

This article tells us about the preference that men have to attractive women having an evolutionary basis. And it is published in a website called “Science codex” so it MUST be real science-ish. When you read the article, you discover … Continue reading

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Catching up: Public schools

I saw a few items this past week in the national media related to education. No sources, since I only heard them in passing. 1. Someone was having trouble with a charter school and state legislators were saying that charter … Continue reading

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