Police have got the choke hold…

The picture above is not a choke hold. It is a head lock. The locked guy has his throat in the crook of the locker’s elbow. It does not cause choking or injury. It just holds a guy.

How do I know this? BECAUSE I WAS IN THE 7TH GRADE IN CALIFORNIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS. every male student back then had to take wrestling as part of physical education. This is a common wrestling move. Tens of thousands of California middle schoolers did not die while practicing this.

This is just another case of black DA going after white guy acting reasonably to prevent harm.

I wonder if the dead guy will get a tox screen and if that will be released. I’m guessing finty is in the mix. AGAIN.

It seems also obvious that Leftist prosecutors are trying to stamp out the thousand year old common law principle of the unrestricted right to self defense. Many countries dont have that right. But America does. The Left hates that. It is the basis of our second amendment. Without the God Given right to self preservation, there is no justification for private citizens to be armed and unsupervised.


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1 Response to Police have got the choke hold…

  1. Heresolong says:

    I wonder if they’ll charge the black guy and the asian guy with accessory to murder for trying to help Penny subdue the drug addict threatening people with bodily harm. Probably not. Penny’s life will be destroyed because “racism” and the other two will be ignored because they don’t fit the narrative. If I were Penny’s lawyers I’d be calling them as witnesses immediately. Make it almost impossible for their existence to be ignored.

    Might also point out that Marines aren’t typically trained in non-lethal methods of control. Doesn’t come up a lot as a part of the job. I also wonder if Neely’s 42 prior violent activity arrests will come up during trial? And finally, I wonder if we can survive as a nation.


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