More Notes on the War in Ukraine

  1. We only hear about it when the Biden administration needs a distraction.
  2. There is no doubt that hundreds of thousands of real live people have been killed there over reasons that are not clearly understood.
  3. Our own national media could not care less. They are engaged in a full-time information campaign to support the Biden administration so they would not say anything critical of ukraine. Everything is about how evil the Russians and Putin are.
  4. I would like to direct your attention to a Youtube channel. You should always be highly suspect about what you see on youtube but that channel has some elements I want to point out. He is taking information from official sources on both sides and to the extent that they agree on something, he declares that piece of information to be true. Then he updates a map, on a daily basis. This is the same sort of thing I was doing in Iraq in 2017 so I am familiar with what he is doing. From that, what you can learn is: The Russians are making progress every day on every line of advance. Ukrainian casualties are horrific. Russia has been from the beginning using a strategy of patience and doing as little harm to the infrastructure as possible.
  5. If you see and hear words about Russians being war criminals, it is propaganda, not news. Every cheap propagandist since the Greeks has done this. Remember Saddam Hussein’s troops pulling Kuwaiti Babies out of incubators and leaving them to die? It’s the same thing.
  6. If you see and hear things about the Russians running out of materials, it is propaganda. The Russians seems to have plenty of everything.
  7. If you see and hear things about Russians deserting in large numbers, it is propaganda. Russians are serving their call up terms in full, and then volunteering to stay on as contractors (for more money) in the Wagner units.

8. What you can learn from all of this is that the Biden administration is now fully neo-con and wanting to fight a war against Russia, on the cheap, using Ukraine.

9. There ARE US boots on the ground in Ukraine. The USA is at war and our Congress has not voted on it. Nor have the American people been asked if they would even like to have a war under this president against Russia. In addition, there are not even any publicly discussed war aims that US policy is trying to achieve. The only one I can find is a goal to “generally weaken Russia”. But what has really happened is the USA and NATO have been weakened. Ukraine, all by itself, has cleared the shelves and bunkers of NATO and the USA of most of our stockpiles of munitions and our anemic munitions industry will take 5-10 years of accelerated production just to get back to Obama-levels of stocks on critical munitions like artillery’s and rockets.

10. The USA is considering sending Depleted Uranium (DU) ammunition to Ukraine. Why? because we have a lot of them and they work really well. You know what else they do? They irredeemably poison the landscape forever. This is not about radioactivity. DU has less radioactivity than natural uranium. The fact is, Uranium, in any form is a toxic heavy metal. Why would the Ukrainians agree to use such a thing in their own country? The Russians aren’t even doing that. The Russians understand that some day the war will be over and trade, agriculture and raising babies will resume. Only a raving psychopath would want to throw toxic chemicals all over the farms that will feed their children.

11. One of the worst things happening for us is that we don’t really know what is happening. A Republic operates only because trustworthy people are in charge and the president, any president, was never meant to have this much power. How are “we the People” represented in this process when the national news media, 95% democratic party activists, are now, for some reason, also all neo-cons?


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1 Response to More Notes on the War in Ukraine

  1. theantignostic says:

    “Only a raving psychopath would want to throw toxic chemicals all over the farms that will feed their children.”

    And surely they’re not raving psychopaths, right?

    Everything about Ukraine is completely opaque. The US Deep State is up to its eyeballs in the place and it’s pathetically corrupt and can’t even do basic public stuff like waste management.

    I call them the “Deep State” like that clown show is the Sublime Porte or something. We should be so lucky. There must be a better term.


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