Amazon Fraud

It seems, on-line retail Titan Amazon is having a problem with people using their platform to commit massive levels of fraud. The cost of that fraud is born in equal parts by the consumers and by Amazon themselves.

How it happens. unscrupulous vendors in the tech sectors repackage older products and make claims about how awesome they are. You can see more about this here.

The video goes into various high tech solutions to combat this scourge on profitability and consumer confidence. But the answer is much simpler than that: Don’t buy anything on Amazon, or Ebay from a Chinese vendor. If the vendor name looks like it was created by AI selecting random name combinations, it was.

I myself do occasionally buy stuff from China, practically everything we consume today is made there. But so far, when you buy from major American retailers, you get that company standing behind their Chinese manufacturing and doing some quality control in the process. But those other companies with Chinese names, unpronounceable name, and random alpha-numeric names, are likely all fraud, all the time. You can skip the step of taking your new products to the landfill and just send them your cash without expecting anything in return. It seems that 70 years of Communism, laid over a foundation of Confucianism, Daoism, and ancestor worship, totally erases any cultural value for fair trade. Making a buck, even by making only a few dollars on each transaction, is the only rule they have now.


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